1. BlackC55

    Consumer law

    Anyone here an expert in consumer law? I need some advice about a printer I lease. Can you call me at work on 02392570123 Thanks Olly
  2. Druk

    Consumer Rights.

    Bought a Hyundai leaf blower from an on-line site and it was delivered November 25th 2016. For varicose reasons I didn't get round to filling it with 2stroke and starting it until the week before last. Lets say 12th Jan. :dk: It starts (with some difficulty) but won't run on anything over idle...
  3. A

    Consumer rights when buying from trade

    A couple of issues have come up recently, which, while not terribly costly (in the scheme of things!), don't seem very ethical for a trade sale. I agreed a price eventually which was presented as is with a couple of known minor faults. The email with the invoice contained the language "All...
  4. N

    SL500 Consumer battery drain

    Hi guys i am back again just invested in a low miles SL500 on a 2003 for a weekend play thing the car is great other than one issue, ive been on here before but had to open new account as could not remember my details :dk: Ok the issue i have is a common one consumer battery is...
  5. C

    Media Interface Consumer Cable

    Is there any difference between a standard apple ipod classic 30 pin to USB and the Mercedes item? Media Interface consumer cable, iPod® Entertainment for C-Class Saloon W205 (03/14- ) I have a 2014 W205 with Audio 20 and every now and then it loses the alphabetical search function, I...
  6. merc85

    New consumer law, 2nd Hand cars?

    Consumer law shake-up will strengthen shoppers' rights - AOL UK Does this include 2nd hand cars?:confused:
  7. B

    Consumer Rights Act 2015- your rights to reject a car

    New Consumer Rights Act gives car buyers ?right to reject? | Motoring News | Honest John Consumer Rights Act 2015 The Consumer Rights Act 2015 covers all goods but is of particular interest to car buyers, given the significant cost of purchasing a car and the subsequent impact if things go...
  8. RobertoMercini

    Rights under 1975 consumer credit act

    I've got to be honest and say I've learnt a lot more on perusing these forums about general useful stuff than cars however I've a little story to tell in case it rings any bells to anyone. A few weeks ago I took the wife to buy a 2nd hand car as hers was on the way out and she needs it for uni...
  9. guydewdney

    17th ed consumer unit, which mcb for where?

    cant seem ti find any proper guidance on what circuits should be on rcd#1 vs #2..... Looking at doing upstairs on 1 and down on 2, with lights on their own rcbo(s) and the disabled lift on an rcbo. Still confused about cable (armoured, buried) to garage with garages own rcd. Any pointers?
  10. V

    Anyone one good on consumer law - mobile phone screen.

    Hello all Abit stuck here and im not too sure if what im being told is the truth or the shops way of trying to get rid of me. But iv had a Samsung Galaxy S4 for over a year now with no problems, then recently the dreaded happened whereby the screen cracked :doh: Anyways, got a replacement...
  11. Palfrem

    Top Gear Consumer Panel

    Seems I am now on the TG Consumer Panel. ".....we’re delighted to welcome you to our Top Gear Consumer Panel! We’ve now recruited a large number of Top Gear fans and hope, over the coming months you can help us understand Top Gear fans better. We’ll send you a short survey every 1 – 2 months...
  12. MarcelKan

    undervoltage consumer detective warnings.

    Good day everyone. I've got the warning message on my car dashboard 'under voltage consumer detective' when I drives the car about few miles from start. Could it be the battery or the alternator problems?? Thanks.
  13. DSM10000

    A consumer rights question

    My Samsung mobile telephone has developed a fault. I am getting repeated messages that "charging is suspended, voltage too high" when it is not plugged in. It is also draining the battery rapidly as well as not connecting via the usb port. My service provider. (Orange) have refused to replace...
  14. markjay

    Consumer society

    New Nike Air Jordan XI Concord Causes Shopping Frenzy - ABC News :dk:
  15. S

    Noreve HTC Desire Case Broken - Consumer law/claim advice please?

    Hi all, I hope it is ok to post this here; I would be grateful for some advice re a broken case, please. I purchased a Noreve case (special order leather, plus more expensive metal belt clip for 'intensive users' -according to website). The case and clip are basically held together by a small...
  16. npuk

    Free Glass's Guide Consumer Values

    Glass's Consumer Values - 1/7
  17. stevesey

    Another consumer law/warranty question

    Mentioning no names - here's the scenario. A student buys a peice of electronc equipment from a well known high street outlet. After, say 9 months, he finds an expansion slot doesn't work correctly, but not something that is critical to him (at present). A month or so later he drops by the...
  18. N

    Looking for expert in consumer Law

    Hello, I have a problem with a car I recently bought privately(24th April). It had full dealer service history and i verified this with the dealer. On the 11th June the engine blew-up and was quoted £8k to replace engine, decided not to use VW and went to indepedant engine rebuilding company...
  19. W

    Greater consumer protection from garages

    BBC article Currently I suspect the voluntary code is mostly taken up by those garages already offering good quality work. Personally I try to only use garages recommended by word of mouth. What do the garage owners here think of the code?
  20. Godot

    Consumer Law.

    Seeing Very Tall Dave's thread of What a swiz has reminded me to post this link from the Daily Wail 25.5.09 , as posted to another Forum, which i am a Member of : Retailers keep secret EU law that gives consumers a TWO-year guarantee on goods | Mail Online Shoppers with faulty goods are being...
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