1. S

    2005 Mercedes C270CDI - bluetooth cradle contact synching - HELP PLEASE! :)

    Good morning! I am hoping I might be able to ask for your expertise! I have a 54 plate Mercedes C270 CDI. I bought a bluetooth cradle (advised off MB of Bolton) off ebay. I’ve got an iPhone and I have paired the phone successfully - it can make and receive calls absolutely fine! However, the...
  2. 350_Coupe

    Comand 2.0 + SAP v3 BT module contact transfer issue

    Afternoon Guys, I've recently switched my phone from a Samsung Galaxy s3 on the Three network, to a Samsung Galaxy s6 on the EE network. I had been using the MB HFP Adapter, because Three does not support SAP, but EE does, so it gave me the chance to switch back to my MB SAP v3 adapter...
  3. C

    C43 fan hoping to contact a previous owner

    Hi there, I'm an MB fan based near loughborough, have two beautiful cars I'm very proud of (that I hope are attached as images?), both c43's, one 1998 and one 1999, my blue saloon was I beleive a former mb press car (I'd love to speak to a former owner I think is on here) and the estate is...
  4. B

    Parts Department contact

    Evening everyone, I was after a favor, has anyone got a contact at a Mercedes parts department anywhere at all. I've been trying to source a couple of bits for my C63s coupe but my two local dealers are about as easy to communicate with as having a quick chat with the queen. Cheers Ben
  5. R

    How to remove electrical contact from steering wheel w124 Whitney airbag ?

    Can anybody help me whit one advise how to remove the electrical contact from the back of steering wheel on Mercedes w124 whit airbag please ? I attached pictures to be more specific! Ps I want transfer from one to the other.
  6. R

    Time for new rear rubber - Continental Sport Contact 5 or 6?

    Evening all i know this has been done a few times as the found on the search features but I'm looking for more up to date answers and to see what you guys have decided on out of the two choices. my local and regular tyre shop can get both at the same price, so its basically down to personal...
  7. reflexboy

    Conti Eco Contact 5 any good?

    My partner's Mini Clubman's tyres need replacing soon and the cheapest quality branded tyres I can find are Continental Eco Contact 5's. Are these tyres any good? Mainly town driving so we want a tyre that won't wear too quickly or be too noisy. Surprisingly they are in a similar price bracket...
  8. jnfgambler247

    4 Continental ContiSport Contact 3 Tyres 255 45 17 MO + HOMAN Wheels

    Hi I am selling this set of wheels and MO tyres on ebay. Tyres are in fine shape with 6-7mm tread, there's plenty of details and pictures on the ebay selling page, wheels are in VGC although at soem point have been refurbed and some lacquer is peeling, need to look hard to spot enter this number...
  9. jnfgambler247

    4 Continental ContiSport Contact 3 MO tyres w. MB Wheels

    Hi I have a good set of MO Continental 17" tyres with MB wheels for sale on ebay item 391386203014 Better price for forum members Please PM if they are of use to you Thanks Jim
  10. ASnowman

    Filter contact shown in comand C W205

    From my android (samsung s6) all kinds of contacts show up in the list. Is there anywhere a setting to disable all the ones without a phone number? It picks up all contacts from outlook at work, gmail, cached contacts and such. A bit of a crowded house with unknown guests :confused:
  11. MikeInWimbledon

    4 excellent Homan 17" wheels 255 45 17 Contact Sport 3

    Four excellent Mercedes Homan 17 inch wheels 255 / 45 / 17 98 W with Continental Contact Sport 3 top quality tyres with plenty of tread (3 x 6mm, 1 x 5mm) No caveats, no issues: excellent genuine Mercedes wheels, properly balanced, centre caps and tyres for less than the cost of a new tyre...
  12. E

    trying to get in contact with Acid

    Its been really difficult getting hold of of Acid this week :( I know he is a busy guy but does anyone have a contact number they can pm me for him...... Need to get the 77mm pulley bug out my system and get the damn beast booked in ASAP :rock:
  13. Optimus prime

    Contisport Contact 5p 255/35/ZR19 6.5mm

    Used ContiSport Contact 5p Original Mercedes Fitment (MO) 255/35/ZR19 96Y XL 6.5mm tread depth over the whole tyre No damage No repairs Rim protection perfect £70.00 RRP £150.00 (8mm tread depth) Would prefer cash on collection
  14. M

    Calling PhilJ - Please respond to my contact attempts.

    Hi Phil, I've been trying to contact you via Ebay, having not had a reply for almost a month and a half. I also attempted private email contact on Tuesday 9th June, but I've still not heard anything. So I am now posting on here as a further attempt to contact you so we can arrange a return...
  15. W

    New tyre time - Michelin Pilot Sport 3 or Continental Sport Contact 3?

    Hi Gang, Am looking for a new set of tyres for my 2004 E55. Have been shopping around a bit and have narrowed my choice down to either Continental Sport Contact 3 or Michelin Pilot Sport 3. Tyre sizes are 245/40/18 on the front, 265/35/18 on the back. Some good prices out there from...
  16. 6

    FS: Continental Sport Contact 3 245/40/17 (MO)

    One Continental Sport Contact 3 245/40/17 (MO) in great condition, 5mm measured across the tread. No damage or repairs. Collected from SW London/ Surrey border. £50 + £10 posted to UK (excluding Highlands & Islands)
  17. A

    Who do I contact regarding an online order off this site's shop?

    Hi Does anyone actually run the shop section of the site?:dk: I have placed an order and there is no progress on the order and have sent messages without a response.:wallbash: Can someone help or will I have to try and get my money back? Any help is greatly appreciated.:thumb:
  18. D

    wide bodied konic w126 mercedes sec with contact no

    CUSTOM 1982 MERCEDES | eBay
  19. S

    Admin Contact - Forum Trader

    Hi can a member of forum ADMIN contact us regarding becoming a forum Trader. Email - Phone - 01603 901 820 Kind Regards Gary @ SNT
  20. brucemillar

    Help Required with a contact in BT

    Folks Can anybody please help me. I was convinced to return my business (Domestic) to BT last January. To help make my mind up they offered me an "unlimited broadband package with free UK weekend calls" This for £18 per month. BT then proceeded to take three lots of £165 per month from my...
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