1. M

    Phone Contacts First Name, Last Name Question

    N00b question here, but I just can't seem to find a solution. I have a 2013 CLS 250 CDi and have paired my Android phone and the contacts are displayed first, last in my phone. But when I access them on my car they are displayed last, first. Is there a setting somewhere that I can swap the...
  2. A

    Mercedes HFP Bluetooth contacts

    Hi I have a W164 ML (2008) with the NTG2 COMAND and have recently purchased the HFP Bluetooth adapter to plug into the connector in my armrest. The HFP is the Mercedes version B67880000 which I believe is the latest version. I installed it ok and my iPhone 6s sees it perfectly and connects...
  3. S

    Transfer of contacts to command phonebook

    Hi All. Does anyone know which Nokia phones will allow me to Bluetooth my contacts to command phonebook. I have checked MB Command online and they only list about 4 Nokia models and not all of them allow transfer via BT. I have vcards on laptop so will need Nokia phone with usb connection on...
  4. C

    W203 Washer pump not working, but pump OK and stalk contacts cleaned

    Hello, I have been reading as much as I could here and elsewhere before bothering people with this, but unfortunately I have come to the more expensive probabilities, so I thought I would ask for some help. This is a second car, 2003 reg C270CDI, W203, and gets driven rarely, only my wife...
  5. developer

    Transferring Text And Contacts From HTC One Mini To Samsung S6

    What's the easiest/safest way please? I've done the photos, but I need my contacts and texts transferred from the HTC to the Samsung. Thanks.
  6. D

    W204 Bluetooth Reversing First name and Last name

    As many of us will know the Mercedes phonebook puts contact names as last name and then first name, i.e: Smith, John I'm not sure if newer models have the option to reverse the names, but certainly my W204 doesn't. Looking around the only suggestion has been to switch the names around in your...
  7. P

    Bluetooth phone contacts!

    Hi all, can anybody confirm or help me with this issue, I have a 2011 w204 with full comand system. I have connected my iPhone 5s no problems can see all the names etc can select names etc and all calls are fine and clear. I just can't seem to find an option to sort the name order out...
  8. allias

    Audio20 does not import contacts

    Evening I got a pleasure of driving 2014 639 Vito with Audio20 and I wanted to get my Samsung conected to Bluetooth. Everything works fine except I can't import any of my contact. It goes thru process but once it try it come back with message transfer couldnt be done or was incomplete. What...
  9. M

    W212 can't see contacts in Widows phone

    My old Nokia 6303i worked seamlessly with my 2015 E300. Now my employer has replaced the phone with Nokia 535 windows smart phone. The new phone connects fine via bluetooth, and I can make and receive calls without problem. BUT the car will not download my contacts from the new phone, so it...
  10. S

    DTMF from iPhone Contacts

    I have a number of conference call numbers saved in my iPhone 5S which use the "pause" between the number and the DTMF code, however only the number comes through on my Audio 20 (2014 C220) phone book meaning i have to then enter the conference number rather than being automated. Has anyone...
  11. emma9403

    Settings contacts up in address book?

    Any one know how to do this? You can see in my pic my head unit. I have a I phone 4s and they don't send business cards etc. any ideas?
  12. N

    Contacts from Android via Bluetooth

    Hi guys I am trying to get contacts off my nexus 5 onto my Audio 20 (? - it has no sat nav and red and green phone buttons) is this possible without putting them all on an old Nokia and doing it that way? It is attached via Bluetooth. Also can we not manually input contacts?? Picture also...
  13. The Boss

    import contacts into command

    hello when trying to import phone address book into contacts for bluetooth telephone in the new e-cab, on the phone it is first name, last name, but on the car is appears last name, first name any advice please Thank you
  14. Q

    How to restore iPhone 5S lost contacts on computer?

    Please help! I lost most contacts after updating phone with iOS 7. I tried seeing if my contacts could be found in iCloud. No luck. How do I recover my iPhone lost contacts?
  15. M

    Getting my phone contacts onto the car phone system

    I have just upgrade my mobile after many years of having a very old but functional phone. My old phone was able to send business and the car system recieved business cards no problem. My new phone a Nokia 625 doesn't seem to able to send business cards. I have been back to EE and they can't work...
  16. N

    Contacts in Command Address Book

    Hi, After receiving my new CLA 220, I paired my Android Note 3 with the bluetooth, all my contacts appeared in the command system address book, however they are listed Surname, First Name & I want them the other way round as it is on my mobile, iPad & PC Any help would be appreciated as my...
  17. JohnnyLou

    uploading i-phone contacts

    hi, can anyone give me some tips on how to transfer my I-phone contacts and phone numbers into the phone book system on my 220 cdi 2008 m/b telephony/radio A20 system,it seems that I can't get the I-phone to "send" the info to the system via the Bluetooth!
  18. A

    W124 Horn Contacts

    I'd like the horn contacts/airbag holder from a standard airbag type steering wheel. Must have insultated contacts. Andy
  19. C

    w202 estate, fm aerial contacts on rear screen

    Can anyone advise how to reattach one of the many terminals which look like they are soldered onto the aerial ring on the perimeter of the rear screen. Soldering is likely to damage the glass - is there any glue that can be used which doesn't compromise the conductivity ?? This looks like it is...
  20. Wayne Parley

    Syncing iPhone contacts on my 2009 C Class.

    Was looking for some advice as to getting my contacts from my iPhone to sync with my Bluetooth phone set up on my 2009 C Class. The phone has connected ok and I can receive calls ok and make them so long as I type in the number. Just wont let me access my contact list. Any help on this matter...
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