1. J

    190 cosworth container find
  2. fudge1200

    W220 windscreen washer container

    I have a leak in the washer system it seems to be dripping from the area of the container. Is there a known weak spot somewhere in the system that fails.
  3. J

    rear screen Washer container leaking 2003 C class

    As if I have not got enough problems with my engine misfiring at tickover, (still being looked at) now the rear window washers have packed up! the pump is working, as is the front pump, the front washers are working ok, but as soon as I top the washer container up, its running away, and...
  4. N

    Shipping container to the USA info please.

    I need to ship some heavy items to the N.E. coast of the USA, New York / New Jersey area. They'll take up about 5 feet of a container Does anyone work with shipping lines or container companies or ship containers to the USA themselves who could guide me on contacts, prices, rules etc? TIA.
  5. D

    Mysterious hydraulic fluid container

    Hopefully an easy question! Whilst looking round the engine bay of my 99 E300TD Estate, I see a container at the front right hand side labelled Master Hydraulic Fluid (or possibly Central Hydraulic Fluid. Something like this anyway!) What does this supply - power steering?, or do I have...
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