1. S

    Ash Content reset?

    I have the OM-651, engine 180K miles, from the last service DPF 18% full, soot less 10 % but the ash level is around 100%, and the check engine light has come on twice now. I am assuming the ash content is just a guestimate based on usage? There are only pressure sensor or is some other...
  2. artyman

    Only Secure content displayed message

    The login seems to have changed from http:// to https:// as logging in on my original link MBClub UK - Bringing together Mercedes Enthusiasts - Mercedes Forum run by Mercedes Enthusiasts it comes up with an error about forwarding to the page. I deduced this to the change to https: I would...
  3. Haven't a clue!

    New £5 notes likely to be withdrawn due to tallow content

    Sorry to advise of above, please bundle them up and send direct to me, I'll refund 2nd class postage and dispose of them for you. (hopefully) Merry Christmas, Tony
  4. Robbo Cop

    Dpf ash content

    Hi all, Would anyone know what is a healthy ash content for a DPF? No issues with mine apart from the sensor being replaced recently at just over 100K miles. Ash content read 47% ... Just curious. Cheers, Rob ..
  5. stwat

    Cheesiest car review ever? C63 content

    [YOUTUBE HD]gGI-Yv_FU9o&feature[/YOUTUBE HD]
  6. magentalic

    ash content in dpf

    ran a on diagnostic on my mercedes c220 cdi and it is reading 94.4% ash content in the values list not a fault code,sounds high obviously can anyone shed any light on what to do about it.
  7. T

    One of those moments when you just have to pinch yourself - C43 content

    You know those moments when you just have to pinch yourself? Well that was me last night driving home after collecting this. Some of you might remember i started the below thread as i was pondering the best Merc for a European road trip i'm going on the second week of May...
  8. flying banana

    Is there a definitive answer? (S211 E320 CDI SPORT and 17" wheels content)

    I'm picking up an S211 E320cdi sport Estate at the weekend and will need to get a second set of wheels for winter tyres before mid February (driving down to Italy for a week skiing). The car is fitted with (according to the data card) Sports Styling, Sports Suspension and Sport brakes, and...
  9. MercedesDriver

    C+ service content?

    Have just checked Assyst on my W211 and it reports C+ service due in 7500 miles. Previous services were A & B (last one was B) but never C+. I have checked ESS also but it says B service. Does anyone know what are the contents of C+ service?
  10. D

    My new beast.. BMW content

    Hi Guys Some of you may know that i have been on the hunt for a nice E63/C63 estate to call my own, after buying a E350CDI estate just 6 months ago, and frankly getting bored with it! (lovely car, just wish it had 500bhp!) I couldnt find a car within my budget once again so i instead opted...
  11. gaz_l

    A music question for you - prog rock content..

    I thought I knew my Genesis pretty well but I found this on YouTube and can't identify the piece between 10:58 and 13:15 - can anyone name it? Worth a listen all the way through though IMHO, if you have 20 minutes to spare. _12_-jzqOlE All help appreciated! Cheers, Gaz
  12. gaz_l

    Non MB content: my Impreza for sale

    Hi all, If anyone's in the market for a cheap quick estate, my Scooby is up on the Bay at the moment: eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace Cheers, Gaz
  13. Stratman

    Megaupload shut down (MB content)

    They've also seized his cars:- Nice selection :thumb:
  14. C

    New Member Picture Content.

    Hello, My names Charlie, I'm a Photographer/ web designer from Hampshire. A couple of friends have been on at me to join this forum so here goes! I own a 1999 E280 swell! I Don't really take photos of cars but I got some pictures the other day of BlackC55 - Olly Stoner's C43 - Detailed By...
  15. ringway

    Rimfurbish (title changed to reflect content!)

    A few months back I had a bad puncture and ran on the rim of the alloy. I don't gamble with wheels and tyre's so I got a new alloy from Nick Mercedes at Euromerc. My Original alloys were put to shame by the new one from Nick so the search began to find a wheel refurbisher who could replicate...
  16. A

    YouTube Content

    Anyone know if there is a way that you can 'copy' YouTube content for offline use? I've got a couple of presentations to do and there are a couple of clips I'm keen to use. The only problem is that Internet access isn't available at the venue that we have :eek: The clips I wanted to use...
  17. renmure

    CLK Detailed: Clean n Shiney Content :-)

    I took delivery of the CLK 320 Cabrio about 3 weeks ago and thought it looked really good cosmetically and the dealer had prepared it really well. On the other hand, I had recently had my F355 fully "Detailed" and the transformation from 'superb' to 'absolutely stunning' was incredible. So I...
  18. renmure

    What a blast!! CLK content.

    I had my 1st proper "spirited" drive in the CLK 320 Cabrio today. Yee ha.. what a hoot it was. A fairly familiar 40 miles of cross country A / B roads plus a wee bit of Motorway which I have "enjoyed" in a few other cars and today, in lovely sunshine, it was a great drive.... and back again...
  19. Sp!ke

    Gericia's new content

    Gericia have re-vamped their site which now includes lots more stuff. Worth a look Click me
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