1. D

    Headlight realignment for driving on the Continent

    Wondered if you can configure the realignment of headlights for driving on the continent. My previous car (Audi) let you change through the MMI system assume Mercedes have something similar through their Command system?
  2. M

    Adapting W202 headlights for driving in the continent

    Going to the Netherlands next week. Any tips? Gaffa tape? If so where? Ta!
  3. B

    Adjusting lights for use on continent

    Hi guys, just off to France for a skiing holiday, and I was sure that the E-Class would have an adjustment to change the headlight deflection, but on checking the owners manual, it says I have to take it to an authorised dealer. So can anybody enlighten me, is there a switch, and is it easy...
  4. J

    SLK on the Continent

    I'm taking my R171 SLK 280 to Europe and would like to know what is the situation re. headlight beam adjustment. Do I need to fit beam deflectors or do the headlights need to be adjusted manually ? I heard that some Mercs have a " tourist " setting for driving on the Continent.
  5. babaroga

    Driving on continent - Xenon Lights

    Hello, Does anyone know on how to adjust front lights for driving on continent on GL with Xenons? Also, if you are to move to EU on continent, can you adjust lights adjusted like that or you would need to replace front lights? Kind Regards
  6. A

    Looking for R129 head lights LHD for continent

    Hi all, I'm looking for headlights for my LHD R129 to drive & register on the continent. It currently has UK lights. Anyone got any ideas where to get them (apart from Merc). I'd be happy with used or after market and would rather not spend a fortune. Thanks, Arn 96 R129 SL320
  7. Beetnik

    How do I... convert headlamps for the continent?

    Hi - first post - just bought a new SLK 200 in part as we're heading for a tour of France shortly. So to my question - how to convert the headlamps for driving on the left - on a temporary basis?
  8. MBManInKen

    Back from another trip to the continent

    Well, I've been once again to see friends and family on the continent - hence my absence for most of the week. The Merc has performed flawlessly, as it has always done. :) Fuel consumption on this s-class keeps pleasantly surprising me. This for example was the leg from London to Dover: And...
  9. dave.partridge

    W210 Facelift Xenon conversion for continent

    I've just bought a facelift W210 E320 CDI with the Xenon dip beam headlamps. How do I convert these for driving in Europe? Is there a lever somewhere to slide a mask inside the unit, or is this a sticky tape on the from of the headlamp exercise? If the latter what area(s) should be...
  10. R

    How can I adjust my BiXeons for use on the Continent...

    Is this a black tape job or can they be adjusted manually or electrically?
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