1. A

    Continental 5 v 5p

    Does anyone know what the difference between continental sport contact 5 and 5p is? I need to replace a front and 2 rear on the c class and dont know which is better or what the difference is. Both OM tyres.
  2. haaran

    Set of 4 Genuine SL55 AMG III 18" Alloys with Continental Tyres

    I have a set of 4 genuine staggered fit SL55 AMG III 18" alloy wheels with continental tyres (min. 4mm tread) for sale. These may also fit E55/CLS55 but the tyre sizes will be incorrect. Condition is very good so looking for £500 or...
  3. haaran

    Set of 4 Genuine SL55 AMG III 18" Alloys with Continental Tyres

    I have a set of 4 genuine staggered fit SL55 AMG III alloy wheels with continental tyres (min. 4mm tread) for sale. These may also fit E55/CLS55 but the tyre sizes will be incorrect. Condition is...
  4. Smart320

    Good Indi - Continental Cars Cardiff

    Used them last week for C service to my 2008 E320cdi, very reasonably priced at £250 including a free Star analysis as a new customer On collection was given a very detailed run through of what they had found and clear recommendations of what needed to be done and when ! Totally different from...
  5. demetrios

    Continental vs Goodyear

    Hi guys Need two rear tyres - 265/35 r18 for the big SL Had a look around and went to some tyres that I had on my 350z and loved Goodyear Eagle F1 The ones I saw were the eagle F1 asymmetric 3,coming in at £126 vs 160 for continentals. Currently have Conti Contact sport 3 all round but...
  6. D

    Continental CrossContact UHP 295/40R21

    1 Tyre from my Mercedes GLS; Continental CrossContact UHP 295/40R21 XL MO marked for sale. Thread depth about 7mm. Only done about 600 miles. Reasons for selling; The other tyre got a puncture on the side wall shortly after I swapped them. Then these came rare like hens teeth, and as the...
  7. markjay

    Headlamp Beam Converters for Continental Driving

    I mean these: Are they mandatory for driving in France? And also is it legal to drive with these when I am back in the UK, or would I need to take them off immediately after crossing back from France? Thank you...
  8. bob6600

    Bentley Continental T Coupe Auction

    Less than 24 hours to go, one of 104 RHD made. Any guesses what it will go for minus the 20% BP? It is already at £45412 +20% :eek: John Pye Auctions: Lot details
  9. E

    Continental 19in tyres

    I have 3x continental tyres 2x 275-30-19 and 1x 245-35-19 all three have done no more than 500 miles with no repairs ect. Located in hitchin herts or Hinckley midlands £300 Ono Any questions message or call 07833 498287 Cheers :thumb:
  10. richardgr88

    W205 18" Premature Tyre Wear, Continental Tyres

    Hi, Over the past year I have just had the luxury of having a 2015 65' plate C250 AMG Line Premium Plus which was a lovely car. Now the proud owner of a 2008 A209 280 Sport which is going well so far (despite the frequent trips to the petrol station but that might be down to the sound of the...
  11. R

    Time for new rear rubber - Continental Sport Contact 5 or 6?

    Evening all i know this has been done a few times as the found on the search features but I'm looking for more up to date answers and to see what you guys have decided on out of the two choices. my local and regular tyre shop can get both at the same price, so its basically down to personal...
  12. Shala

    Replace 1Tyre for S class - Continental conti sport 5 255/55r18

    Replace 1Tyre for S class - Continental conti sport 5 255/45r18 Hello there, I'm looking for the best price for a replacement tyre. At the moment they're all Continental Contact 5. They're from Mercedes to I take it they're runflats. I'm in Southampton so looking for the best price...
  13. NAZ_

    Genuine C63 AMG Alloy Wheels - Full Set with Matching Continental Tyres

    Hi all, Advertising these on behalf of a friend - eBay link below. SET OF GENUINE MERCEDES C63 AMG W204 18" 5 TWIN SPOKE ALLOY WHEELS WITH TYRES Open to sensible offers. Thanks,
  14. jnfgambler247

    4 Continental ContiSport Contact 3 Tyres 255 45 17 MO + HOMAN Wheels

    Hi I am selling this set of wheels and MO tyres on ebay. Tyres are in fine shape with 6-7mm tread, there's plenty of details and pictures on the ebay selling page, wheels are in VGC although at soem point have been refurbed and some lacquer is peeling, need to look hard to spot enter this number...
  15. GLK

    FOR SALE: Continental ContiSportContact tyres

    I am replacing all four tyres tomorrow and will have two almost new Continental ContiSportContact tyres, one 2 and the other one - 5. The new tyres are slightly wider, so can't keep these. They are both 215/40 R18 ContiSportContact2 is MO ContiSportContact5 was fitted by main dealer...
  16. jnfgambler247

    4 Continental ContiSport Contact 3 MO tyres w. MB Wheels

    Hi I have a good set of MO Continental 17" tyres with MB wheels for sale on ebay item 391386203014 Better price for forum members Please PM if they are of use to you Thanks Jim
  17. S

    2004 W209 Adjusting Lights For Trip To Continental Europe

    Greetings folks. Since short time I am an owner of W209, and I love it ! But now ahead of me is few months trip to continental Europe where I will have to drive on the right hand side. Therefore I would like to adjust the headlights so they don't blind the upcoming traffic. As my trip...
  18. streethawk

    continental 3 or 5?

    Hi I've got conti sports contact 3 all round at the moment but need new fronts. Which are better 3 or 5's and is it ok to mix 3 and 5's? as the rears have loads left. Cars a e320cdi sport v6 btw thanks.
  19. F

    4 Continental Winter Tyres on Mercedes fit wheels.

    Continental ContiWinterContact. 205/55 R 16 91H MO fitment. Two with 8mm tread, two with 7.75mm tread Wheels are 5 spoke chrome finish, all in good condition with Mercedes centre caps. They may need a refurb due to some strange paint defect in the surface. (probably because of road salt)...
  20. MickyP64

    Headlamp adjustment – Continental driving

    W169 A Class – Halogen Projectors We’re off to France for a week and I’ve been looking into sorting the headlights before I go. Our car has the halogen projector type lights so it appears that those sticky headlamp reflectors things aren’t appropriate to us – the user manual recommends taking...
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