1. A

    Continuous error messages

    I am having a problem with my 2012 e class in that if i leave it for a few hours sometimes when i start it it continually cycles through error messages and won't select gear. Go back to it later and it works fine. Have checked both batteries and they are fine. Any ideas
  2. ringway

    How accents and dialects change on the longest continuous train journey in Britain.

    I enjoyed this. A Journey Through Britain. LINK. Source BBC Radio 4. How do accents and dialects change on the longest continuous train journey in Britain? In A Journey We jump on board in Aberdeen in the early morning and arrive late in the evening in Penzance over 600 miles away. En...
  3. J

    continuous warning sound on W204

    My 2013 C180 Cdi now has a continuous warning sound (upper mid frequency) from when I turn on the ignition and refuses to go off when I drive the car. Has anyone else had this problem?
  4. L

    280SE continuous injection

    Starts fine cold but doesn't fast idle, and dies initially if you apply throttle. After idling for maybe 30sec it's OK. Anyone care to guess which bit of the injection system I should swap from the scrap car? I'm guessing the thermo switch and 7th (cold start) injector are working or I doubt...
  5. P

    Continuous traction control (on a bmw).

    Hi I appreciate this is a Mercedes forum but the problem with my bmw maybe a generic problem with all cars with esp/dtc etc. When I hit a bump the traction control light (dtc) comes on and cuts the power like it should. Sounds normal but the car will continuous keep the traction control light...
  6. S

    W208 A/C fan continuous running fixed

    Out in my Clk 230 w208 last night and the a/c fan suddenly kicked in, remaining running after ignition off. Pulled the fuse to isolate the fan, also removing the passenger side under dash panel. Found the insulation fixed to the panel wet through; also the wiring to the fan/fan control module...
  7. M

    continuous engine misfires in a e220 1996

    Hi everyone...m new to this forum somught not b able to be that descriptive.I bought merc e220 petrol w124 1996...the prob frm the very first day is that that cars has very shaking engine.The mounts are ok but on gettin it checked at the workshop i got to knw that these were continuous...
  8. M

    Continuous insurance

    This notice appears in the current DVLA auction catalogue. Probably won't affect many people but if, for instance, your car is parked on the road, taxed but without insurance, you'll need to take action: New Motor Insurance law From Spring 2011 a new law gives DVLA more power to combat...
  9. C

    comand fan running continuous

    Anyone had similar problem? Cooling fan or something else on command runs continuous even with ignition off. Can it be repaired or is it, as main dealer says, time for a new one?
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