1. G

    Engine management light on continuously

    I have the engine management light on all the time on my 2013 C180 Blue Efficiency. I ran a diagnostic on it and it came up with a PO128 fault; Coolant thermostat, Coolant temperature below thermostat regulating temperature. I assumed this was a sticking thermostat. As the car was bought last...
  2. L

    W203 Brake lights on continuously with ignition

    Evening all. Today I was about to send my W203 C Class 240 in for MOT and noticed the brake lights are on all the time that the ignition is on. I've got a good scanner and getting B1048/Stored & Current. "Circuit 54 has Short circuit to positive". Can't see any damp around the rear SAM...
  3. A

    1999 R129 SL280 Oil Light Continuously Amber - Faulty Oil Level Sender Unit?

    Hello all. The Oil Light is glowing Amber continuously. The Oil level is correct and there are no Oil leaks. The car has only covered 65k. It sounds like a faulty Oil Level Sender Unit to me but could it be something else? Where is the Oil Level Sender Unit located and how easy or hard is...
  4. B

    E220cdi Engine fan continuously running and loss of power

    When I started engine the engine fan warning light came on and the engine fan was staying on continuously. Also there is a loss of power and engine will not go over 3000 revs. My mechanic has put the car onto the diagnostics but will not accept although in the past computer diagnostics have...
  5. ringway

    Sprinter Viscous Fan Running Continuously

    The viscous fan on my 2001 213CDI Sprinter is running full time when the engine is on. This would cost around £400 to replace including labour. Is there any point in me trying to disable the fan and if so would it be safe to do so? I did experience a temporary drop in power yesterday and...
  6. jeremy156

    Fan running continuously with ingition off - flattened my battery

    Hi, My W210 developed an odd fault after a long journey.... it seems the electric fans in front of the radiator switched on after I parked and clearly didn't stop until my 100Ah battery was flat the point that the poor thing barely read 6V on my meter! By the way, I checked the residual...
  7. H

    SRS lighted up continuously

    :confused: After my indie replaced my turning indicator stalk and switch due to malfunction of the original, the SRS lighted up all the time when the engine is turned on and does not go off like it should after a few seconds. What has he done wrong to create this new fault? Is it an error code...
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