1. C

    climate contol

    ok then so some herbert cut the original plug off the fan resistor and replaced whole lot with what can only be described as a bodge inc new non mb resistor even drilling though fan mounting to bolt on! so heres the question i now have a new fan resistor just need to know which colour cable...
  2. L

    W208 climate contol swop

    Hi all has anybody swopped the normal he\ter/air con for auto climate control on a CLK W208 and if so what kind of job is it and what needs to be changed apart from the control panels. Thanks, Lockking
  3. Thmsshaun

    Cruise Contol ???

    Cruise Control ??? Went over to Nottingham last night (A50, M1) Using cruise control it would not cruise over 80. If I setcruise at 80 it would be be ok for a few seconds and then just cut off and start slowing. Holding the cruise control lever up it would accelerate past 80 and the cut off...
  4. M

    Rotary heater contol bulbs

    How do i change the bulb behind the rotary heater controls? radio out and centre facia off.. but how to open the unit that holds the rotary heater controls i take it the bulbs are in there ?
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