1. ngenius1

    mercedes esp control unit 0255456132

    As the title, if you have one or know where to get one please let me know. Thanks. MB no. 025 545 61 32. Made by Bosch.
  2. H

    313 sprinter cruise control help

    Hi I have recently got a sprinter 313 (2012) it has cruise control but I have a feeling it is actually broken or I am completely screwing this up. From what I have read all I have to do is push the stork upwards and it should kick in and then you adjust as you go along etc Mine doesn't do...
  3. P

    Parameter steering gear to replace regular and DIY control

    Hi, A few months recent '02 W210 STW heavy steering in getting annoying enough to consider a reman steering gear (understood the gear usually worns out, not the steering pump). As far as i understand, the Parameter Steering -option offers more power assist than regular steering at low vehicle...
  4. S

    240td 1980 vacuum control valve and auto problems

    I hope this is the right forum. My oldish 240td (120k kms total from new and my car from new) has an auto box that slips. Most likely it is due to a service by a Bosch injection pump outfit that doesn't understand the intricacies of the vacuum control system. I am not sure what all the pipes...
  5. Shakey60

    Launch Control M177 C63

    I've heard that launching the W205 C63 can damage the clutch quite quickly. Can anybody add any thoughts to this. Some professional opinions would be gratefully received. Thanks guys
  6. B

    Active Body Control 2013 SL63

    i have got an R231 2013 SL63 with 40,000km When i bought the SL there is the ABC malfunction warning but it comes on and off. In the center display screen showing the ABC and G force, during driving i can see the ABC indicator beside the wheel will have the red column showing ABC is active...
  7. 5

    Location of electronic lever module control unit W219

    Hi Guys, plugged in my diagnostic unit and it come up with the following fault: sb10/mil check control unit N15/5, electronic selector lever module control unit. Not sure how to investigate it but can anyone tell me where the control unit is located? and what it looks like. If anyone one...
  8. AaronE55Cripps

    P0444 Evaporative Emission Control System Purge Control

    I have a 2004 W211 E55k with 105,000miles up on her and I've just had a recurring fault with this. It Happened last year and just happened again tonight. I can't remember what the previous fault was but MB said it wasn't P0444 related. I was out for an easy cruise tonight not giving it any...
  9. N

    Mercedes w124 1988 Climate control wiring

    Hi I recently fitted a new A/C system into the car. I tried to follow the wiring from the old car where the A/C was taken from. However the control panel doesn't work when the car is on, neither the lights on the panel go on. I think the problem comes from the wiring. Does anyone have a...
  10. TedMartin

    Cruise control

    Hi all, I recently had a problem with my rear tyres, cheap ones, which I sorted out by fitting two of renowned names. The problem was that the ESP warning was coming on due to the bad condition of the rear tyres. Really bad condition. They were deformed! This as I said has now been fixed. I...
  11. Y

    rear lower control bush

    HI I wonder if anyone can help . I have a clunking noise caused by the worn out bush located within the lower rear control arm (Attached to the shock absorber). I am having difficulties to find it on the net can anyone help please Mercedes R class 280 Sport 4 Matic car registration...
  12. tron

    wanted: w124 cruise control

    Something compatible with '96 300D, n/a, please.
  13. brucemillar

    BMW - Park Distance Control (PDC)

    Friends My wife's (new to her) E53 4.8is BMW X5 has a fault with the Park Distance Control = PDC. The car had 4 sensors front & four sensors rear with a controller module mounted in the boot. We have the stock BMW error: Engage reverse > Light on button illuminates > Continuous Beep for 10...
  14. shanksy

    W208 Climate Control Removal Tools

    Hi All, Does anyone know a quality provider of the little tools you need to remove the climate control. I've already purchased some off ebay and I know they were cheap, but they are too thick and barely go through the width of the outer plastic. There certainly don't get anywhere near as...
  15. markjay

    Digital Air Traffic Control Tower

    London City first UK airport to get remote digital air traffic control - BBC News
  16. bob6600

    W212 Headlamp Control Unit replacement

    Vehicle - 2010 W212 PF N/S ballast (control unit) was faulty so a new one was purchased and has been replaced however all functions do not work as it needs coding. Can this be done via Xentry or does it need online SCN coding? It is only the ballast that is replaced, not the headlamp...
  17. icewraithuk

    DAS/Coding help - Speed Limit/Cruise control display

    Hi, Weird one, I was trying to get the TPMS module I've retrofitted into my W209 working (it isn't, something about needing VeDoc updating) but in doing so I've somehow managed to turn off the display of whatever I set the speed limiter or cruise control to - both the big number that normally...
  18. M.A.94

    Lifting car from lower control arm/wishbone

    As the title says, would it be ok to jack a w210 from the lower control arms? So i can get axle stands under the factory jacking points and then drop the car on them. Apologies if this is in the wrong section.
  19. S

    Rear lower control arm advice needed please. W211

    In the middle of replacing the n/s/r lower control arm on my 2006 e class cdi 220. Can someone tell me if the inner M12 bolt (12mm tripple square) is threaded through the mount? It wont budge. Thank you in advance
  20. K

    EV uni project - brake servo control module

    Hi folks The son of a friend of mine is involved in a uni project involving converting a car to electric. They are trying to sort out the brakes. He was showing me all there options for there system. Most of which involved lots of magic that I don't understand including flip flop logic thingys...
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