1. Psilonaught

    Questions about the ECU controlled exhaust on E63

    still early in my ownership of an E63, so still getting used to it. Today i noticed that the exhaust volume on start up, and for around 10 seconds was nice and loud, and then it dropped by about half. I sounded like a flap or valve was suddenly closing. I have read on here and elsewhere...
  2. nick mercedes

    aa wants dashcam vigilantes controlled

    AA calls for crackdown on sharing dashcam video - BBC News "New rules may be needed to control the use of video taken by dashboard cameras, the AA has warned. Motorists who persistently share dashcam video could be accused of voyeurism, according to the motoring organisation. It said...
  3. Tan

    Radio controlled cars

    Hi I am restoring a few of my old electric RC cars for my son and I need some advice on what brands and models to look for. A lot of the brands that I used to use, seem to be no more. The two cars that I am restoring first are: Kyosho High Rider corvette and a Kyosho Optima. I need a...
  4. M

    Mercedes Human Controlled Robots At Production Line - Video

    Mercedes Human Controlled Robots At Production Line 6WChSintg50
  5. M

    WiFi controlled central heating

    Guys, My central heating/hot water programmer has failed so need to replace it. Was thinking this would be a good time to upgrade to a wifi enabled set up. Anyone got this kind of thing in their homes? Seems to be a bigger thing in the States than here at the moment. Not many...
  6. Godot

    Radio Controlled Plane Flying In Iceland

    zTEHQRFc_bI Not a great deal else to do, I suppose. Unless anyone knows better ?
  7. S

    Ignition controlled 12 volts

    Hi all, just got a w203, 53 plate c180k & spent Saturday afternoon fitting a Parrot i9100 phone system. No real problems, got it all up & running, only problem was I could not find an ignition controlled 12 volts:dk:. It was getting late, the light was fading & I needed the car for a long...
  8. coupe deville

    radio controlled clocks, the good, the bad and the ugly

    THE GOOD I was in bed enjoying the extra hours kip. THE BAD wife shouts up, have you altered the clock in the kitchen no, I'm in bed and I was asleep well I'm putting the clocks back an hour and the one in the kitchen has been done yes its radio controlled radio controlled ? yes it keeps...
  9. Ratz

    Radio controlled cars - info/opinions please

    I am looking to buy a radio controlled car, but not sure which way to go. I have a budget of around £200 and have done some research, but I am torn. I have always wanted a fuel powered one rather than electric, but I also want something my (nearly)4 yr old son can potentially have a go at. Head...
  10. Ade B

    Controlled Crying

    First night of 'controlled crying' with 4 month old... Its a miserable feeling, poor little tyke has had us at his beck and call for his entire life so far... :confused::( Ade
  11. glojo

    Radio Controlled models

    Janner posted a link on another thread and rather than go off topic, I thought I wwould post this link. I saw the huge R\C RAF Galaxy on Sky TV but I think this one is even bigger? I have now got addicted to looking at all the YouTube links:o :o Regards John
  12. merc180k

    Radio Controlled Car - It's gonna cost me!!

    Having been at my parents house, my young son took a shine to my old (well at least 15 yrs) radio controlled car. Bad news is that it needs a bit of work to get it going again. :mad: Having to give myself a crash course in model mechanics and engineering again and cannot seem to find the...
  13. Sp!ke

    Radio controlled planes ... grrrr

    My 8 year old son had his birthday yesterday and today we went out to fly his new radio controlled plane bought by his grandfather. What a total disaster. All I can say is this thing has the aerodynamics of a house brick. Not even a whiff of being able to climb, fly or even glide, the damn...
  14. A

    Nitro Remote Controlled Cars / Trucks anyone?

    Hello Always loved remote controlled cars and had a few Tamiya ones a few years back. More recently (2years) ago I bought a Nitro Truck, a HPI Savage. Bought from America on my honeymoon:rolleyes: . Its awesome, goes anywhere and does 40 mph + Anyway theres a new model out with better...
  15. scotth_uk

    Radio Controlled Drifting!!! Impressive
  16. Mambo

    Radio Controlled Cars

    Anyone else got one of these, lots of fun: Thundertiger 1 Thundertiger 2
  17. S

    Radio Controlled Cars at Lidl

    On 8 Nov 2004, the following radio controlled cars are on sale. Are these value for money or would I be able to find them cheaper elsewhere as a Christmas present for a little boy? Choose from Porsche 911 GTI or Mercedes CLK-GTR Move left and right in both forward and reverse With...
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