1. M

    2011 E200 CDI W212 - Glow plug Relay / Controller

    Been looking to see how much it would cost to get the Glow Plug Relay repaired / replaced on a 2011 E200 CDI W212 series. It appears that the OEM part is Beru. Beru Parts Catalogue: eCatalogue | Federal-Mogul Global Aftermarket Part No: Beru: GSE111 Mercedes: A6511530279 (A 651...
  2. A

    Air scarf blows fuse.

    I have airscarf and the driver side works ok, but when the passenger side button is depressed it blows a fuse in the dashboard fuse panel, and this stops both seats airscarf working......everything else is ok. I disconnected both the heater and blower connectors from both seats, and the same...
  3. Celicasaur

    R129 roof controller on an A124

    So the connections of the roof controller for an R129 look the same as the A/W124 cabriolet... I'm referring to : 1298202426 compared to 1248204026 I've counted/compared pins and fitment of both units to be the same. Has anybody actually tried to use an R129 controller though with...
  4. D

    320cdi V6 glow plug controller problem

    Hi, My problem is on a W211 320cdi V6 (2008) for which I don't find a solution in the existing treats. In the morning, the car will not start immediately, but when you preheat 3 or 4 times before starting, it starts without any problem. Because the glow plug controller is a common...
  5. A

    W124 Cab Roof Controller

    Bit of a long shot but... Working W124 Cabriolet Roof Controller, A124 820 45 26, required. Thanks, Andy
  6. vijilants

    W204 SRS controller safety recall

    Just had a letter through the post from MB to get my W204 pre facelift in to a dealership for a safety recall. The SRS controller needs to be replaced immediately. Anyone else had the same ?
  7. mark_le_b

    Location of PTS controller '98 W210 E55

    I've been told by my indy that my parking sensors aren't working because the control unit that looks after them has gone on the fritz I've bought a new Bosch controller but have no idea where its located to swap it over Anybody know where I can find it?? Thanks
  8. mark_le_b

    Part number for PTS controller W210 E55

    Hello all Can anybody help me out with the part number for the controller for the parking sensors (1998 W210 E55) Thanks
  9. gbjeppm

    Central Heating Controller Query

    Hi All, I know there is a wealth of knowledge here, and after lots of googling I am still scratching my head. My Hot Water and Central Heating controller is old, and buttons stick etc, so I treated myself to a nice new one, and was expecting a fairly easy swap over. The wiring though is...
  10. G

    W204 Comand Controller

    The rotation feature on my comand controller on my W204 has stopped working. I've seen the videos on how to repair these but would rather have it replaced as I dont feel confident to do it myself. does anyone know where I may be able to get a new one for cheaper than MB who are selling it...
  11. mbc270cdiscott

    c270 cdi manual boost controller use

    hi there just wondering weather a manual boost controller will work on a 2003 c270 cdi and also where can i fit a boost gauge hope you guys can help many thanks
  12. M

    X164 Glow Plug Controller Change

    Here's a photo trial from a sucessful glow plug controller (relay) change on the 4.0 V8 diesel. GL420Cdi, ML420Cdi and, no doubt, the S420Cdi. Follow the link for the photo story of how I did it. Also the same method to get to anything on the top of the engine...
  13. M

    Blue Tooth Controller

    MERCEDES W211 BLUETOOTH CONTROL UNIT A2118701885 | eBay Might be of interest to someone?
  14. amg3.6

    W210 phone controller

    I have a phone controller with part no A2038209926 does anyone know which phone this controller is for
  15. J

    R171 £659 door controller to fix just the indicator :(

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone out there knows if the door controller controls more than just the door indicator??. I took my 2004 SLK 200 in to have what I thought would be a new set of door bulbs ( drivers side RHD ) but was told I need a new door controller that would cost £659 fitted...
  16. P

    W211 Estate (S211) Phone Controller

    Hi all I need to remove the UHI Phone controller. I've been told that on the saloon it's behind the rear seats, but I have an estate. I've looked behind the trim on the nearside of the boot, but can only see what I believe is the SatNav processor and the Radio tuner. Any info, gratefully...
  17. T

    Parking sensor controller

    Anyone know where the controller module is located in a 05 clk please, Thanks
  18. E

    turbo boost controller

    Hey, just wondered if a boost controller will work on my e300 td? and if so will there be much to gain from it? thanks :D
  19. BenzedUP

    Microsoft Xbox-360 Elite Controller

    Wireless 360 Elite controller, only 3 weeks old, comes with brand new batteries etc.. £15 + £2.40 P&P PM if interested, thanks.:thumb:
  20. BenzedUP

    XBOX-360 Controller

    Hi, I have a Wireless XBOX360 controller for sale, it's in good condition. there is a slight wear on one of the joystick material but nothing major... £17 Inc P&P, PM me if interested, thanks. Josef.:thumb:
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