1. D

    Convenience Window Opening Doesn't Work

    The Convenience Window Opening on my CLC does not work. I believe you have to unlock the car with the key and then select the same button on the key to lower the windows. Is this something that is standard or needs enabling? If its standard why won't they open!!?? Thanks.
  2. G

    Vito W447 - Convenience Window Option

    Hi, Does anyone know if you can add convenience window option to a W447 after delivery? If so what is involved? Kind regards Gregs79
  3. M

    Convenience Cradle and iPhone 6

    Mods Please Delete - Found The Answer TY My 2009 W219 CLS is fitted with I'm presuming is a convenience phone cradle in the centre console box - looks like it was for a Nokia handset. The Comand system seems to look for a phone in the cradle every time I get into the car and then I get a...
  4. Dogbreath

    Convenience Functions Temporarily unavailable

    Hi all I've had this message every now and again since I bought the car in May. The car is not a daily driver and I use it maybe twice a week but not for long runs unles there is a meet on..! It's never been a problem but a couple of week ago the key fob wouldn't open the car, changed 2 new fob...
  5. A

    Convenience Function

    I have a 2007 R230 SL. I suspect (or maybe hope) that on entry and exit, the steering wheel is supposed to retract a little and the seat move back slightly. Pretty sure I've seen this mentioned in the manual and I have seen dash displays about Convenience Function, but that's it! If the SL...
  6. A

    W211 Battery protection convenience features disabled

    I am trying to find out the cause of the above warning. The car starts and drives normal. If I drive really gently the warning doesn't come up. As soon as I put my foot down the warning comes up. I start work really early so I start it up put the lights on etc and it's fine. I would have thought...
  7. Yugguy

    Power rating of convenience phone cradle

    Hi. Anyone know the ampage of the power to the centre console phone cradle in a w204? I want to use it to drive a power socket fitted into the rear blanking plate. A lot cheaper than 60 or 70 quid for the whole ashtray unit that I would never use.
  8. D

    battery save - convenience function disabled

    Just checking - I haven't used the car for 4 or 5 days. I pulled out of the garage and stopped. About 30 mins later we left and this was displayed for about 300m before it corrected itself and said all functions now working. I think I've had this once before. No other issues related to it. To...
  9. V

    Global closing

    Hi I have tried to search to see if this has been asked before but should the windows and pano roof close on a E coupe when you lock the doors.
  10. E

    '03 W211 convenience battery

    It looks as though my convenience battery is slowly being killed off by the cold weather. MB Newcastle have them, OE of course, for £73 delivered. Does that sound like a good price? Alternatively, is there a motorcycle battery that will fit, does anyone know?
  11. P

    'Convenience control functions' message

    Every now and then on first start up this message comes up, after a few minutes says functions now available. Starter motor is sticking so could be due to that as battery and alternator are new in last year. Thought really cold weather would cause it but today cars been parked up...
  12. B

    convenience function disabled

    I keep getting the above warning when I first start up. I have replaced both batteries as they were 6 and 12 years old and although the frequency of the warning has reduced it still happens. Any thoughts :dk:
  13. wongl

    Coding W169 with convenience light package

    Has anyone successfully coded a W169 with the convenience light package? I tired doing this and have enable the menu, but it does not have any effect. So I tried coding the SAM but upon writing the code to the unit I consistently get a write error. I have checked that I have the same SAM unit...
  14. A

    Convenience settings

    Hi. On my C class 62 plate there's a feature that I think moves the steering column and possibly the seats to aid entry and exit. I've got it switched on via the multi func steering wheel but nothing happens. Am I missing something? Thanks. Bob
  15. P

    convenience functions

    hello,Ive a 2002 ,270cdi and the battery is charging at 13.9 with no electrics on and 13.5 with heater ,lights and air con on ,at rest its 12.3+- ,sometimes whilst driving the convenience functions not available warning comes up ,any ideas ,,thanks
  16. D

    W210 - Convenience Lighting

    I'm sure that my first W210 had comfort lighting that illuminated the foglights when unlocking the doors etc. Does not seem to be working on this one though. Any ideas chaps - is this a STAR setting, a setting that I've missed - or a dodgy memory? PS a photo from today. If this is accurate...
  17. Gollom

    W211 - Convenience features disabled

    This is still happening. Had a new convenience battery installed by TMS and the message vanished for about 5 miles but is now back on. Biggest issue of course is no heated rear screen! Any ideas?
  18. C

    R230 convenience features

    Not having used my new to me SL for over 2 weeks I wasnt amazed that it wouldnt remotely unlock and opened it with the key. Started first time with the expected convenience features message. Now I could get into the boot I wired in my new CTEK charger for using later. Car on tickover the...
  19. Gollom

    W211 "convenience" battery

    Searched as much as I can but unable to find the spec of this as I think I may need to replace it Thanks
  20. C

    W209 convenience feature misbehaving

    I had both the seat and steering wheel set to move on removing the key on my CLK cabrio and recently that has stopped working. I have checked the menus and reset to both several times but that didnt work. All the seat motors work from the switch on the door. Anyone got any ideas ?
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