1. R

    CL500...coilover conversions

    Anyone done it yet?
  2. M

    CL500 DRL conversions

    Hi again, many thanks to members so far answering questions relating to exhaust and Callipers thoughts......but here's another, hope you may be to help..... 09 plate CL500, it has the small fog logs, seem somewhere on a US site there is a conversion package, through Mercedes, where you can...
  3. The Boss

    w123 cabrio conversions

    looks classy for the day.. pity they didnt make a refined factory version.. would have been soo classy for the time with all that Chrome....
  4. B

    Kennedy Motor Company w116 conversions

    Hi, I am new to this site and my reason for joining is that I need some help making a decision,I bought a w116 sel a couple of years ago on ebay, its the brown one in the photos, the car is in good condition , nice leather interior clean underneath runs and sounds great, but is fitted with a...
  5. R

    Vito surf bus/camper conversions ?

    Hi everyone. I'm toying with the idea of getting a vito and converting it into a camper for festivals etc. Looking for ideas and recommendations. What model etc and any tips I'm not that mechanically minded but am a joiner so won't have a problem kitting the interior out. Was thinking...
  6. poormansporsche

    Carat 3.6 is a grease covered GOD at engine conversions ......

    Alright peeps, as most people are aware Carat 3.6 (Simon) just appeared out of nowhere a year ago and quickly dawned on us that he is mad as a bag of spanners ! But he does actually do some work and I got him to do a 3.2 M104 engine transplant into my 2.6 M103 190. So just a thank you...
  7. A

    Electric Car Conversions

    Came across this recently, a company has started making retrofit kits to turn existing cars into Electric powered versions. Right now they have a kit for the E46 BMW and are looking at converting other BMW models, looks interesting: Electric Motor Werks hands-on - Engadget Galleries Here's...
  8. sinewave

    Brake Conversions Kits?

    Now I've got my 19" AMG rims fitted on Supersports the brake calipers are looking rather rusty and weedy to say the least! :( Are there any reasonable priced brake conversions kits out there which aren't stupid money like the Brembo GT kit! :eek: Yes I know I could just paint the calipers...
  9. J

    w202 mirrors conversions?

    id like to get a mirror that has the indicators in,. like the w210 or 203 can they be done?
  10. mercedescl500

    This could be used for the mother of all conversions

    Complete 6.3 AMG Engine. Very low miles 3700 miles :D:D Mercedes AMG 6.3 Engine on eBay (end time 12-Nov-10 16:05:23 GMT) would make one hell of a conversion !
  11. davethemus

    xenon hid conversions, are they worth it?

    was thinking of upgrading my lights to hid, has anyone had any experience, good or bad, or any recommendations? :dk:
  12. tonycocacola

    lpg conversions

    hi there does anybody have any first hand experience of running an lpg conversion on an alloy V8? do the engines take to the new fuel well? what may need changing, or adjusting to get it to run ok? are there any cons to the obvious pros? any/ all advice muchly appriciated. and a picture of my...
  13. S

    LPG Conversions

    Has anyone had their MB converted to LPG. I am seriously considering it as the price of ULP is getting rediculous. Have had several quotes and all coming out the same at £1938.75 for total works and conversion, this is including the first service for LPG equipment at 1000 miles. Thereafter is...
  14. Madferrit

    Does anyone remember Village conversions?

    Back in 1985 when I was a little bit younger and had a fascination with BMW's (god only knows why), i always used to turn my nose up to Mercs. For me, they were an 'old mans car' and there was no way i could have liked them. Then I remember buying a car mag and seeing an advert for a company...
  15. blicky_1

    LPG/Autogas Conversions

    Well guys I have finally had enough of petrol prices (30000mls per year) and have ordered a LPG Autogas conversion for my E200 Kompressor!! 35-40p Ltr Cant wait until the first fill up less than 1/2 price!! Estimated I will be £200-250 better off per month, cost of install is £1600 but on...
  16. KillerHERTZ

    Those total car conversions

    After looking in this months MB Enthusiasts mag, I noticed an advert (cant remember the company, mag left at work) who do total car conversions, eg old style SL, into the new one, and the same with the C-Class. Has anyone had this done? I can imagin the quality is poor
  17. S

    renntech conversions and tuning products

    has anyone had any experiance with renntech parts and do you know if they do conversions for the CLK230?:confused:
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