1. T

    2004 CLK 320 Convert. Wandering rear

    Guys My car is showing signs of wobbling at the rear. Most apparent when on and off throttle. Any thoughts? 84k miles, auto 320. Thanks in advance
  2. K

    CLK 209 Convert Fuel issues

    Hi guys, hoping to be told I'm on the right track and also maybe a little guidance. on my CLK convertible (2003, 240 model) iv met a issue, when I get to half way down on the fuel gauge it cuts out .. no fuel, gauge shows half way and I refill and it only takes £35-40 to fill it!, from...
  3. S

    A new convert

    or so I thought.... Hi, I come from the world of Saabs, until my last project fell apart in a cloud of rust! (a 330 hp 1999 9-3). So, getting old and too much ear bashing from SHMBO about living in the garage and covered in oil, I thought I'd look for something a bit different, but sensible to...
  4. D

    London-based, CLK430 convert owner, coming in from the cold

    Hi folks After 6mths with a BMW 330ci, a CLK430 convertible popped up that dragged me over to the other side of the fence. The car is bought as a bit of a gentle restoration project, and needs a bit of love in certain places, so I'll probably be popping up with a lot of (inane) questions...
  5. Andrew W

    AMG convert ..

    Well having a good chat over Xmas with the daughters farther in law about cars ie my cls55 he had a drive in it this eve and he was gobsmacked with it , having had a few M3s and an XKR a few years ago he couldn't believe the power difference ;) .He had no idea about the AMG thing and what you...
  6. I

    Want to convert Vito van cargo bay lights to LED strips

    Hi guys / gals. New to this forum, so hi to everyone. I have just bought a NEW vito 116 Bluetec van. I had my last Vito van from new since 2004. Loved it :-). Ok, so in my last van I converted the rear cargo bay silly little light, to two strips of LEDs, simply by wiring them straight to the...
  7. fudge1984

    W124 e220 restore/budget amg convert

    Hi all ask promised on another thread I will be doing a thread on a W124 amg replica/restore. I've always wanted a pillarless 1980s/90S Merc by and wanted an SEC originally but I put my sensible hat on and wanted a daily drive and the W124 is the sensible compromise. Now I'm no expert mechanic...
  8. 2

    SL Convert

    Hi Guys, after having a w140 for many many years picked up a r230 SL350 a year ago, just found this forum now. Have a few upgrades planned for it: OEM Rims ICE Panoramic Roof Heres a few pics after a recent detail:
  9. J

    W208 convert roof

    any body know where to start looking as my vert roof won't play ball release handle head rests and windows drop .thats it .leave car over night windows and mirrors won't work ..remove battery earth lead 30secs reconnect and all working again . Replaced a very sorry front Sam unit . So please any...
  10. M

    w211 e270 convert simple xenon to bi xenon headlights

    Hi guys. I have a w211 from 2003 avantgarde with xenon low beam. I want to purchase bixenon headlights and I don`t know if it can fit plug and play without any erors in dashboard. Please help
  11. M

    Hi All new to the forum with Purchase of C43/55 convert

    Hi all Recently purchased a car acident damaged Had a MB club Sticker in the window, so I thought Why not sign up. Its ahd abit of a smack on the front end i'l have to sort out, before i can get it going. I thought someone on here may know some info on this car, in the hope of getting this...
  12. M

    I'm a convert!

    Have just bought my first ever Mercedes for driving 1000 mile trips to visit/stay with sick,elderly parent. As always these things happen at the worst times so not much money to spend on a third car that would be kept in the UK when I flew home for a break.I wanted a reliable motorway cruiser so...
  13. S

    CLK w208 320 Convert Rear Passenger side light

    Hi, I've damaged the rear lights reversing into a pole, the reverse light lense is cracked. I've seen 2nd hand on Ebay but before purchasing I want to find out if the convertible lights are the same as the coupe and were there any changes on the facelift models? TIA
  14. M

    W221 2007 convert to xenon headlights

    Hi all. So looking to do my first serious upgrade on my new car. After having xenons on a few previous cars I just cannot be without them. I have spent the last two days reading up on if it's possible and how with lots of discussion on the legalities of it but don't seem to be none the...
  15. T

    w208 CLK convert single to double DIN?

    Hi I need to upgrade the W208 CLK's stereo to USB stick input and Bluetooth at minimum but quite fancied one of these Erisin ES1006GEN 7" HD 3G WiFi Car DVD player TV GPS iPod SD Color illumination | eBay another member fitted one during resto on his CL I have a single DIN at moment and the...
  16. J

    MB convert . . .

    Evening All, Just bought a 2011 ML350CDI, trading my '06 335i coupe. Collecting on Saturday :bannana: As usual, my plans to leave it unmolested are in tatters already, thinking about DAB from and considering a map to boost performance too . . . May have acquired a new "fatter"...
  17. M

    can i convert satndard sprinter seedo to BC clocks?

    anyone done standard speedo to advanced board computer one operated with steering wheel buttons. is it plug and play or I would need programing, wiring?
  18. D

    MB convert

    Hello from sunny Devon.... I currently drive a 530D Touring but am looking to change to MB in a year or so. The more I read, the more I get twitchy about reliability. I do a lot of motorway miles and I need a car I can trust. I've had MBs as company cars, but not my own. I'm thinking of a...
  19. L

    Convert W211 to U.S. Gallons?

    Hi, Is it possible to change a European vehicle from Imperial to U.S. units of measure? There doesen't seem to be a setting for this in the user menu, unless it's hidden. Any ideas where the setting can be changed? My '03 E220 CDI has always indicated higher mileage than what I have measured...
  20. D

    A bargain way to convert your aux port to play Bluetooth music

    These: were recomended on the RR Sport forum to utilise the aux port to be converted to play music wirelessly through Bluetooth. At less than £20 I thought it was worth a punt and having fitted it to the RRS, I've got to say I'm impressed. Thought it might be of...
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