1. C

    W208 M112 5 speed Torque converter. uprate? Refurbishment?

    Who's a good firm for doing this work? I have a w208 with 200K on it I'm about to fit a 3.7 engine I'd like to refurbish the torque converter. It was on the list of things to do anyway. Is it would uprating it in anyway or does a standard refurb do enough? From cross referencing...
  2. J

    Transmission Fluid, Torque Converter or not?

    Hi All, Just picked up a C250 AMG Sport Automatic 62 plate, 47k miles. As I've just picked it up and it's due a service I've dropped it into a Mercedes Indy for a few bits of work, here's what I've gone for: - Service B (which they tell me includes Air Filter, Pollen Filter, Fuel Filter...
  3. M

    7 Speed Torque Converter Drain

    Hi, I have a 2011 GL 7sp 3.0 diesel. It has just done 40,000 miles. I get a shudder from the torque converter when it is hot and stopped in Drive, it goes when it starts to move. I realise it is due a fluid change now so I have been phoning round. One independent quotes £225 but don't...
  4. B

    price of catalytic converter for a w210? Any good third party ones?

    price of catalytic converter for a w210 from merc? Any good aftermarket ones? I've seen this fairly good w210 e220 cdi online with 216,000km on the odo, about 4000 gbp (from Indian rupees) and i'm guessing this has been changed, and the guy says that the vehicle's never been tampered and i'm...
  5. O

    W211 E55 OEM Torque Converter Part Number anyone?

    Does anyone know the part number for the stock W211 2003 E55k ? Are they all same in the 211s ? Or all the same in the 722.6xx box ? Thank you in advance.
  6. thedruid

    mp3 converter

    Morning all. Does anyone use an online converter to convert YouTube videos to mp3 format to burn onto discs. I know there are thousands online but your experience will save me trial and error and the risk of nasty stuff trying to infect my PC. Thanks.
  7. Gav78

    2007 CLS63 Torque Converter Failed!!!

    Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you're having a good one. Mine has been...interesting! 12 days after purchasing my CLS63, I was driving when, less than a mile from home, my car suddenly and completely shut down at around 40mph, it was a bit of a shock as you can imagine as the power steering...
  8. F

    Torque converter

    I've come across a e320 that has been re-mapped or re chipped. Anyway, whatever it's called it has ( allegedly) increased the power from 204 bhp to 270 bhp. Plenty of power there but is there a danger of putting that amount of extra power through the original torque converter? :dk:
  9. A

    Which torque converter?

    Hello and thanks for any help. I have a 2003 w211 e320 cdi avantgarde not V6 My torque converter needs replacing, can anyone tell me which one I need/part number. Also can anyone recommend where I can buy one or get mine repaired/reconditioned. I live in Gloucestershire. Again thanks...
  10. R

    Torque converter ! Sell or fix

    I have just had my car looked at by Mercedes & using the Star no codes , so that sounds great. They have told me that my Torque Converter seems to be on the slow road to failure in possibly 30000 miles so 18 months. They have quoted £2,000 for new TC. The predicament I have is wait till it gets...
  11. B

    W220 S320 Rattling Catalytic Converter ??

    2002 S320 under floor central Cat has started rattling are there any aftermarket options I could use to replace the Original cats going to replace both central ones at the same time pipe diameter at each side of the Cat is 55mm, noticed looking at them that the in pipes are not perfectly in...
  12. Bellow

    Torque converter questions.

    I have a couple of questions relating to TCs that hopefully someone here can answer. 1) On the surface of a TC that faces the engine flywheel there is at its centre a smallish diameter (coin sized) protrusion. What is its purpose? Does its external surface form a spigot that engages and...
  13. M

    pressure converter valve c250 td

    hi my wastegate actuator is not moving, think it has nothing to do with the actuator because if i push it and cover the hole with a finger it holds the arm in. can the pressure converter be damaged ? i´ve seen on a bmw forum that they connect the actuator hose to the EGR pressure...
  14. L

    Vacuum pressure converter noise

    Hello, I'm the owner of an E200, 2000, 85kw Mercedes Benz. I clean the egr past days and after I set up all the parts again I noticed that the engine have other sound and it doesn't sounds like it use to be. Today I noticed that the part 0005450427 that I identify as Vacuum pressure converter is...
  15. P

    Help C350 2011 - Torque converter

    Hi all, I'll be up front I know very little about cars, so I'd love some advice from the forum. I currently own a 2011 plate, C350. It lost power last week, and when pressing the accelerator it picked up speed slowly and keeps getting stuck in gears 1,2,3. The engine light also came on. I...
  16. carat 3.6

    W124 E300D autobox and torque converter

    For sale: 4 speed automatic gearbox (722.435) and torque converter from a 1995 w124 E300D wagon. Removed due to a manual gearbox conversion. Mileage was 137000 when removed, working perfectly. £250 ono, collection from Buckinghamshire or northwest London. Please PM me or send an email to...
  17. G

    c270cdi slipping torque converter

    Hi i am new to this community but would like some advice on the above i have changed the torque converter to solve the problem but to no avail the next thing i changed was the gearbox still not working the mb star shows that the solenoid for the torque converter lock is not operating in the...
  18. Lipsylee

    Mercedes torque converter a2112501002

    Genuine torque converter part number: A2112501002 For sale open to offers , not sure what it fits but the online price is £924 Cheers Lee.
  19. T

    Transmission - No torque converter plug

    Hi, I changed my transmission oil and filter last year. But today, I sent the car in again to change the transmission pan. They used the latest pan which is curved at the front. At the same time, they changed the oil and filter again. The mechanic could not find the Torque converter plug...
  20. Nightdriver

    Turbo or Torque converter?

    Here goes. My gears shift hard into all gears when stationery. When my foot is on brakes while I D the engine seems to rev higher and car is raring to go quickly. Star diagnostic shows only fault as being (fault code 2592 001 component Y77/1 charge pressure positioner) described as Turbo...
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