1. horatio

    Coil converting SLS?

    My S211 rear air suspension is sagging when parked (can be either side). I'm quite tempted to just fit the Arnott coil conversion and have done with the system altogether. Has anyone here tried it? I don't use the car for towing or carrying anything really heavy.
  2. Hayabusa1984

    Converting 5 seater W210 to 7 seats

    Hi new to the forum just wondering if it's possible to convert a 2000 E320 CDi estate from 5 seats to 7 seats, I see they have seats on ebay but need to know if its possible thanks.
  3. D

    Converting A CLS Into A Five Seater

    Using an upholsterer, a seatbelt, a few bolts and a bit of imagination, are there any problems with converting a CLS from a four seater to a five? I know I'll have to inform VOSA etc about the change, but I can't really think of any other obstacles.
  4. Bobby Dazzler

    Converting car seats to office chairs

    Before I set about my office chair with a socket set and hammer, anyone know of any conversion kits? Google searches turn up all sorts of DIY jobs, but I hoped to get a kit of some sort. I've just bought a W211 E55 seat for this very purpose!! :thumb:
  5. marksmerc

    W202 Help Please -Converting Manual heating to aircon/climate

    Hi All, Could anyone please tell me if it is possible to convert my PRE FACELIFT W202 C230 K SPORT 2/1/96 from manual heating to either aircon or climate and if so, is this going to be a complicated and exspensive conversion. I look forward to hearing from all Regards Mark
  6. T

    Converting Cluster to KM/H

    At the end of the year I am moving to Australia, and I am taking my C55 with me. I just noticed the other day that the cluster does not have Mph and KMh on the dial, it simply displays the speed in kmh in the little display. Now I am unsure if this will suit the Australian authorities as good...
  7. Gucci

    Converting .MOD files into AVI or MPEG on a Mac

    I have a tidy little Panasonic SDR-S50 Camcorder, but it outputs .MOD files. My Mac isn't impressed. I've seen some third party software that promises to convert the files, but they all look a bit 'toilet'. Is there an easy solution, or recommended piece of conversion software out there...
  8. Tan

    Converting AVi files

    Hi Can anyone recommend a good piece of software for converting AVi files to DivX format that can be played on a DVD player. Thanks Tan
  9. D

    Thinking of converting from the Dark Side

    Hi everyone! I'm a BMW driver that has fallen for the new E-Class Coupe in a big way and giving serious consideration to ordering one. I love the look of the car, the quality of the cabin and especially that it comes with so much as standard, I'm tired of looking at ticking '000s worth of...
  10. The Boss

    converting a w124 petrol to electric power?

    Folks, hope you are all well. Does anyone have any knowledge on electirc powered mercedes? I am thinkin of purchasing a older high mileage 200ce/230ce and converting it to electric powered. Not hybrid, just pure electric. whats the scope or possibilities? With the govt as is, they will...
  11. A

    Converting gas fire to log burning stove

    Hello Currently have a Gas 'coal' look fire. Just woundering if we were to convert to a Log burning stove what is needed? Do we have to have the chimney fitted with a flu liner. Can we keep the current half and surround and fit the 'new' stove in its place. Obvioulsy the gas pipe would...
  12. T

    Converting W211 Xenon Headlamps For Driving in Europe

    Is this possible? I have read threads covering other vehicles and some are fitted with levers to make the headlamps symmetrical beam for driving 'on the wrong side' The car manual mentions it can be done and to see my dealer but I run my own business and consequently I never get round to...
  13. J

    converting a sat nav system.

    Hi, i've just purchased a nearly new 07 ML 320 cdi. Unfortunatley it only came with a sat nav syatem is it possible to upgrade it to allow dvds and T.V?? Regards, JT
  14. M

    Converting to a CDI diesel

    I have a Bristol which I am seriously considering converting to a Merecedes Diesel, either a European 300 turbo diesel (5 cylinder) (OM617.962) or the later 2.5 TD (OM605.960), but also worth considering the later CDI engines in particular the 177bhp 2.7 CDI motor (OM612.961). Can anyone tell...
  15. SilverSaloon

    Converting to LPG - any recommendations/advice?

    Hi ive been thinking of converting my 7 Series to LPG. I've worked it out and with the savings i should get my money back on the conversion in just under 2 years. I plan on keeping the car for atleast another 4 years so i am pretty sure its the right thing to do. Has anyone on here got...
  16. ADY1983

    New project converting my 300CE to a 300CE-24

    As I have now given up on the 4Matic conversion :o , I still needed a new Engine, but thought I would go for a 320 or 300-24. So I started my search again. After looking at some 320s the cheaper ones had done a million miles or had the dredded Loom problem..:crazy: So Finally found a...
  17. phoenix_nights

    Converting W124 to LPG ?

    Wonder if anybody might have some info on LPG. Have being thinking of converting my newly acquired 94 e200t to lpg. Even though it has the 7 seats i will never really be using them. I have thought of converting not so much of fuel savings but just like as a project. I used to own a LPG in oz...
  18. mickl

    converting a 1980 280ce (W123) to unleaded.

    has anyone had this done to there's or know what's involved? Would valve seats have to be done or would it just require a simple timing adjustment?
  19. KLP 92

    Converting a LHD to RHD

    I've seen a Mercedes SL LHD R129 and was wandering is it economically worthwhile converting it to a RHD? The car is a low mileage SL60 AMG and is being offered to me at a very reasonable price but i'm not keen on a LHD. Any ideas and info would be welcome.
  20. D

    thinking about converting

    hey guys after all the recent problems i have been having i have been thinking about changing my car not just because of these but also because of the family now i have 3 car in mind two i think you would agree on but the third i dont know anyway here goes firstly e270 or 320 cdi...
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