1. I

    W140 V8 400/420/500 front exhaust section / catalytic convertor

    Hi All, As per the title I am in need of a new front section/cat. I have an old one with melted internals to swap to cover scrap value if interested or just a normal sale Also if people are aware of what they are worth scrap wise and where close to London(Uxbridge) I could sell it that might...
  2. S

    S212 Torque Convertor

    Hi All My 2010 E-350 has developed a low speed judder under light load around 1500-1800rpm. It also sometimes shifts down less smoothly than it ought to. The car has done 133,000 is this normal for this age car to start getting problems? The MB dealer has gone off to get the price...
  3. tingtongpj

    W204 Torque convertor

    hi all just after some advice. my car is starting to have problems with the torque converter so i have a couple of questions. it's a W204 C250 Diesel 2010. 1, any issues using a used part ? 2, can it be changed by a normal mechanic ? 3, rough idea of price to fit or time needed to...
  4. Maurauth

    Catalytic Convertor / DPF

    I've been informed that DPF removal, and catalytic converter removal is a big no-no as it may fail an MOT, stopped by DVSA etc, but I can't seem to find any info / diagram of the C250 CDI exhaust system. I've been informed by Acid and Imran at MSL that the best option for my car is a Y pipe...
  5. The Boss

    (W124) what does the Torque Convertor do?

    hey folks.. thinking out loud here.. back to my previous thread about the slight rattly noise from under the car, I was talking to my MOT guy today and he suggested the rattle could be from the torque convertor.. some one on here suggested it might be tappet buckets or something like that...
  6. Johnny-P

    Torque convertor 2004 E320Cdi estate

    :eek:Ive been getting a vibration/irratic gear changes and a rev counter that doesnt want to stay constantan-keeps flicking up and down 500rpm even when the throttle pedal is still. Just been to my local indi and i am booked in with him to have it hooked up to star and see whats going on. He...
  7. Q

    W124 -catalytic convertor on a '92

    Can anyone tell me if a UK spec 1992 W124 200TE has a catalytic convertor as standard? I know my '94 E220 has one but not sure of the earlier models :(
  8. funga007

    Ceramic or steel Cat convertor

    need to change my cat on my w202, funds are tighter than a nun at the moment but i was wondering the advantages and disadvantages of steel and ceramic cats. price wise its about £50 difference. any guidience will be most welcome.
  9. proser

    W210 Facelift Torque Convertor Drain Plug

    Does anybody know if they actually have one ?? Doing a gearbox refill and can't find the plug to drain it and I have turned it about 3 times :mad: If it hasn't got one, then what's the best way of getting all the old oil out ?
  10. A

    torque convertor s class 320 cdi

    Does any member know of a garage that will repair/replace torque convertor on my s 320 on a 53 plate at reasonable cost but do the work to MB standard.My local MB garage has said it needs replaced after checking the car over.Some garage near Edinburgh would be good.Also what does one have to do...
  11. nigel cross

    Headlamp convertor

    Off to France tomorrow for the day, nearly forgot that I need to stick some tape on the headlamps, so I don't dazzle the traffic as driving on the wrong side of road. Has anyone got a diagram showing where I need to stick said tape to mask up, headlamp?
  12. J

    WANTED C200 cat convertor

    Unfortunatly the Cat convertor has gone on my c200 (m reg, 94), along with the rest of the exhaust..:crazy: So I just thought I'd try my luck and see if anyone had any for sale? I'm currently looking round the local scrap yards, but unfortunatly nothing seems to be coming up. I've been...
  13. G

    torque convertor lock up

    I was just reading the post on the Valeo radiator issue, i see that in the diagnosis they refer to disabling the torque convertor lock up clutch, my c230k (202) has the 722 6 transmission with tip shift, but does not appear to have a lock up clutch, is this correct i wonder? did some have it and...
  14. 230K

    Torque Convertor Drain Plug

    Hi all Please see attached pdf document from WIS that explains why the drain plug in the torque convertors were removed. :devil: :devil: Cost saving:( As of 22.9.99 230k
  15. david55amg

    file convertor

    hi all, wonder if you might be able to help. I have an mp4 player which requires me to convert all files to .avi with a file size of under 720 x 480. the company ( nhj ltd) supply you with dr divx to do this but the trial for it has expired :crazy: Is there anything I have on my computor or can...
  16. M

    Catalytic Convertor / MOT Dilemma - E300TD

    Need some advice please. Have a 1999 E300TD with MOT coming up soon. The only problem it has is a small hole (size of 10p coin) in middle section of exhaust pipe.( Approx 1 ft from CAT, just passed a bend in the pipe). Also, the CAT has been making a rattling noise for some time now - But -...
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