1. S

    After seeing this I am convinced that too many options are a bad thing

    Used S500 DESIGNO AMG Sports Pack for sale - PistonHeads (Ref 1096427) The interior is a bit yuk but the exterior...hideous The interior would maybe work with a black car if you like that sort of thing, but that paint colour should not be available to S class buyers. It makes the car look...
  2. ShinyF1

    Lewis - Now I'm really convinced...

    Well done Mr Hamilton - holding Fernando for the whole race was mighty. I didn't spot any mistakes. Notice how the McLaren PR machine is in overdrive - more driver mutual backslapping than you can shake a stick at
  3. O

    Hmm not convinced by George Fraser

    Having taken my car in on the 20th June they seem to hold the car for serveral days, basically until the 28th June after which they had seemed to have done none of the work. I am slightly dissapointed by the lack of information available, and I was told someone would ring me back serveral...
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