1. Ben320cdi

    Benz on the green convoy?

    Is anyone arranging meets on route yet. I'm coming along the south coast. Anyone coming my way?
  2. K

    Supercar Convoy To Birmingham

  3. M

    Convoy to MSL

    Looks like it's best , for those that can , to meet at Beaconsfield Services for 9am departure for Sunday . Looking forward to putting some names to faces and cars . So let's gets some names down : 1) MrPoseidon . 2) 3) 4) 5)
  4. ScottyC63

    Trax (North Convoy)

    Anyone meeting from up North and driving down to Trax. I'm driving from Manchester, aiming to arrive for around 8ish. Cheers.
  5. SouthEastHire

    Southern Convoy to Trax- South Mimms

    Thought I'd get the ball rolling with a southern convoy to trax next Sunday, 19th from South Mimms. How does meet around 7am sound, half hour for a bite and a chat head off to Silverstone at 7.30am? Alps, what time are we needed at the gates if general opening is 9am? Ollie 1...
  6. grumpyoldgit

    Massive Police Convoy On M62

    Now who's lane hogging and tail gating? Video: Tour de France: Massive police convoy on M62 -
  7. Dieselman

    Double decker bus convoy

    Mrs Dm and I just nipped into a local town and were stopped at a roundabout with traffic lights on, when four double decker buses from a local company entered and came round. Mrs Dm commented on there being a lot of these buses together when seconds later the lead bus had to stop at a pelican...
  8. Dieselman

    Police convoy

    When was the last time you saw a Police van being flanked by a number of escort cars, all with lights flashing and making good progress. It's years since I've seen such a convoy until this week, when I have seen the same convoy four times, twice heading North on the M1 from Milton Keynes area...
  9. Deadhead

    They've got themselves a convoy...

    Yesterday [Saturday] afternoon on the Pezenas by-pass [the unfashionable side of Southern France], I was overtaken by a stream of new cars. Mercs in the majority - an R class, the new small 4x4 [GLK ?], one or two others and, bringing up the rear, two white S classes one debadged and the other...
  10. gina2201

    For Sale: X reg LDV Convoy LWB

    X reg LDV Convoy LWB on ebay but sensible offers considered.
  11. uumode

    Convoy record

    Anyone seen the old film Convoy? 'We got ourselves a convoy' crackling over a CB radio. Anyway FYI BMW is calling MINI owners, of old and new to attempt to break a new record. The annual Mile of MINIs record attempt is being staged at the Heritage Motor Centre in Warwickshire on 3rd October...
  12. jaymanek

    Northern Convoy?

    Hi all, So whats the route everyone is taking from up north? Im in Nuneaton, near leicester (A5, M1, M69)... Jay
  13. Tan

    London Convoy

    Hi I know last year there was a convoy of cars that went from London area to the GTG. Is there any plans of such a convoy for this years GTG? Regards Tan
  14. sym

    M1 Convoy to GTG

    Jimmy & I will be meeting at Toddington Services Southbound (Immediately after Junction 12, M1) at 10:30 on Saturday morning. Anybody coming down from Midlands / Northants is welcome to join us. Please post below if you are planning on coming this way so we know how many people to wait for ...
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