1. toolman1954

    Cookies galore

    Hi All, So this is a bit of a rant about cookies, those little files laying on your hard drive feeding advertising info back to the multinationals to "enhance your surfing pleasure". Of late I have noticed AVG notifying me more and more often about the cookies...
  2. gaz_l


    Any idea why a cookie wouldn't be stored on my 'puter? Every time I come onto the forum for the last couple of days, it doesn't recognise me and I have to log in manually. As soon as I move from one sub-forum to another, same thing. Not a show-stopper but annoying.. the problem seems to be...
  3. P

    enabling cookies

    Ive just bought a sony picturebook laptop and am having trouble with my internet explorer both through my wireless lan and dial up so im assuming its the actual explorer. I can browse net and ebay etc but when i try to log into my ebay account or hotmail account for example i get a message on...
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