1. S

    Removing cooking oil / grease from carpets

    My son used to work at McDonalds and as such spent the shift walking through grease and all sorts of bits and bobs dropped on the floor. I'd then give him a lift home and those manky greasy shoes would go onto the passenger footwell carpet as well as the protective floor mat. Any...
  2. A

    Vegetable oil, cooking oil, WVO!

    I make biodiesel, aka methyl esters / B100. Or rather I did ... until I lost my supplier of used veg. oil. So I am on a quest, in search of oily waste to turn into my 'liquid gold'. And I don't mean these golden shower.:confused: If anyone has a...
  3. LTD

    Cooking with wine ?

    I know that the forum has a number of 'foodies' so it must have a reasonable amount of professional chefs or serious amateurs. Yesterday, I made a nice risotto as lunch for SWMBO and myself. Obviously, this involved opening a bottle of white wine. As I was driving later that day, I popped...
  4. grober

    Cooking the Books?

    The EEC have produced a report detailing how various car manufacturers "improve" their emission figures. :rolleyes: Full report here. and a good summary here Questions raised over car makers' emissions tests...
  5. T

    Vito CDI 111 Vs new Cooking Oil

    Greetings all, new to this forum and advice on an old favourite topic please. Not new to Mercs but am new to a 2004 Vito CDI 111 and was wondering if I could be ok to run it on a mix of diesel and new cooking oil. Did this on an old 300 6 pot no problem with about a two thirds diesel to one...
  6. D

    w202 cooking the battery

    I have had 2 new batterys within 16 months and about to get the 3rd all of which have been covered under the warranty. I have been told that the car is cooking its batterys by over charging it and this will be the last time the warranty will alow me to replace it foc. The car runs fine...
  7. coupe deville

    Cruel cooking

    Bought a book today from a charity shop for 50p., "The Complete Colour Cookbook" first published in 1977. Thought it a bargain until I saw this recipe, and its put me right off . Dressed Crab If the crab is alive put it in a large saucepan. Cover it with salted water and bring slowly to the...
  8. BlackC55

    Cooking oil and C250td sucess!

    My mum has a C250TD and has been running it on cooking oil and a very small amount of diesel. Its been running better than ever and has very much reduced amount of smoke on kickdown.:D Apart from the chip shop smell its brilliant saver on fuel costs. The cooking oil is only 55p/litre. I...
  9. B

    Cooking oil used as brake fluid Welsh relative of the 130 MPH BMW 318i driver:eek:
  10. pammy

    Cooking with gas - wireless of course

    Had to tell you guys - just put a wirless card in my laddo's PC and am delighted to say it's all worked with no prob's whatsoever so that's the whole set up of three PC's merrily accessing the Internet via cable broadband, independantly. Couldn't have done it without your help:D No more...
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