1. BaldGuy

    2004 C180K Coupe Coolant Loss

    My Coupe daily snail uses water, its done 56k miles and freshly serviced 2 months ago.... no visible leaks and no oil in water. I can regularly sit in London traffic, recently on Friday for 2 hours slow traffic... and i can smell coolant... the gauge never rises and i have only had the "add...
  2. VioAmethyst

    W202 losing coolant

    Hello! Help! I've got a 2L auto w202, and it's losing coolant. I don't see any leaks, but I go through around 5 litres a week, and there's oil in the radiator as well. However I don't see any coolant in the oil, and there's no white smoke which leads me to hope that it isn't the CHG. I've heard...
  3. C

    When I boot it my coolant temp drops on my gauge (c220 2011)

    When I accelerate hard and then coast or slow down to normal speed my coolant temp seems to drop off on the gauge any help would be great I've already changed the thermostat and changed the coolant switchover valve Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. W

    CLK 320 Coupe 2006 Coolant Bleeding

    Apologies posted this in the wrong place to start with :fail Hi all, just going to get my new water pump to fit from our local dealer here on the I O W, I just wondering if there are any coolant bleeding issues with these 3.2 V6 engines. I am used to Ford's and they were a nightmare, I know...
  5. W

    CLK 320 Coupe 2006 Coolant Bleeding

    Hi all, jsut going to get my new water pump to fit from our local dealer here on the I O W, I just wondering if there are any coolant bleeding issues with these 3.2 V6 engines. I am used to Ford's and they were a nightmare, I know the usual thing header tank cap off, heater on full, and then...
  6. A

    Check Coolant Level - Message

    Hi, A couple of months ago I saw Check Coolant level message in dashboard. I checked the level and it was just right (leveled on the black body of the expansion tank. The message went away after that, then it came back again after couple of weeks. I checked again and the level was fine but I...
  7. I

    What coolant for W205 petrol?

    I had a warning come up asking me to top up coolant and a few days later the air conditioning has stopped working. I assume this is a sort of automatic switch off as protection? What type of coolant should I use please?
  8. J4miejenks

    Coolant leak

    Hey guys, I have noticed a small coolant leak from the rubber hose between the air box to the top of the engine. Model is 2011 c200cdi OM651. Is this common? If so what is the fix. Thanks in advance. Will try and get a pic to show the hose
  9. E

    2012 B Class Coolant Thermostat

    Hi Does anybody know where the coolant thermostat can be found and also if it's easy to replace yourself? thanks in advance
  10. petey300dLWB

    307d T1 616 coolant type?

    Hi Silly question Im sure but I'm replacing some rad hoses on my 307d so I thought I'd drain and replace the coolant at the same time. And as its an ancient LHD import I cannot find the information regarding what coolant would be compatible. I'd also save cash if an aftermarket brand would be ok...
  11. R

    B3 service - low circuit coolant replacement

    My e250 w212 , 2011, blue efficiency is on 155,000 and due b3 service just rang Oxford Benz and they want £980 for service, i had the transmission fluid changed two weeks ago when the electrics went in the gearbox ( £980) and i changed the antI freeze about 2 years ago after replacing top...
  12. tcb180

    Coolant Change E320 CDi V6

    Not due for another 5yrs. But is there any difficulty in d.i.y. Like dropping the bottom hose off and a few flushes? What needs to go back in for the next 15yrs protection?
  13. J

    W204 C200 CDI Coolant Leak

    About two months ago I did a long run 250 miles soon as I got home the coolant light came on. I topped it up took about 300ml us MB coolant. A week later it was due a MOT and A1 service the garage stated the coolant strength was week, I told them about the top up. They replaced the coolant...
  14. R

    Ml420cdi coolant leak

    Hi folks. Just bought my first "modern" mercedes. Its a 2008 ml420. Shes a bit up the miles at 170k but this should be no problem for a quality german motor. Now heres my issue. Its loosing coolant at a alarming rate, i fill it up with coolant, i can leave it idling for an hour and it...
  15. DRBC43AMG

    W202 C43 AMG Coolant

    As part of the Winter/Spring maintenance (vehicle is currently in hibernation) I'm going to replace the thermostat on the M113 engine together with a list of other things to do and I was thinking of proceeding with the cooling system flush and replacement. What coolant should I be using? MB...
  16. Mr Filipov

    Fluctuating coolant temp

    Hello all, I was wondering if someone can shed some light on this for me please? It is a 2011 E350 CDI 265. When the car is fully warmed up as such the coolant temp seems to fluctuate between 80 and anything up to 90ish. Mercedes are trying to sell me the usual that is normal story, but coming...
  17. Lenny63

    55k coolant change / flush

    Hi folks I had the coolant changed back in July however when I did my alternator I lost quite. A bit due to undoing lots of pipework I just topped up temporarily to get me through winter but i now want to completely drain , flush and refill the system I found a good diy guide here...
  18. DaleB

    W125 500E coolant temp sensor

    Gents, My temp gauge is showing a consistently low temperature (40-50C). So I plan on replacing both the thermostat and temp sensor. Could someone please confirm where the sensor is located. I've done a few searches on-line but never seem to find one for my engine. Cheers Dale Oops obviously...
  19. D

    Coolant colour

    Went to change the thermostat today, as temp was only getting to around 60 in this cold weather. Coolant that came out appeared to be green in colour. Looked at local suppliers for fresh antifreeze only to discover that they all seemed to stock only blue or red. Assumed Mercedes probably has...
  20. D

    ML270 cracked overflow coolant tank

    Hi guys noticed this tonight that the overflow tank is leaking. Anyone know best place to get them?
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