1. T

    No pressure in cooling

    Hi, I changed the thermostat on my car yesterday and renewed the coolant, I ran the car up to temprature initially the guage stayed at 80 degrees. I then took the car it for a drive and the guage showed mid way between 80 and 100 degrees, the heater is blowing hot air but what puzzles me is when...
  2. AngryDog

    Meth for cooling

    Do any of the E55 guys run meth for cooling? I know a best exchanger and split cooling is a good option, but I saw that iats can still get high enough to pull timing. Cheers
  3. BAZ-500SL

    How to bleed mercedes r129 500sl cooling system

    Ello guys a quick question how do I bleed the cooling system for air in my r129 500sl it's a 1990, TIA
  4. L

    W126 V8 aircon, cooling fans

    On Sunday, it was nastily warm and so I was using the aircon. On arriving in town and parking up in the supermarket, noticed the temp gauge sitting higher than normal, not up to the red, but about 20° warmer than normal. investigation under the bonnet showed neither of the electric fans...
  5. C

    E63 Cooling Fan Problem

    Howdy all, my 2013 E63 has developed a fan problem this morning. Switched the car on and almost immediately the radiator cooling fan switch on and will not turn off. No warning lights or heating issues and car drives fine etc. Any thoughts? I am assuming a faulty sensor or switch of some sort?
  6. T

    Cooling question

    Hi, forgive me as I am new to this Mercedes lark, I have a 2006 c220cdi sport, when driving to work this morning the temp guage didn't go above 50 degrees, the ambient temperature was 3.5 degrees, could this be a thermostat problem, or is this normal for these engines? Thanks
  7. PhilT

    W204 2012-2015 C63 Amg 44O Cooling Upgrade Help

    As above who has had this fitted in the UK as I have previously seen a few had it done. I would like to know which dealership fitted your kit and the price they gave you for the parts and labour? You can PM if you like. The prices I have seen previously was around £1200 for parts and £2200...
  8. Mrhanky

    M113K BMW tank split cooling kit

    I had always planned to do the BMW reservoir tank split cooling mod on my E55 but never got round to it. Included in the kit are the following bits Brand New BMW Reservoir Used but great condition BMW reservoir mounting bracket Hoses you will need Hose connectors you will need Jubilee...
  9. mercedesmanleed

    Cooling seats on s class

    Have an 07 S Class and was wondering how the cooling seats work I press the button and 3 blue lights com on but seem to stay on unlike heated seats they go from 3to 2 to 1 blue lights only seemyo go down in sequence when I press the switch if that makes sence.
  10. R

    W204 overheating, cooling fan not working, any ideas?

    Hi All, I have a 2010 W204 C200 Cdi with the OM646 engine. It has recently started to get hot when in stationary traffic but the engine cooling fan fails to kick in. The temperature gauge went to around 100 then I got a warning symbol in the multi function display, the symbol I got points...
  11. G

    Cooling Fan Coming On straight away

    Hi, New to forum, first post. Got a W203 C200 Estate Kompressor Auto which is fab. Over the last few months the low coolant and refill washer bottle lights have been coming on occasionally but always together. I have read that this maybe connected to the fan now coming on straightaway...
  12. Mrhanky

    55K split cooling kit

    I have decided to sell the bits I collected to carry out the split cooling on my E55K. The kits includes the following: Brand new unused BMW reservoir. Bracket to house the BMW reservoir. Appropriate coolant hoses to carryout the install. Appropriate hoses connectors to carryout the install...
  13. S

    cooling fan S212 issue??

    After a 30 mile drive in normal conditions. I got home and parked up the main radiator fan was running full tilt. Engine temp gage reading normal values, serviced 4 weeks ago good economy no warning messages. Slight hot smell but nothing major any ideas. The fan gradually turned off over the...
  14. A

    clk270cdi cooling fan fuse ?

    I have a 55 plate clk270 cdi & the radiator fan is not coming on & I was wondering if there was a fuse for the fan that may have blown?
  15. S

    C63 Cooling

    Has anybody got any quick tips on how to improve cooling on the C63? I'm doing a track day on Wednesday and it looks like it will be the hottest day of the year so far!!! I'm going to put the standard map back on to make her a little quieter, but just wondering if any trim ect could be removed...
  16. D

    S205 cooling working intermittently

    I bought my S205 last December from a franchised dealer with 2,600 miles on the clock (it was then nine months old). I've driven 6,000 miles since and it's already been back to the workshop five times to try to get this issue sorted. It first manifested itself in cool, damp winter conditions...
  17. G

    E250 Cooling system

    Can anyone tell me or sketch a simple diagram of where the coolant goes from the expansion and leads to the back of the engine through the thin pipework. Have an engine coolant leak from the back of the engine but high up in the engine. When the engine is cold and you fill up the coolant tank...
  18. Cyclone1

    New PCS Under Bonnet Cooling Tank and Accessories - 55k Engines

    New PCS Under bonnet cooling tank and fitting accessories. Consists of; PCS Cooling tank 5m 19mm ply hose 8 x 90 deg bend connectors Radiator cap for the tank Everything you need if you want to improve cooling on the 55k Engined cars. Provides lower temps and is a great upgrade for...
  19. Mrhanky

    55k Split Cooling Mod

    Having done a lot of research via mainly the US forums, Ive decided I will have a bash at doing this. So Ive got the BMW reservoir and all the other bits needed to complete the job. However, before I get carried away I wondered if anyone who has done this has any tips. My main concerns...
  20. C

    Cooling fan problem

    Hi all w209 2003 clk cooling fan occasionally kicks in but not for long does anybody know what voltage should come down the signal wire into the fan module? And the location of the sensor that tells the fans to come on and how to test them? Thanks in advance
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