1. W

    Brazilian motorbike cop chase

    Some very committed riding by the Brazilian police :eek: 8YZJn0NwXuc
  2. stwat

    US cop beating on a woman

    Restrain a suspect yes, beat her around the head whilst doing so as she is pinned to the ground by your body weight? Hmmm. Slight overkill maybe? DcCN5C7UBx0
  3. The _Don

    Video: Coolest policeman ever? Cop lets speeding driver off on Thanksgiving - Amg

    Quality !!
  4. Beetnik

    Nutter in a cop car

    I was proceeding properly, m'lud, tonight, along a dual carriageway and approaching traffic lights at green. Vehicle in front was in the outside lane and I was following at an almost not quite reasonable distance. As we were about to cross the junction a car crossed it on a red light. Said...
  5. Bobby Dazzler

    Parking - fair cop or travesty of justice

    Mrs D was out and about early this morning. The car park she needed to use has fairly cosy spaces - and none are child friendly - so she deliberately chose an end space with a void beside it so she could straddle the line slightly, and make sure she could get Baby D loaded back in the car upon...
  6. S

    An unmarked cop got me

    On the way to the annual prilgrimage I drove very fast. 100mph on the speedo most of the way from Glasgow onwards. By Brum (3 1/2 hrs later driving time) it was night time and the M5 was completely deserted and the night was clear and visibility A1. So I continued @ 100mph on the speedo (set...
  7. portzy

    Good Cop

    I thought I'd post this "brush with the law" that I had coming home late the other night. It was the usual Friday night routine, I meet up with a couple of ex work mates who I have known for the best part of thirty years and, being as we all live quite a way from each other, we choose to meet...
  8. D

    Top cop demoted after saying BMWs were 'black man's wheels' :eek: :eek:
  9. vito113

    Herr Brunstrom the Anti-Driver Cop to be sued!

    Say this and it made my day! About time someone stood up to the little Nazi! "Top cop sued for bad job Jan 27 2004 By Eryl Crump Daily Post NORTH Wales' top cop is being sued by a deputy mayor because of alleged poor policing. Jeff Evans, who last night presented his writ to Chief...
  10. pluggers

    Fanatic speed cop targets old folk

    Fanatic speed cop targets old folk; Small caption from friday's Sun paper. "Brunstrom brainstorms Reflex tests will ban 'em CAR-hating top cop Richard Brunstrom has a new target -elderly drivers. The Chief Constable of North Wales plans to stop old people." What about this eh?The...
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