1. Alfie

    Trashed comand/Navigation drive due to copied disks

    We are working with a TV company that are producing a programme about pirated/copied navigation disks. We have a few customers who have suffered material loss as a result of using copied disks. Such as updates that fail part way through, rendering the comand / Navigation drive useless resulting...
  2. C

    C63 copied from Pistonheads

    Oh for the simple life, eh? In a motoring landscape where even a Golf GTI has three steering modes it's a refreshing change to get into a fast car that requires little more than a twist of the key and a stomp on the accelerator to get the best out of it. Enjoy it while you can - last of a...
  3. M

    Nav 2010-11 copied DVD check ?

    I recently bought a copy of the latest navigation disc for my W211 from a guy on Ebay ( Yes, I know...) Anyway it works ok, but my question is : How can I check that it is actually the latest version? The orginal in my car was version 5.5 from 2006, which had the TMC already. I thought the TMC...
  4. Alfie

    Copied Navigation Disks

    We have seen a lot of customers with very poor quality navigation disks having all sorts of problems. Mostly these disks have come from eBay sellers. These disks are sometimes quite convincing in their look. However, these copied disks do not work aswell in the navigation drives due to them...
  5. E

    command dvd copied?

    Hi all, 1) Has any1 copied a command DVD successfully? 2) also when using command is there a way of displaying the total miles left for the trip apart from pressing the info button? :) E
  6. Thmsshaun

    Ebay and copied software

    Noticed a lot of software on Ebay at the moment on copied discs such as the following example of Tom Tom. Many come with the disclaimer as I have copied in below the link. I am assuming it is illegal to do this?? What is the consequence of doing this or dont any authorities look at what is...
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