1. S

    SL500 (2003, R230): Copper brake pipes

    I'm having some work done by an M-B dealership and in the usual way they've carried out a 'visual health check'. The technician has commented: 'Copper pipes fitted to sbc'. The pipes were fitted last year year by a superb indie and as far as I know there's no reason why they shouldn't be...
  2. guydewdney

    KY64 YHC grey merc tried to run a copper over in lambeth

    From faceplant copper mate of mine. Said car is being sought..... has "front end damage" no further info.
  3. T

    Copper Grease

    Hi, Am I right in thinking you shouldn't put copper grease on wheel bolts.
  4. W

    copper slip on torqued bolts

    Confession time. On my brake pad slider pin I put some copper slip on the shaft to allow the pad to slide freely, but then without thinking also put some on the thread. I've no idea why, I never usually do. So when I came to torque the pin the torque wrench never met the required setting, the...
  5. babyblueCE

    Idiotic copper

    Had an incident with a traffic police officer on friday morning around 1am on the A406. I was driving home going towards hanger lane roundabout and was driving in the first lane as the motorway was reduced to 1 lane due to road works. Once the road had opened up i indicated and moved into the...
  6. M

    Copper R129 with matching leather

    Love this colour combo on the R129. The world needs more colour. 1998 MERCEDES SL 320 AUTO CONVERTIBLE PETROL COPPER METALLIC | eBay
  7. whitenemesis

    Ageing Copper Pipe?

    I would like to age some copper pipe I'm using as a net support for my pond. Ideally I'd like the same verdigris look on a statue we have. Any suggestions on speeding up nature?
  8. S

    W124 3 litre diesel O ring / copper washer replacement on fuel pump

    Hi I am attempting to change the rubber O rings and copper washers on my 92 merc 3 litre diesel non turbo. Was after some advice re access, as I thought I would need to remove the inlet manifold to access the fuel pump. I started the work today and after removing the air box etc I found...
  9. M

    Copper grease

    Pads need changing on my 211. Will this grease be ok for the rear of the pads or does it need to be the MB stuff? Read somewhere it needs to be poly or moly or something? :dk:
  10. Tan

    Disguising copper pipe.

    Hi As part of our central heating upgrade, we had a new Chrome heated towel installed, now I have the dilemma of how to best disquise the pipework. With hindsight I should have requested some chrome piping be used, but didn't think with everything else going on. The two options that I...
  11. S

    Copper paste substance on strut towers of a W220

    Here is one for the experts here! I had a look at a W220 Biturbo and so far, all looking good. However, there was this unusual 'paste' on the top of both front suspension towers. It literally looked like the metallic copper 'paste' that Humbrol do for model kits and that had been wiped off...
  12. S

    A nice copper tale

    I went through an Amber light this AM and apparently when I went over the line the light went red. A policeman appeared promptly in my mirror with blue lights blazing after a short whole. I had an idea what it was for....but didnt let on when he asked why was pulled over.... He said I crossed...
  13. maxg

    Fix Remote Keys not working in a mini copper s

    My wife's mini the keys stopped unlocking the car, I managed to fix it :bannana: by re-booting the car !!!!!!! (what happened to the old days when you could fix cars......) if the above happens to you the fix is, 1. Find the battery (in the boot) disconnect the negative terminal (black one)...
  14. W

    How to free corroded copper tap?

    I've tried the usual Google and read my Collins DIY bible but can't find the answer, so I'm calling on the forum yet again for help. My 15 year old bathroom taps are dripping. New washer time? After I pop off the plastic handle it looks as if I have a traditional pillar tap like this...
  15. M

    Another "Copper" story.....

    I didn't have the pleasure of chatting with my local constabulary, though (as in the other thread) - more see what their driving was like :rolleyes: Last night, I was coming home about half 11. Driving in a 30 limit at about 32. I see a pair of headlights coming up rather quickly behind me...
  16. P

    One Bad Copper..............

    Wife was pullled by an unmaked Police patrol she was doing 47 in a 40. Police officer gets out of car ( without hat on ). He is rude, off hand. Wife gets upset as he asks her to get in his car. She doesnt know if he is a real policeman as there have been numerous reports recently of men driving...
  17. gurpz

    1998 C250 TD In Designo Copper Orange

    Have never seen a W202 in the UK with this rare colour and it really is one of a kind. I recall seeing some images on the net of a rare W202 C55 AMG in the very colour. Personally I dont think its such a bad colour but perhaps the rarity is making me like it. Notice how the inserts in the centre...
  18. television

    Copper free grease

    I do not know how many in the trade are using this,it is good
  19. PJH

    Another speeding copper off the hook

    BBC Link
  20. Sp!ke

    Copper supplies drugs to schoolgirl, 10

    What were they thinking??? :eek: Definately not members of Mensa!
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