1. SPX

    Cordless hedge trimmers recommendations

    Budget ideally £100, does anyone have any personal experience of these? I've a sneaking suspicion that unless I go heavy, the battery won't last more than a couple of twigs. All help appreciated.
  2. Giantvanman

    Cordless power tool advice sought

    My son is embarking on a new career, training to be a carpenter and builder. What tools do and what is needed for particular tasks is straightforward but we are having the devil's own trying to decide upon cordless power tools. It is bad enough trying to compare models made by the same...
  3. spinaltap

    Cordless Lawnmower?

    I'm considering buying a cordless/battery lawnmower, and initially focused on the Bosch Rotak 43Li. However, I see that Stihl (under the Viking brand) produce the MA443 - which is based on their petrol MB 4 Series. Does anyone have real-world knowledge of either product, and who can...
  4. baxlin

    BT Aura cordless telephones.

    I bought a set of three of these about a month ago, and up to yesterday, have been very pleased with them. But suddenly, they've started to display "out of range" on the screen, so we can't phone out, nor do they acknowledge any calls, even though the caller thinks we're just not answering...
  5. mercmanuk

    Gtech air ram cordless vac

    GTECH air ram 22 volt cordless vac voted the best vac ever,this is true. I can hoover the lounge with a dyson then use this and it picks up dirt and carpet fibres. few months old but only used a few times,father cant get used to it!!!!!. totally unmarked as new Gtech AirRam Vacuum...
  6. N

    Need receiver: Logitech EX 100 Cordless keyboard & mouse

    I've been given a new, boxed Logitech EX 100 cordless keyboard & mouse which had 'never been opened'. The USB wireless receiver appears to have evaporated out of the box & so kb & m are useless. Strange, because it does look like it's never been opened. Anyhoo, I think this is what originally...
  7. Sooty_uk

    Cordless Drill: Makita vs DeWalt

    Right way off topic but I am looking for a new drill. I have a powerful corded drill at the moment but need a cordless one. I am only going to use it now and again for small home DIY projects so nothing massive however I do want a half decent one. To start with I was just going to get a Black...
  8. neilz

    BT Cordless phones - trio

    Three black BT cordless phones (one base set), in used condition (got them second hand but never used them - got given 3 with a colour screen!) They need batteries but AFAIK they're rechargable AAAs £10 ONO
  9. EDZ649

    Panasonic Cordless Drill/Driver

    Superb Panasonic 15.6v cordless drill/driver, complete with battery, charger and case. A really powerful drill with 18 torque settings, forward and reverse variable speed, high and low gears and a 3.5ah battery. Only selling as I have the hammer version as well and no longer need this one...
  10. T

    DECT cordless phone reception in a house and one master socket

    Problem: moved to a larger house. Only one phone socket at one end of the property. This is connected to a cordless phone with 3 handsets. JUST NOT GETTING A GOOD RECEPTION AT THE OTHER END OF THE HOUSE AND KEEPS DISCONNECTING. Apol for caps. What is the best solution here? Is there a...
  11. W

    cordless drill recommendation please

    My budget 12v 4-in-1 Black & Decker cordless drill is slowly dying. The battery discharges after drilling only a few holes in some hard wood. So now it's time to upgrade to a decent 24v drill. Can anyone please give me a recommendation. I guess I'm after the Ford Mondeo of drills. Decent...
  12. X

    Cordless phone

    Help...I have a BT Synergy 4500 DECT cordless answerphone and its driving me mad...Phone keeps cutting out as battery fails....have changed batteries and this made a difference for a while. OH is very frustrated as it cuts her off in middle of conversations with friends. Reviews of this phone on...
  13. mercmanuk

    cordless dect phones

    bt synergy 3500 telephone/answer machine boxed/manuals/etc used but good condition £10+postage bt synergy 2120 cordless phone boxed good condition £6+postage bt synergy 2120 cordless phone good condition no box £5+postage all work perfect just changed to colour screen matching set
  14. R

    Cordless keyboard and mouse

    What do the members think of a cordless keyboard/mouse. My cordless mouse seems to have gone lazy? Iv'e cleaned the ball etc Whats a good brand?
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