1. ringway

    Can't change my own text without buying Corel Draw again?

    In an effort to reduce operating costs by getting rid of our fax line, I subscribed to MyFax. I now have a new fax number.. Years ago, I drew our logo etc, with Corel Draw 12, which I cannot now find. :rolleyes: I need to change the fax number on our company letterhead (residing in MS...
  2. mercmanuk

    corel paint shop pro photo xi needed

    has anyone got a copy of corel paint shop pro xi needed for nephews college course he's starting even better if it can be found on the net:D
  3. D

    Corel Draw 8 in XP?

    Hi Guys, For years I have used Corel Draw 8 with my windows 95 desktop I now have a laptop running XP but can't get the prog to run properly, it keeps telling me that it's encountered a problem and has to close. Iv'e tried running it via the compatability wizard '95 and '98 and while some...
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