1. M

    The new nervous kid in the corner.....

    Good Morning!!!! My actual name is Andy. Pleased to virtually meet you all! I am the new proud of owner of a pristene 1997 C180 sport.
  2. UtterPiffle

    Rear corner half inch lower than other side - W211 e63 Estate

    Hi all, Is it possible to adjust the height of the suspension on one rear wheel? I've got a 2007 e63 Kombi. Air suspension works fine, all 4 corners go up and down the same amount when you press the Airmatic buttons, and it doesn't sag if you leave the car for a week or so. But one rear corner...
  3. N

    Driving test tomorrow, ? on adjusting NS door mirror for reversing around corner.

    My son has his driving test tomorrow around noon. When doing the reversing around a corner manoeuvre he has been adjusting the NS door mirror so that he can see the kerb. Today he had a professional driving lesson & matey told him he couldn't do that. Seems odd in light of the way many cars...
  4. ringway

    Illness and Accidents. Hypochondriacs Corner.

    Throughout life, there are times when we are injured or fall ill. Although I have been relatively healthy (head and spine aside) I have come some almighty croppers in my time. The first one, at around 4-5 years old, involved me riding my tricycle into the oncoming path of a girl who was...
  5. R

    C220 W204 Replacing the intelligent lighting corner lights

    I think this might help someone, I removed my H7 cornering light and couldn't figure out for the life of me how to put the damn thing back in! Anyway I've figure it out, so hopefully this will help someone else who's googling. Anyway here goes. The trick to getting the bulb holder back in...
  6. E

    Box left hand corner of boot E class S211

    Hi all, can anyone tell me what the box is on the bottom left hand corner as you open up the boot on S211 e class. It has SBC brakes and I believe it's something to do with that. It's making a noise occasionally which is like a clicking or rattling noise. It's normally when I'm going over speed...
  7. W

    R129 dash corner covers

    Hi all, In the corner of the dash on my 94 SL i have a cover that I believe is used fir phone speakers or possibly tweeters in other countries? How do i pop these off? I feel like I am going to break sonething before they come off. Cheers
  8. M

    KW v3 or clubsport experience, recommendation where to install and corner balance

    Hi all Does anybody run the KW v3 or clubsport coilover suspension on an AMG? Would love to know the perceived difference vs. stock and how bearable they are in the city. Also, any commendations for installers and who could do corner balancing and alignment? Thank you very much. Kind...
  9. haaran

    E55 W211 Airmatic slightly lower on one corner

    My E55 W211 sits a little lower on the passenger side rear corner. I've done a quick search and most of the posts deal with issues where the whole car/backend has dropped. My car raises and drops fine and I have no warnings apart from the occasional 'Visit Workshop' message on cold mornings...
  10. kap02

    Corner wear on w204 ?

    Evening all .... I have just had 4 new vredestein sessanta fitted to my 2010 w204. Excellent tyres so far! One issue, the drivers front tyre seems to have wear on the corner of the wheel. i can tell its slightly more then the other tyres as its rubbed away the tyre gel. Two possible existing...
  11. X

    Near side rear corner

    On my 2001 E320 CDI, I need the rear left corner basically. ( all the suspension rods etc got bent after going sideways into kerb. Thank you ice/snow ) on the rear left says the mechanic after inspecting it. I have been told to go to eBay or local scrappy and look for the whole corner basically...
  12. A

    Ratteling top left corner?

    need some help guys! got a ratteling noise in my left top corner of my clk cabrio 2006,had it for 3 years now,and no one has a clue,apart from ,oh just spray a little wd40 in the roof interior. Any clues guys?:confused:
  13. ringway

    Anyone for a Karting GTG at Amen Corner?

    A while back we had a good GTG at Amen Corner Karting Track in Rufford, near Nottingham. A good day was had by all and I think it would be nice to repeat the dose if anyone's interested. There's also the bonus of having a couple of nice pubs close to the karting track where we can have...
  14. davethemus

    need 2 new tyres £100-ish a corner. Recommendations please?

    I need to get 2 new tyres for my old mans bmw e39 size 225/55/r16(I think). Any help on the best brand to go for and if any-one knows anywhere on-line or a place around the glasgow area that could supply them, any help is much appreciated. :thumb:
  15. eundaddy

    help ordering a part through UK

    hey guys, the dealers on this side of the pond tell me that they are unable to order the clear OR the amber indicators for my W202 due to some safety restriction. im pretty sure it has to do with reflecting material being absent in the euro versions of the blinker. the US has these ugly...
  16. chriss428

    corner desks

    hi guys and girls a little while ago i did a warehouse clearance job and picked up around 20 office and home corner a retangle desks my intenion was to build them take pics and re pack as all in cardbord during this time i have discovered not all full sets i would say around half some have...
  17. L

    W203 lower at one corner

    Hi My c-class is sitting lower atthe N/S rear corner, I have checked the springs and even swapped them side to side, I can't check the shockers as they won't budge suspect they are gas filled and not oil. All the arms are straight and the bushes are fine. No excess weight in the boot. I...
  18. U

    Recommnedation: Gem Tech- Gallows Corner, Essex

    Hi, Recently got my car back from Richard at Mercedes Independant Specialist in Essex He's recently started independently and really took good care of my car. He ex MB and qualified at the highest level. Best bit was that he actually worked on my exact car waaay back in the day and even...
  19. P

    courtesy light comes on when turning corner

    hi all, just bought a nice 2002 210 estate, will get round to posting some pics of it soon, but its a nice standard 240 elegance. One niggly problem with it, apart from some of the more common ones such as LCD going in instrument panel, that i think is probably a door switch, but not sure...
  20. M

    rattle from near side rear when doing a slow corner....

    ok, when i set off when car is cold, i turn first corner out of my street and get a rattle / banging noise from rear n/s ..... doesnt matter if i turn left or right... but once car as run for a few mins... it doesnt do it any more.... had the rear wheel off and had a look, nothing broken...
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