1. slfanuk

    Interior Trimmers - Cornwall

    Hi, I am currently in the process of a special R107 build (look in performance lounge R107 Engine Swap) and need a good interior trimmer for a full retrim. Can anyone recommend people in the South West - Cornwall if poss. Thanks
  2. Marvin16x

    Anybody in West Cornwall right now? Asking for a favour

    Hey guys, my road trip has been a lot of fun so far but it's starting to go downhill now as it seems. :doh:The weather went back to standard which is kind of alright though. I've been lucky for almost 2 weeks now. The major problem is that the batteries of both my phone and camera are...
  3. S

    Mercedes independent garage in Cornwall

    Hi Can anyone recommend an independent near Launceston - my parents have just bought a 2001 SLK and will need it looking after? Thanks in advance
  4. Marvin16x

    Cornwall in August – not the best idea?

    Hi everyone, me and my friend Felix are in desperate need of another UK road trip and since we've got quite fond of the South last year we thought visiting the South West would be a perfect idea for our next trip. Now the thing is, we won't be able to leave earlier (nor later), so August it...
  5. B

    Msl remaps go too Cornwall

    Hello chaps and ladies I will be down the deaths of Cornwell for a week in may, This is a holiday for me (well sort of) I can offer both the Eurocharged remaps and msl performance remaps to the people of Cornwell and Devon. If your interested in a remap then let me know? Regards...
  6. jonnyboy

    Cornwall - things to do?

    Guys I may have to travel to Cornwall (I live near Guildford) to collect something with a trailer that I may (!!!) have bought. I have access to said trailer but I suggested to the Mrs that we have a night/weekend away, rather than me doing the 4.5 hr each way journey in one hit by...
  7. H

    W124 Indicator parts Cornwall

    Hi, I'm on holiday in Cornwall (Bude) in my w124 230TE and somehow the near side indicator unit, bulb and bulb holder has been pulled out. I assume I have gone down to many tight leafy lanes and it's come loose. Does anyone know anywhere in this area I can get the parts I need? Thanks
  8. Marvin16x

    Your favourite scenic roads and places in Southern England and Cornwall

    Hey all, the first leg of our 2015 UK trip will take us along the south coast all the way to Land's End and then up through Wales and so on ... Once again I'm hoping to get some advice from you guys as to which roads to take and other nice things and places that can be seen on our way...
  9. M

    New car!

    Today I was up at 6.15am to catch the train from Penzance in Cornwall to go and collect our new (to us) 2009 C350 cdi estate from Bristol. We put a deposit down on it last Saturday and have been so excited all week about collecting it. After 4 and a half hours on the train we arrived at the...
  10. M

    New member from Cornwall

    Hi guys, I have posted on here a couple of times before, but as of today I am officially a Mercedes owner! I have just bought a silver 2009 C350 cdi estate, we travelled up to Bristol to see it today and just knew when I seen it that I had to have it! What a car, so smooth and effortless, we...
  11. J

    Specialist Southwest Devon and Cornwall

    Any recommendations for an independent specialist in Devon/Cornwall. 2001 CLK320 petrol. Engine is not picking up well on throttle too well and does not run up to top speed. Last garage in Exeter that looked at it and said it was the plugs. Then after changing about 6 (£521) later, and no...
  12. J

    Newbie from Cornwall

    Hi every one, ive just sold my B7 RS4 saloon, and on monday i picked up my 14 plate C63 AMG wagon and im loving it, some of you may know me from RS246 as HE02TEC, anyway just thought i would say hello :thumb:
  13. M

    T M S independent Cornwall

    Have just used T M S Independent in Cornwall, very professional , new alarm siren air_ conditioning service excellent price and will definitely use again. May be of use to other people in the West country.
  14. Braincrank

    Indie in the Bude (cornwall) and southsea area please

    Hello there, we are going to Cornwall this summer and I was wondering if anyone knows a good indie around Bude just in case I need one . Also we drive down to Southsea/ Portsmouth on a regular basis and therefore it would be nice to find a good indie down there too (-: Any info is greatly...
  15. T

    Just like Cornwall do you need to be dead before accepted into a community?

    I thought i'd do a write up of the jobs i'm doing on the 320cdi. Started the process n then found it imposible to insert a photo from my files. So, with the link it tries to offer thought I put them in an album on here, then copy n paste....But no chance, I can't:wallbash: Now may be its just...
  16. P

    Hi from Cornwall

    Just placed an order for a B200 SE Auto!! Decison was based on needing an automatic car capable of towing a caravan, with room in the boot for my mobility scooter, but with good mpg when driving solo up and down the hills of Cornwall. After much investigation and test drives decided on the B200...
  17. S

    Cornwall meets

    Hello i was wondering how many members are in the cornwall area. also are there any meets in the S/W area.
  18. B

    New member from very wet Cornwall

    Hi guys, my name is Steve. I live in Cornwall and drive a 2003 c class coupe that I have had from new. I have covered 170,000 mile so far and will need some of your excellent advice on how to get a few more miles on the car. I have limited technical knowledge but will gladly pass on any quick...
  19. S

    Touring in Cornwall, not Scotland, for a change

    Well, folks, its time for another long thread. For my summer holiday my mate and I decided on cornwall. Naturally this involved touring in the shed, eating lots and some sun and light activities. Full photo album here Corwall pictures by stephentaylor4 - Photobucket The shed was...
  20. bingo999

    Calling all Devon and Cornwall Members

    Just at an ideas phase atm and also depends on uptake but would be good to get to know who in this area are on the forum and organise a meeting to get to know eachother i know im possibly one of the younger ones so maybe a pub or something if not just a random car park somewhere lol. like i said...
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