1. GLK

    Vintage Banking & Corporate Registers

    A must have for anyone in banking or corporate consulting business. Well, not really ... but might be useful as a decoration pieces: Absolutely perfect condition. These were a king's ransom, particularly the POLK volumes. They are also humongous: the blue one is 3½"...
  2. Bobby Dazzler

    Office 365 and Google Apps for Corporate email

    Currently considering whether to switch from Microsoft Exchange to hosted email in the cloud for a business with several thousand email users. Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps are the two obvious choices. Whilst other parts of the package will be useful, especially storage, it's really...
  3. Gucci

    Ideas for innovative corporate gifts

    A discerning lot you are, so..... We have a client in Brazil who wishes to reward their prized distributors (approx 30) on an annual basis. Profile is varied - ranging from 25-55 year old men (mainly) who are rich. Need to think of some ideas for corporate gifts they'll find worthwhile...
  4. corned

    Corporate BS

    If you have ever had the experience of working for a large multi-national, and having the gonads to strike out on your own, hopefully you will understand what follows. I worked in such a situation and had nursed feelings and urges to get the hell out and plough my own furrow for some time...
  5. Bobby Dazzler

    Google Mail & Apps for CORPORATE use

    I know we have more than our fair share of IT folks and knowledgable business people, and so I'm hoping one of you might have come across the use of Google Mail & Apps for CORPORATE use, either having been involved in the implementation of it, or as user of it. All thoughts welcomed!!
  6. Bobby Dazzler

    Image editing software - free for corporate use?

    We currently use a relatively inexpensive piece of software for simple image manipulation for grabbing screenshots and editing them. However, just because it's relatively inexpensive, doesn't mean it can't be done better or cheaper - or both - using a different product!! Anyone aware of...
  7. P

    The corporate view on the C Class Coupe

    Having just sold my Jaguar XJ6 I am on the hunt for a replacement. Needs to be comfortable, economical, have cruise control and be reliable, my budget is about £5-£6Kish. I didn't even think about a C Class Coupe, but have seen that even Approved Used ones may just be within my budget. Are they...
  8. A

    Corporate email setup advice?

    Hi all, As many of you on here are much more advanced in IT solutions than me :o - I wondered if anyone could help with the following? Our company currently has 3 sites - lets say "A" "B" and "C". Site "A" (20 users UK) uses Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 for email Site "B" (50 users...
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