1. tron

    Correct glow plug ID, please

    1996 built S124 e300D n/a OM606.910. I need to find the correct glow plug having managed to get number six out with no more than care, a good 12mm socket and an hour's patience. The tee shirt was, however, nearly new and I am in trouble. If anybody can confirm Y-930U which NGK list up to May...
  2. merc85

    What is the Correct wheel size and Offset w211 55k

    As above, What is the correct size and Offset of wheel fitted originally to a w211 e55k?
  3. BarryWhitt

    Correct torque for wheel bolts?

    C Class 200 Sport 2017 Anyone know how tight to do the wheel bolts up please?
  4. Charles Morgan

    On the correct choice of reading matter for train journeys

    So, off to Norwich to collect my Alfa. I found a first class ticket cost £6 more than cattle class and thought I'd catch up with my reading. My choice, a thick tome on heather, a plant type I hoped to plant in my garden as ground cover to replace the nettles. Lots of pics, plenty of info...
  5. dan-mb

    Correct running temperature 209 CLK 240 V6 Petrol

    So today I had a nice 6 hour 300 mile round trip to north Wales to take the dog to the beach (I was bored). Motorway speeds and occasional spirited driving ;) the engine temp never went above 80-84 I have recently had a new oil cooler fitted in the rad. I can't remember what it used to run at on...
  6. A

    Have I got the correct Pad

    Look at this on eBay MERCEDES BENZ JACKING PAD MERC JACK BLOCK SILL PROTECTION MB CAR SERVICE TOOL | eBay Is this the right pad for my trolley jack and sills
  7. C

    Later 124 series - what kind of bonnet badge is correct?

    I have a 1995 (built late 1994) E220 Cabriolet - a "second facelift" A124. On Christmas Day I managed to chamois the bonnet and catch my coat sleeve on the "gunsight" type Mercedes-Benz star badge, and break it off. Got a fake version for £11.49 on eBay. The parts visible above the bonnet...
  8. W

    2012 C220 (w204) correct wipers?

    Hi guys I have a 2012 C220 (w204) and was trying to figure out what the correct parts number is for the front wipers? I have it narrowed down to A2048202300 or A2048201845 Anybody know where I can check this? Thanks
  9. S

    SL500 (R230, 2003): Correct coolant level?

    Could someone kindly tell me where to find the correct coolant level indicator on the above. I suspect I'm being dense, but the handbook is not at all helpful and there are no obvious 'Max'/'Min' marks that I can see on the tank.
  10. F

    Period correct style Stereo for R107

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum so hello to everyone! I would like a Becker or Continental stereo to better suit the interior of my 1989 R107 300SL. (These Kenwoods are a bit naff) Can someone point me in the right direction? I'd like one with ipod connectivity and DAB. Easy to fit...
  11. 2

    R107 350sl 1974 correct ATF fluid?

    Hi everybody I have tried looking around on google for correct spec for the auto transmission fluid for a 1974 350sl. It maybe me but cant seem to get details. I can get service parts from local Merc dealer but they say not sure on fluid spec as car is too old. cant seem to find it on EPC...
  12. T

    W124 E300D 24 Valve What is the correct gearbox code for the auto box?

    Anyone out there know what the gearbox code is for the W124 E300D 24valve automatic gear-box. I'm keen to source a replacement for mine as forward gears have stopped working on mine.
  13. 9

    Correct Tyre Pressures

    Bit Confused:confused: What are the correct pressure's on my car??? 18" front & Rear standard AMG factory fit!! Book & fuel filler cap read 36psi front & 41psi seems a bit high to me:dk: Sorry for my buffoonery never had to check before & only due to display telling me to check...
  14. roger574

    Advice needed - correct warning triangle for a W210?

    My recently acquired W210 is missing its boot lid mounted warning triangle so I thought I'd have a look on eBay for a replacement. I've searched for "W210 warning triangle" but the couple that come up don't look right to me. I then saw this one from a W124 and I wondered if this will also...
  15. uumode

    Which is the correct oil level?

    The Mercedes manual gives two methods to check oil level. 1. When engine is cold (my usual method because it's easier to remove the oil cap and top up if necessary). Or has been started temporarily wait 30 mins. 2. When engine is hot at normal operating temperature, stop engine and wait 5...
  16. Braincrank

    What's the correct name please?

    I need a new one of these hoses but I don't know the part number and correct name. It's the hose that attaches to the bottom of the radiator and goes to the water pump and in the middle is a thinner hose that leads towards the filler reservoir I think ... Is it a dealer part or can I get it...
  17. E

    Thermostat Replacement and Correct Coolant

    Hi guys, I intend to replace the thermostat on my 2006 W203 C200 CDI (OM646) this weekend. The coolant currently in the system is G13 (see attached img). It was used after replacing the water pump a year and a half ago by a mechanic very familiar with these cars (used to work in a MB...
  18. S

    W212 7G plus - verify correct ATF fluid was used?

    Hi Have a W212 E250 where the transmission fluid was changed at 38k based on dealer advice during B servicing, I have subsequently found out the 7G+ has 70k intervals, concern is since they used the interval of the old transmission they may have used the wrong transmission fluid, similar issue...
  19. A

    clk w209 correct oil grade

    Hi What is the correct oil grade, my service book states mobile 1 5w30 done by mercedes, i've contacted opie oils who have advised 5w30 or 0w30 is suitable but will consume oil as they are thinner and therefore they recommend 0w-40 or 5w-40 :confused: Is there a definitive answer to this...
  20. Charles Morgan

    Correct tool for joining together timing chain on M110 engine

    My friend Simeon has a 280GE in for engine work and he asks if I could help find the correct MB tool. The timing chain is being split and there is an MB tool to rejoin the chain, but his local dealership isn't able to help - any suggestions welcome, he kindly hosted the Bicester gtg last spring...
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