1. tcb180

    Camber correction bolts

    I have two Camber Correction Febi Bolt Kits which I bought with the intention of fitting to my 2007 E320 CDi Unfortunately I've picked up an injury and I am unable to fit these. I had to have my Indy do the work but he will only fit genuine Mercedes Parts hence the reason for selling these...
  2. DanMorgan

    Star C3 - Mileage Correction - W210

    Hi All, I had the instrument cluster changed as the previous was faulty, the one that I fitted has 89k mileage, however I need to increase it to 135k~ to which it should be. I have a star machine and navigated to the part where you change the actual values under the...
  3. tcb180

    E 320 CDi Camber Correction.

    Right can someone plainly explain how the camber actually adjusts when upgrading to camber correction bolts? I have just wasted a quite good pair of Pirelli Cinturato's due to the neg camber curse. I am aware that the inner bush in the bottom arm has, I believe, four raised notches inside it...
  4. B

    Milage correction problem

    Hello All, I have a problem, i hope some of you guys may shed some light on it. I have a c63 w204, i bought it from a mercedes dealer last year used, with 2 previous owners. In the last month the car has had some major electrical problems. All electrics just refuesed to work whilst driving...
  5. merc85

    No Merc but abit of a Paint correction

    Well i still haven't got a Merc so went to work on my Mum's Yaris, She thought it was a good idea to Mop the car! 1st of all it was with a Floor Mop! 2nd the car hadnt been washed either! Which left the heavy scratches. Snow foam, Clay to prep then a few pases with a Fine cut usuing my...
  6. Gledsyc63

    C63 in for light correction detail

    So bought my first Mercedes 2 month ago and loving every minute, when I saw the car on the forecourt the paint was in shocking condition I asked the dealership to fix this before I collected the car but once the sale has been done they seem to forgot everything else. :dk: So after 2 months I...
  7. T

    paint correction - East Sussex

    Anyone recommend someone they know and have used for paint correction in East Sussex? Thanks!
  8. C

    Paint correction - what does it really mean?

    My car was largely resprayed last year so currently is devoid of paint swirls and the likes. However when you rub your hand across it it isn't quite as smooth as in the past when I have had cars detailed... is this what paint correction does... smooths the paint and brings out more of a shine...
  9. W

    Meguiar’s DA Microfibre Correction System

    I have for sale the following: 2x 16oz bottles of the Funishing Compound - £15 each incl. delivery 1 x 32oz bottle of the Correction Compound - £30 incl. delivery Save a few quid if you collect from me - PO7 area - 10mins from PCS :-)
  10. MercMania

    Mileage correction

    Can anyone help me and advice me whats or where the best place to get my mileage corrected as I had to change my speedo meter as it was faulty and the the one I bought is showing more miles then I originally had
  11. M

    Gemclean Detailing-Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet-Full Correction & Crystal Lacquer.

    Hi Guys, Not an MB, so wont do a write up here (unless theres enough volume of members interested) but a final shot and a 'walk around' HD video of the car on completion. Was in for the following this week gone: -Full correction detail. -Complete wheels off detail. -Interior Detail...
  12. M

    Gemclean Detailimg-MBClub member KMA880 Porsche 993 C2S-Full Correction Detail

    Hi Guys After seeing my work on Richards silver SL55 AMG, mbclub member KMA880 contacted me to take a look at his two sl’s and his newly acquired 993 911 C2S. After a meeting at his house, it was to be the 993 to be booked in for a full correction first as he had only just purchased the car...
  13. R

    211 paint correction

    Today my 211 went in for theObsidianblack paint to be corrected. I bought this car recently from Germany & being black showed light swirl marks all over, more prominent on the bonnet. Probably if it had been silver they may not have been so noticeable but the black shows them. I used a claybar...
  14. clashcityrocker

    paint correction white w202

    i was looking for some advice couple of years ago i replaced my wings and had them sprayed and blended into the front doors recently noticed they are discolouring whats best for bringing the paint work back to its best
  15. M

    MBClub Member 'LoveDay' 2012 Mercedes C63 AMG-Complete G-Techniq Correction Detail.

    Hi Guys Work has been very busy, especially with these crystal lacquer protections. With winter coming, it could not be a better time to have such a durable protection. With C1 it becomes the functional surface of your vehicles paintwork making it a covalent bond. This alone is much stronger...
  16. grober

    Back -correction- Looking to the Future

    What can I say---- I just like this guy. Michael J Fox talks about his new TV show. v8JCzz0tCds&feature=player_embedded#!
  17. Laters

    W202 paint correction (with da polisher)

    I have finally decided to get a da type polisher to try and get my paintwork back to how it should be. I have read a lot about Mercedes paint being a harder type paint but is that also true going back to my w202 c class? I am looking at getting a da polisher kit from here Car Care Products...
  18. M

    Mercedes SL55 AMG-Full Correction Detail & Split Rim Refurbishment

    Hi Guys Its been a long long time since I have been on here, But work has been crazy. Have been in europe for private clients and prepping a couple for salon prive which you can imagine are never ending. Also with the good weather on its way and big shows, everyone is wanting correction...
  19. M

    A Full on G-Techniq/Paint Correction Detail

    Hello There has been alot of talk about what is the best route to go down, when it comes to long term protection. whether its a brand new car or your pride and joy that you just want to keep the best condition possible. Now natural canauba waxes and sealants are great. selants are brilliant...
  20. B

    Speedo/odometer 'correction' (W202 C class)

    Hi I have read about businesses offering 'mileage correction' services where it seems to effectively be legal to clock your car. Would it be a possibility that a garage could use this to disguise their use of a customer car (i.e. reset the odo/trip meters back to where they were when the...
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