1. AndrewOl

    X164 Chassis Corrosion

    Hi, Had a look underneath my 2006 ML and was surprised to see significant corrosion on the rear sub-frame and on the floor around the sub-frame mounting points. Neither area is in a position that gets a lot of spray so I was a little surprised. If left untreated I think this would cause...
  2. A

    Minor bumper repair- paint/corrosion warranty

    There are as few minor marks on the rear bumper I'd like to have corrected on my car. It's under warranty for another 2 years (paint/corrosion warranty might be a separate one?) so if I want these marks fixed does it need to go to a MB approved workshop so the warranty isn't void?
  3. Uky

    C207 - owners - A little corrosion check...

    If you own a C207, it could be worth mentioning that the two plastic covers on each side of the boot lid may hide some not-so-nice-things. Open the Boot lid, the using a side cutter GENTLY pull out the four plastic rivets. Then using your fingers, gently pull out the remaining rubber rivets...
  4. Uky

    What kind of chemistry is used for corrosion protection?

    As far as I know, there are two kinds of corrosion protection out there: Bitumen based and Wax based. And mixing them is a big NO. But what kind does Mercedes use in vehicles today? On cars sold in some countries, there is some extra protection. Code is "1U4 Vehicle waxing with additional...
  5. S

    W212 AMG wheel corrosion

    Hi, its been a while since I've posted on here but thought I would mention my experience today related to the dreaded AMG wheel corrosion. My last experience with seeking help from Mercedes UK in relation to what was in my view excessive corrosion on alloys was back in 2010 when my just out of...
  6. Chillbrazl

    MB 30 Year Anti Corrosion Warranty - A BIG ONE

    Hi Whilst I have have several MB's in the past I have been more of a Land Rover person in particular I left MB after a huge problem with an MB Dealer finally resolved after many months of correspondence by an excellent an honest Customer Service Director (no longer in that position now) however...
  7. S

    W203 corrosion inspection

    Considering whether to do some small repairs / mods to my 2005 W203 C180K Kompressor. Key question is whether the bodywork is solid enough to get me another 5 years safe motoring. Can anyone recommend a thorough examination service for corrosion. I mean with boroscope etc to get at the more...
  8. D

    C350e charging system corrosion poll

    There have been so many reports of corroded cables in the charging system of the c350e, I wonder if we can get a feel for what proportion of us have had the problem...
  9. Flyinspanner

    Aluminium corrosion repairs CL500?

    Hi I wonder if any of you have carried out repair work where dissimilar metal corrosion has taken place? I know the CL500 can suffer on the doors and C pillar/wing joint. So how was it tackled? What was done to stop reoccurance? Was/is the repair long lasting? Are there any products...
  10. K

    2011 E350 CDI Estate - corrosion!

    I've recently noticed some bodywork corrosion on my 2011 E Class Estate. A bit of a funny area to get corrosion, I think... Rear wheel arches on the inside of the door jams down by where the 'plastic' sill covers meet the rear quarter at the back. Not an area where the body work would get much...
  11. P

    Coupe corrosion

    Hello all, new here and hoping someone can help, my 1997 cl420 needs a new pair of wings but apart from incredibly expensive genuine parts i cannot find any, anywhere, can anyone help? Or point me in the direction of some? Id even settle for fibreglass Many thanks Phil
  12. C.Rigby

    Wheel nut corrosion on C Class W204 Coupe

    Hi guys! I have a C Class Coupe W204 2012 (62 Plate) which has done 17500 miles. I have notice that the wheel nuts have corroded and have gone a horrible colour. I called my local Mercesed dealership in Birkdale about this and my car is out of warranty by a month, typical! They said just for...
  13. S

    S210 corrosion repairs

    Hi, I have a 2000 E320 CDI Avantgarde with the usual collection of corrosion issues. I'm looking for a decent repairer in North London. My main concern at the moment is around the front jacking points (MOT advisory). I think the car deserves better than the usual "tack a plate over it" approach...
  14. F

    Wheel corrosion

    My '03 E320 has corrosion around the wheel studs on all 4 wheels. No curbing on the wheels, so could this be a diy job & if so, how do I go about it re rubbing down & painting?
  15. A

    2008 CLS with slight rear arch corrosion

    Hi all, Trying to work out if it's worth approaching a dealer or MB direct with this as the car is in its 7th year. Service history is a mix of MB and indi. Not sure if this is stonechip damage (ie a get out of jail card for MB) on the wheel arch or something else, ie a poorly galvanised...
  16. T

    R107 - Corrosion in the driver side foot well

    Hoping that someone has seen this before. Went to look at a R107 SL recently. Without putting it up on a ramp, I did as detailed an inspection as I could. When I pulled up the drivers side floor carpets I saw some rust around what I can only call a sensor positioned in the body behind the...
  17. demetrios

    R129 brake line corrosion

    Hi everyone The SL has been SORN since December for winter in a garage and is due service MOT and Tax when it comes out. Looked at previous MOT notes and it says there is corrosion on brake lines. Has anyone fitted Tarox ones? Mercedes 129 Series 500SL 5.0 From Years: 1989-1993 Tarox BRAKE...
  18. KillerHERTZ

    Removing Corrosion from Foglight Electrical Connectors

    The previous owner swapped my front foglights with Xenons :ban: - Yes I know :D but actually they are extremely useful at night as the 'follow me home' lighting lights up my garage brilliantly. as they are brighter than the sun! Twice they have both stopped working, after removing the wheel...
  19. Tramp

    W126 SEC Anti roll bar mount corrosion.

    After having successfully having the rear window rubber replaced and resealed and being generally very happy with the condition of the car, I pulled the battery out to find the tray corroded. No problem I thought, so got a new one from MB. When to replace it this weekend upon taking the tray...
  20. T

    210 Jacking Point Corrosion

    Heres what I found when investigating why my Front Drivers jacking point had sunk about 1.5cm into the bodywork :( Either a repair section or some nifty welding required
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