1. S

    mercedes 190 2.3 16v cossie 1986

    restoring my cossie...need parts exhaust camshaft gear inlet camshaft gear timing chain timing chain tensioner timing chain guide rails crankshaft gear oil pump intermediate sprocket idler sprocket anyone get a good discount at the stealers??????
  2. W

    Lhd barn find cossie

  3. S

    190e Cossie on Wheeler Dealers now

    Discovery Turbo (Sky 523)
  4. 300CE

    1990 MERCEDES 2.6 190E AUTO (factory fitted cossie kit & red leather)

    BIN £1550.00 or best offer: 1990 MERCEDES 2.6 190E AUTO | eBay
  5. poormansporsche

    Mint one off 190E 2.6 Custom Recaro's, AMG Touch, Cossie Kit

    Alright peeps, Another one to go, my much beloved 190 2.6 Auto Sportline in 199 G Reg 1990, 120K, "Proper" Sportline, humpy backseat 6 months tax 4 months mot I have spent a fortune on it of late creating my ideal 190 what ive done :) Full Cossie Kit fitted (200 quid plus painting) Both sides...
  6. D

    Lovely looking 190E 2.6...BBS's, lowered, cossie kit...

    Check out the stance of this one, may be too low for some, but cannot be denied that it looks awsome imo.... The wheels look amazing, as good as anything that they are normally seen on ie; BMW e30's MK2 Golf's etc... Set it off with the kit... 1989 MERCEDES 190E Cream Leather, Cossie Kit...
  7. Seamster15

    190 Cossie Track car

    could be fun... 1984 MERCEDES 190E 2.3 16V COSWORTH TRACK CAR on eBay (end time 24-Sep-09 19:31:09 BST) edit; or even a 190!
  8. M

    Very low mileage Cossie...

    I know this one has done the rounds on here before, as it's a mint example, but thought I'd highlight it's availability again :D Darren
  9. gina2201

    Cossie going cheap in 25 mins! Tempting....:D Surely it's worth more than that? Description waffles alot and doesn't tell you much if anything about the actual car for sale...
  10. R

    Starting a Cossie

    I'm in need of some advice about starting a 2WD Sapphire Cosworth 1989. It is mint apart from not being started, never modified. My dad got bored of it and hasn't started it for about 5 years. What sort of things need to be done before attempting to start it? i.e. Oil into the pistons, new...
  11. kbhogalW126

    190e Cossie on Wheeler Dealers on Discovery Turbo channel 523 at the moment!

    Check it out now!
  12. gina2201

    Black Cossie, shocking interior! Nice enough cosworth, blacked out, but what happened to the interior??:eek:
  13. Howard

    W201 cossie manifold - bargainous ...

    2 x W201 cossie manifolds - bargainous ... These are expensive, but this one is cheap ... and this one...
  14. Howard

    190 cossie - comedy listing Owner states :- 'Possibly the most original, genuine and mint example of a Mercedes 2.3 16V Cosworth in the UK!' does he mean except for the non original grille, non original...
  15. R

    190E Cossie radiator - Help!

    My lovely 190E 2.5-16's radiator has just given up the ghost, and tomorrow's christmas eve! Does anyone have a spare, or know any good merc breakers? I could really do with one like tomorrow! Cheers all, and Merry Christmas!!
  16. Koolvin

    Mercenery 190 Cosworth (proper cossie)

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