1. ukmike

    Parking brake adjusting cost.

    Got an MOT booked next week & think it might fail on the parking brake.what's the rough cost to adjust it?W204 C220 coupe.
  2. C

    E Class 7g Gearbox update and reset cost

    Hi all, I have a 2012 E class coupe with 7g gearbox and its clunky when shifting at low speeds, i was going to get a gearbox software update and reset done as ive read that the procedure on the internet for resetting the gearbox yourself doesn't actually work. Has anyone had this done and how...
  3. S

    Windscreen cost

    Anyone know the cost of a windscreen for a w203? My neighbors son cracked his and he won't claim on the insurance. Sent from my 5056X using Tapatalk
  4. B

    Astronomical service cost

    Hi guys, Looking for some advice before I hand over the cash. I have a 2014 Mercedes c class and it recently went flagged it needed a service. I phoned up the dealership and they booked me in saying I had a service plan and wouldnt be an issue, Service went ok and i picked the car up...
  5. IBN

    How Much will it Cost to get the timing chain done?

    Hi All I posted a question about possible faults with a 2004 C180 that I may be buying. Grober was kind enough to respond and he said that there was a potential Timing Chain issue on higher mileage cars. With this in mind, I have confirmed with the vendor that the car hasn't had the timing...
  6. Dickie Fix

    Fuel to Cost More at Peak Times

    Just found this: So, in addition to queuing for 10 mins at busy times to fill up, you get stung for another couple of pence per litre. Well, that'll cheer people up!:fail
  7. Fudger

    E63 'B' Service cost

    Gents, I have a B service due, on my E63, and have been quoted £498 at a main dealer. Does that tally with your experience? Thanks Jonathan
  8. M

    Merc E class (W213) Service Plan cost.?

    I got 3 year service plan quote from Merc - £37 per month for 3 years for 3 services!! What is Merc E class Full service cost from Main dealer..??
  9. Steveml63

    Out of interest - how much does a B0 (major) service cost on an ML63

    Hi, We just had the 60,000 km B0 service on our ML63 in Abu Dhabi. This is the biggest service that we have had, thus far - and we were a bit shocked at the cost. The service included new plugs, filters, oil, transmission oil and brake fluid change. Before I reveal the cost for this here - I am...
  10. J

    Wheel Bearing Cost

    Hi All, we have recently bought a W203 55 plate 2.1 C200Sport .. last week the front lower arms had to be replaced and now we are being told ball joints need fixing as there is some movement... how much is this going to cost? The arms cost £186 Many thanks in advance
  11. S

    Cost to fit an IPE

    Hello What would you estimate the cost to fit an IPE backbox and midpipes with the electronics and vacuum lines for a W204 C63? Thanks SS3
  12. C

    S210 rear subframe bush replacement cost?

    Well my rear subframe bushes are goosed! Noticed them while having tyres changed. It's also recently developed a concerning creak from the N/S/R when stopping or pulling off and over large bumps that cause the car to go over at an angle! I'm hoping this is down to the bushes also? As whilst...
  13. S

    First service cost?

    Wondering what service costs are on a new shape (205) c class diesel ? First and second service
  14. Petrol Pete

    C55 AMG Spark plugs cost's

    This thread relates to sparkplugs for my 2006 C55 AMG but probably covers many other MB engines. Before I bought this car 2 months ago I had done my homework regarding service/running costs and as a result I knew it would need a sparkplug change. After being quoted as much as £14+ VAT per plug...
  15. F

    A7 service cost for c220 w204

    Hi My recently acquired 2011 C220 is showing that it needs an A7 service which I believe is an interim service. My local garage that I've used for years is advising a cost of £250 for this (say that oil alone will be around £70). Just wanted to sanity check this before booking in as I didn't...
  16. DazNich

    What would it cost me to get into a C43?

    Hi, While they are still quite new they're holding their value but I have noticed a few starting to appear now for good money, although I have no idea what I can expect to put down in deposit and then monthly payment on a PCP? I have often thought leasing might be an option but they always...
  17. D

    C43 AMG Service cost

    I know its early days -haven't even got my car yet!!- but what sort of money would the 1st and 2nd service cost thought I read somewhere 1st would be around £420 but might pay to shop around? Was considering the taking out a Service Plan but probably will leave the money in the bank.
  18. R

    Guess the cost time.

    My daughter has hired a car for the next 22 days. An Astra. On my advice she bought independent excess cover for £37.50...which covers her for car hire for 1 year. This means, for those who don't know, that the hire car company excess of £1000 will be taken care of if need be. Enterprise, of...
  19. V

    Need an idea of repair cost.

    Anyone have any idea of cost to repair rear bumper. Wife reversed over a high kerb and has broken the clips that hold the coloured diffuser at rear onto the black section that house 2 of the reversing sensors. This also requires replacing as it has also burst the retaining part on this. Really...
  20. T

    Help!! £5K repair cost - Mercedes B class - power loss

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me. I have a Mercedes B class 200 CDI sports tourer and was driving (motorway) it over the weekend, when it just lost power. It started reducing speed and I pulled over to the hard shoulder and it totally packed up. MB have had a look at it and informed me...
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