1. zenman63

    Costco for tyres

    Looking for new tyres for my ML63 today, looked on line at Camskill, Tyre leader etc all much the same but after my last tyre purchase I had problems finding anyone who would fit them! Just called my local Costco for Michelin tyres, there cheaper there than on line for the same tyre and another...
  2. liamt

    Costco Fuel

    Went to my local Costco today (Gateshead) to get a few bits and pieces and noted that they have just opened the new Costco Petrol Station and are selling Premium Diesel at £1.09 a litre. As I also needed Diesel I decided to give it a go and tanked the A Class up which came to £43.74 which is...
  3. BTB 500

    Costco Auto Programme?

    Just got this month's Costco leaflet and noticed a plug for - discounted car sales for Costco members. Has anybody ever got a quote? Just curious about what sort of discounts they would be giving ... presumably similar to brokers. I was expecting it to be limited to...
  4. moonloops

    Costco - £50 off a set of 4 tyress

    .. go fill yer boots.. They are normally cheap even without the discount. If you're not a costco member and near Milton Keynes I can use my membership to help out :thumb:
  5. Ted

    Special offer at costco.

    Get in quick before they're all gone!
  6. paul73mt

    Costco fuel

    I just just had a Costco fuel station open up very close to me and are currently doing Diesel @ 103.9 per litre. A am currently paying between 114.8-119.9 per litre (shell v power). I got an email from them saying that there fuels do contain additives. Does anyone know where I can find the...
  7. Stratman

    Costco going upmarket?

    Chateau Latour £889.99 per bottle Does anyone have a Costco card? Are they a viable alternative to high street supermarkets for regular shopping?
  8. markjay

    Costco selling Bridgestone tyres?

    Is this new?
  9. S

    Costco Mobil 1 New Life Oil

    Popped in to Costco today to buy 10 Ltrs of mobil 1 ready for my next service and they only had Mobil 0-40 new life. Now i know i need 0-40 but not sure what the New Life means, Is this suitable for my car 2002 SLK32 AMG Thanks
  10. 2

    20% michilen off tyres at Costco Farnborough

    Hi all, Just a heads up that there's a Costco opening in Farnborough on 12th July and if you join up before that date you get a 20% off voucher if you buy 4 Michelins. Plus also a £20 voucher, free big tray of eggs and big case of water! Membership £30 but the vouchers pays for itself. Tyres...
  11. Satch

    Costco Oil prices

    Being bored out of my mind this PM whilst Mrs S. & friend went for a mega shop, I wandered off to the oil section and made a quick note of what is currently available (in Reading at least) and prices. Here you go, all prices inclusive of VAT. Mobil Mobil 1 Turbo Diesel 0w40 5...
  12. Spinal

    Costco - ordering online!?

    Just placed a trial order on - apparently you can now order online! Free shipping on the item I ordered... theres a 5% surcharge if you don't have a costco card number, but anyone can order apparently. Anyone tried this? Can't find Mobil1 on the site though... M.
  13. J

    Costco tyres Michelin sport pilot 3

    Hi, I'm after a full set of tyres and have been looking in Costco 255/35/18 x2 and 225/40/18 x2 they sell Michelin pilot sport 3 total £661. Apparantly they do 20% off twice a year does anyone know when this is as I have a couple of mm or so to go so can wait thus taking them down to £531...
  14. HB

    Costco 20% off Michelin is on

    Buy 4 tyres and get 20% off. Just took the CLK down for 4 PS3s , £445 fitted.
  15. ringway

    Costco. Michelin Tyres 20% Discount Offer. Starts 11th of June.

    I hadn't noticed the Costco, Michelin Tyres 20% discount offer this year to date (usually around Easter time). I called them today and the offer starts on the 11th of June. I need two new Michelin Primacy HP 225/55/17 101W tyres for my Vito. Including Vat and fitting. Costco = £187.76...
  16. Spinal

    Costco Oil (Chevron 5W30)

    I seem to remember costco doing a 20l drum of Chevron oil (5w30) for next-to-nothing (£30 or so + vat). Has anyone been recently - do they still sell this? Does anyone remember if it was fully synthetic or part? (need to do 2 oil changes, and both cars want 7-8 litres of 5w30 fully synth...
  17. Murff

    Anyone bought tyres from Costco?

    Anyone know if it's worth getting a Costco membership to buy tyres, heard they're cheap but obviously depends how much?
  18. sinewave

    Is Costco worth joining?

    As per title really?? I'll be in the market for some Michelin PS3's soon for the E320 and being as Costco only sell Michelin tyres was wondering if the annual membership could be a good move being as the total tyre bill could be around £800? :thumb:
  19. Merc Owner 2B

    Costco Coming to Thurmaston, Leicester

    Just heard that we're having a COSTCO near to me in Leicester. I've heard they have some good motoring deals, in particulay, tyres. Should be open by the end of the year so looking forward to seeing what it's all about.
  20. U

    Mobil 1 oil at Costco

    Does anyone know the size of the Mobil 1 oil at Costco and also the current cost ???? How may LT,s and is it 0w40 ?
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