1. G

    Update firmware costs!!!

    I paid a visit to my mercedes dealer yesterday and wanted to know how much to update the firmware on my car. The cost they wanted was £160! they charge £100 for the license of the disc and then £60-100 for the engineers labour. I have tried specialist garages but they don't have a copy of the...
  2. MSG2004

    Puncture repair costs inc wheel balancing

    Hi I thought twice re buying a car without a spare wheel of any type but did by a brand new gle last year. Last week, tyre warning light on, screw in tyre, (cars only done 4k) and thankfully in the middle of the tyre so can be repaired - went to National Tyres, nearest to home - got the tyre...
  3. T

    Running costs of a diesel E class????

    I'm looking at E Class Elegance estates as my next long term daily car. It will have to be a diesel because I do 15k miles a year (95% long journeys). I don't know if I should be looking at 220s, 270s or 320s?????? My head hurts. Your answers to 2 questions would really help me make the...
  4. C

    S210 rear subframe bush replacement costs?

    Well my rear subframe bushes are goosed! Noticed them while having tyres changed. It's also recently developed a concerning creak from the N/S/R when stopping or pulling off and over large bumps that cause the car to go over at an angle! I'm hoping this is down to the bushes also? As whilst...
  5. BAZ-500SL

    R129 service parts and running costs

    Hello guys need some help , I am going to be using a 500sl-32v 1990 an needed some advice what to look out for and also what the drive of it's like and best way to keep it going, and how reliable they are, also where to buy good oem standard parts I know to keep away from cross land and heard...
  6. John

    Advertising costs.

    How much does it cost these days to advertise, and for what duration, on Autotrader for private and business individuals? You can't seem to see prices unless you sign in. Reason I ask is that I can see some adverts for E55s have been around for a long time and it must cost a fortune?
  7. lfckeeper

    respray costs help

    Can anyone give me advice on something that baffles me. Im trying to get local quotes for a bonnet and bumper respray (lovely stone chips!). Why do they all ask you to 'bring it down so we can have a look'? My logic says its a bumper and a bonnet they're all the same just different sizes...
  8. J

    W205 Service Interval & Costs

    Just bought a C Class 250d AMG Premium Plus. Demo model with 3k on the clock. MB Dealer is telling me any service agreement is 15k or 1 year which ever comes sooner. Since the car was registered 03/2016 this means due to the expected mileage between now and 03/2017 there will be only 7-8k on...
  9. grober

    Europe v usa regulatory costs

    Interesting article on how regulatory differences between Europe and the USA means huge costs for car manufacturers. specifically...
  10. C

    C63 B0 service costs....

    My C63 is due a B0 service in the next couple of weeks, needs brake fluid also. Are main dealer prices pretty much the same wherever you go or do they vary? Is it worth shopping about? I may just go to an indy (PMW) but as i'm trying to sell the car having full main dealer might be an...
  11. D

    W212 - members experiences on A service costs?

    Hi All Was just wondering what you guys have been quoted by main dealers in the past to service your W212 for a A service, doesnt need ATF etc, car is under Tier 1 warranty and as its just a A do want to go to the dealer. Just wanted to get a idea of prices that have been quoted to members...
  12. C

    A45 service costs please?

    Hi. I don't have a service plan and the A45 is due it's first service at 1 year old. With previous cars I have been able to use price info' gleaned from forums to get my local main dealer to price match. So please can you tell me how much did you pay? Many thanks in advance I need to stay...
  13. OneForTheRoad

    mercedes service costs

    found this the other day and it gives you a lot of info on what's changed at service times , enter your details to find out , costs etc and any extras that the dealers would do and at what mileage . ideal if you, like me service your own vehicles...
  14. fabes

    Tyre fitting costs

    Looking at fitting costs for 2 or 4 18" tyres on alloys from Anything from £13 to £20 a wheel, which has surprised me. Urban myth that it was £10 a tyre , perhaps rounding up to £50 for 4 don't seem to hold up. To be fair spending £400 on tyres and then skimping on £20 and not...
  15. T

    W205 250d Service Costs

    Hi all I have a new C Class arriving early December and was wondering whether to take the service package at £30 per month. I will do 15k per year so one service a year. Is it really cheaper than just paying for each service? Thanks Steve
  16. D

    Maintenance costs of facelift Mercedes 220 CDI

    Hi I am in the research stage before the purchase of a facelift E220CDI from 2007. I chose that era (post 2006) as these cars are viewed now as very reliable. I am trying to establish the maintenance costs of such a car if I do the work myself (change of fluids, filters, and brake pads/disks)...
  17. Felstmiester

    Shipping costs??

    Haven't a clue!! But with all the carbon goodies coming up on eBay at such realistic prices from China is it worth a dabble? A lot of the prices I've noticed doesn't include shipping or import duties.
  18. tali

    Car insurance costs: beware charges and fees guide

    Found this handy guide -to the charges car insurance companies sting you with. Car insurance costs: Fees and charges - How it works and what it covers - Car insurance - Insurance - Which? Money
  19. H

    Service Costs and Packages

    I'm due to take delivery on a new E-Class within 5 weeks. I understand MB offer a £30/month service "deal". Seems a bit steep to be paying £1040 for first 3 years service during warranty period. BMW and VW appear much cheaper. Do you know if service costs can be negotiated? Thank.
  20. O

    Real costs of a CL65?

    A friend has offered me his o8 plate CL65 with 60k on the clock for £30k since he is on the trail of another bargain and needs to act fast.The last service on the car earlier in the year cost £5000. Since I would probably keep the car for at least 10 years I am not concerned about resale values...
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