1. grober

    Count Arthur Strong back in Telly

    Count Arthur Strong back on Telly Just started a new television series. Comedy Genius. [YOUTUBE HD]QbNKNqOwgMo[/YOUTUBE HD]
  2. brucemillar

    Patience is virtue - Count to ten.

    Well here I sit contemplating my next move. I'm fed up, a bit angry, but most of all just plain annoyed. What do the panel think? First week in January 2017. I order a new tailgate glass for my 124 Wagon from a very well known glass company (I will not publish their name - YET!!) This was...
  3. D

    My car clearly can't count!

    The next service countdown has been on miles since we had the car and last time I looked was at about 2000 miles to go for an E service. Its now changed to days but it clearly isn't linear. I started the car on Monday and it said 28 days. By the following day it was on 24 and today its still on...
  4. E

    SBC cycle count and ELM 327

    Having recently become a Mercedes owner I am now fully aware of the SBC 'Service Brake' message ie after 300,000 cycles the system says that the SBC unit must be replaced and starts the process by warning you with the message and significantly reducing possible braking. Question 1 - can I...
  5. M

    More problems than I can count

    Hi all. I decided do fix up a 2001 c200k w203 with a long list of faults so if anyone could help with the following. Passager side mirror indicator and mirror motor is not working I've checked the bulbs with swapping them to the drivers side and all fuses and no joy. I've an srs fault up which...
  6. kianok

    Headlamp wash count

    If I recall, the HL washers are meant to activate every 12 squirts (or so) with xenon lights. This does happen if the lights are on (as you would expect) but only per journey. Once you turn off the ignition, the count resets to zero, meaning that the washers are hardley ever used. Is this...
  7. ringway

    Count Arthur Strong. BBC 2 Monday 8th of July.

    After years of "Un-bloody believable" success on BBC Radio 4, Count Arthur Strong finally gets his chance to shine in his own TV series which starts on Monday 8th of July on BBC 2 at 8.30pm. LINK. Put this in your diary in "Thriplicate" and he's sure to make you an offer he can't refuse. :thumb:
  8. Jay Jenner

    Post Count

    Sorry to put this as a thread but i dont think i can use PM's yet it seems my current post count is not increasing even though i am posting on a regular basis is there anyone who can look into this for me and let me know if its something im doing wrong or if there is an issue:( feel free to...
  9. Mikeyboy4

    My post count isn't rising

    That can't be good :dk:
  10. R

    A Car in the classifieds but i have low post count.

    Im not going to try and randomly post 11 things to be able contact some one, although I thought about it for a second. Can some one ask maggot if his car is for sale still Ta muchly!
  11. ringway

    Count Arthur Strong. New series, BBC Radio 4 this evening.

    Another Count Arthur Strong series begins this evening at 6.30 on BBC Radio 4. :bannana: LINK.
  12. sheepy67

    CLS owners count

    as started on a previous thread, i thought id start a whole new one, i would be interested in this one, as you don't see that many on the road. so sorry to have hijacked that one but it would have got lost anyways count so far 1. bpsorrel - CLS320cdi - obsidian black with grey and...
  13. ringway

    Listen to Count Arthur Strong.

    Count Arthur Strong. You'll either like it or loathe it. Three you tube clips that form the 30 minute "Keep Fit" episode. There's little of the better performances on You-Tube, but the radio Show CD's are available to buy and are well worth having. OmL28oS9C1o&NR=1...
  14. msmitas

    high previous owners count

    i wonder if there are members who did purchase mercedes with 4, 5 or even more previous owners. can anyone make some coments from previous experiences? as I'm looking to buy 2003-2004 E320 CDI and need to know if there is a risk in buying car like that.. I mean hard to track service history...
  15. S

    New member unimpressed by 30 post count?!?

    Not a great start for new members! Looks like a cool forum this and I found my mistake having been using So... I've a white w124, 250d manual and I'm looking for leathers and a differential. Mine makes a walalalalala noise, which unfortunately is louder than the engine...
  16. ringway

    Count Arthur Strong. Another Series On BBC Radio 4.

    Count Arthur Strong is back for series 5 on BBC Radio 4. LINK. It takes a few episodes to get the full picture with "Count Arthur" but he is well worth listening to. Some of the content is especially funny and best listened to several times to fully apreciate. :thumb: The show is...
  17. M

    Post count doesn't always increase?

    Hi all, can anybody explain why my post count doesn't always increase when in post? Thanks chaps
  18. J

    E320CDI SBC Brake threshold count?

    Hello, just after a bit of advice about the SBC Brake threshold count! I have just recently brought my brother 04' E Class 320CDI which had done about 97k and has been been fully maintained by MB. Last week the a message flashed up (not red) saying that I should visit my local MB dealer to...
  19. Gucci

    What's an acceptable previous owner count?

    Just test drove an ML500. LOVED the sound, comfy and surprisingly easy to drive. Didn't like the fuel gauge dropping or the slightly creaking arm rest (picky) Silver (obviously) 51 plate/2002 car, 53k miles, FSH, Command etc £12,991 BUT 3 owners... (1 was the MB dealer as it was a demo)...
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