1. H

    The call

    After nearly 4 months I received the call today! Very excited! :bannana:
  2. lisa110rry

    ...and the countdown has begun

    As I write we are nearly half way through March, and I've begun to think about changing the cars round and taxing the little green Merc. Had a bit of a worry a couple of weeks ago when it wouldn't start but after 24 hours gentle charging, it did start with a second or two of a noise that...
  3. F

    Couple of qustions & Service milage countdown for a vito

    Hi is there any way to reset the service countdown not my vito after I get a none merc garage to do my service? Also does anyone have a service schedule to see what is needed for the miles and age of my vito? What old of the main feelers use?
  4. bpsorrel

    Countdown to the SLK!

    Finally I have my delivery date! Tuesday next week! :) To be fair, the delay was my fault as we had the Sardinia break right in the middle, when some proofs were needed and I couldn't get them over until yesterday morning! I'm like a kid at christmas, opening the nativity calendar doors...
  5. moff

    It's the final countdown!

    My car is being delivered by Exeter Mercedes-Benz on Tuesday 19th February so I am now super excited:bannana::bannana: Think I might struggle to get to sleep for the next 5 nights hahaha. I could have waited until the 1st March for the new reg, but since it's getting a private plate it...
  6. clk208

    Just serviced - 9300 miles now on countdown

    Took the CLS for its first service today at the main dealer. Very impressed, quoted price of £239 was what I paid and there was no £1000 list of additional advisory jobs. Came out sparkling clean inside and out and they used some nice furniture polish on the wood. Anyway, upshot is the beast...
  7. Howard


    Countdown to Nov 25, 2012 4:00 PM in London
  8. AbbieCadabra

    anyone else on a countdown to 1st March/12 registration day?

    just wondered if anyone else is counting down & i could share my increasing excitement with them? :bannana: (& avoiding the need to bore everyone else rigid in the process! :p) we went to finalise the deal yesterday, walking up to the showroom doors, "ooh! that's the blue on that cabrio at the...
  9. M

    ASSYST Countdown

    Does ASSYST countdown to service if the car isn't used? I ask because mine said 30 days to A on Friday. I didn't drive it this weekend and it still said 30 days this morning.
  10. M

    Countdown of road trip to Italy has begun!

    My wife and I are on our final countdown for the start of our road trip, commencing this thursday. Car has been serviced and checked from bumper to bumper, my wife has bought all her shoes and we are really looking forward to it. Leaving Swansea on thursday morning to Dover ,crossing to Calais...
  11. Spinal

    The Countdown Begins!

    31 Days to Departure! Need I say more? On a slightly side note - we're having a drink at "The Fairway" in West Ruislip (in front of West Ruislip underground station) at 19:30 on Saturday the 12th of December if anyone wants to pop by... And on a totally unrelated note; I got sent this...
  12. Bobby Dazzler

    Porsche Panamera - countdown started

    The CLS from the other place in Stuttgart can't be far away as I've received some marketing blurb this evening in the last hour. A microsite has been set up but appeared to suffering technical difficulties when I tried to view it earlier. Anyway, find out more here...
  13. F

    Service countdown

    How do you reset the service counter? I've got an E280 saloon and have just done an 'A' service myself - no great shakes, quite proud of myself really. But... It still says - service in 900 miles. Any ideas? Thanks FT
  14. JOM

    The countdown has begun

    After driving round in a borrowed 1.2 Clio for the last 4 weeks, will be collecting the SLK next Friday :bannana: :bannana: :bannana: Sorry but just getting excited :o
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