1. S

    3 weeks, 2 days and counting...

    ...until my C350e estate is delivered. Ordered just before Christmas and I finally got the "in stock" call from the dealership on Friday. This will be my first MB after several other German motors.
  2. brucemillar

    54 Points and counting. Wooh Hoo. Must have an abacus for license

    Herne Bay motorist Keith Baldock driving legally with 54 points on his licence after avoiding ban at Canterbury Crown Court Comments | 38 by Paul Hooper [email protected] A thieving motorist is driving around Herne Bay with a...
  3. 230K

    340,000 miles and counting.

    Hi just after passing over this She showed this :-) And now she is relaxing in a campsite near Montpellier. 1150 miles in 24 hours. She struggled on some of the motorway climbs changing down to 4th to keep the 80 mph cruise and temperature guage went over 100 deg a time or two but...
  4. KillerHERTZ

    W221 Production - Counting down to its demise

    Mercedes has announced plans to slash production of the S-Class. The company's Sindelfingen factory will be cut down to one shift until the next-generation model goes into production in 2013. In the meantime, the second shift will be reassigned to C-Class production. S-Class sales have fallen...
  5. R

    100,000 miles and counting

    On my way from Olly today I watched the odometer as it went from 99999 to 100000 :bannana: Pretty sure the car is in better shape than it was for a very long time, if not ever :thumb:
  6. G

    1 week in and counting

    well one week into owning my 2001 clk 320 cab, here are my thoughts: 1. what a phenomenal car for the money, near mint, full service history, all the toys and runs like a charm ;) 2. the faults it has are annoying not life threatening (dead pixels in the clock, exhaust clamp needed tightening)...
  7. M

    3 Days and Counting

    Hi All, get my new ML 300 CDI Sport delivered on Thursday and lets just say I am a little bit excited. It's my first MB, so can't wait. In fact I'm like a spoilt child and driving the wife mad with the wait!!! :wallbash: Just thought I say Hi to you all and look forward to chatting in the...
  8. The Boss

    1000 posts and counting..

    yay.. im now a 4 digit member.. im proud.. Great Forum .. 1008 posts and counting.. :bannana:
  9. G

    100,000 And Counting.....

    Passed the 100K this weekend. Owned car for two years. No major problems apart from MAS sensor two weeks ago. I'd like to swap it for an E55 AMG, but why the hell don't M-B dealers call you back? I'm a cash buyer for goodness sake! Until that day, the E240 goes like a train...
  10. Limited Edition

    Why eBay started counting only "transaction based" feedback

    This was posted before eBay started counting only "transaction based" feedback in 1999. Click me :D
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