1. gr1nch

    Market Towns : the true heart and mind of the country?

    Catching up on current affairs today, I found this remarkable article for it's description of the French election bellwether town of Donzy. Dozny is indeed a small market town which has, like most French towns, weekly fresh food markets, there twice a week. Marchés - Mairie de DONZY But what a...
  2. gr1nch

    The country you've enjoyed driving in the most?

    For me, it's France. Beautifully surfaced roads on the whole and hardly any traffic (away from Paris). So far every trip has been enjoyable. What's yours?
  3. P

    Country lanes: summer vs all season

    Recently moved into the countryside and need to change the front 2 tyres. Which group of tyres is best for country lanes? Can get muddy with cars cutting into the verges when it's a tight squeeze with 2 cars passing each other. Most of my driving is on these type of roads plus single laned A...
  4. jonnyboy

    Ford Galaxy - highest spec in country - 60 plate

    All Selling our Galaxy. Pics to follow asap after its been washed! 60 plate Titanium X powershift. 2.0 petrol turbo with 201 bhp. Micastone metallic (a kind of grey/pale blue) with full black leather. 72k miles with full Ford s/history. Recent front discs and pads. All tyres good...
  5. The _Don

    How To Build A $1500 Salvage Title S55 AMG To Speed Across The Country
  6. P

    West Country Charity Night for Air Ambulance

    I'm new on this forum and its short notice but if anyone is interested I'm organizing an event this Saturday 21 November in Yeovil, Somerset in aid of the Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance. The entertainment is Steve Parrish who was a very successful GP bike racer (team mate to Barry Sheene) and...
  7. grumpyoldgit

    Car clockers ordered to pay back £110,000 after targeting Black Country drivers

    Will it deter others I wonder? Car clockers ordered to pay back £110,000 after targeting Black Country drivers « Express & Star
  8. D

    Only 416 SLKs left in this country!

    Awaiting sale that is, and that was from this morning. I went to Gatwick Mercedes-Benz today and test drove a 250CDI (soon to be renamed) to be told that if I want one, I'd have to move quite fast. There were all sorts of offers on offer, so to speak. Details on 'next year's', in...
  9. abecketts

    Going across the country

    Currently doing some consultancy work for a charity and today I left our home in wiltshire and 548 miles later after visiting Hull and Huddersfield I'm in Glasgow. The e class turned in 30.9 mpg on the dash display which is none too shabby for a e240. Tomorrow weather permitting off to Aberdeen...
  10. Howard

    Advice on buying from a country in the EU ( Cyprus )

    Hi all Considering buying a watch , not new , a pre owned one to add to my collection , but it's in Cyprus. I've spoken to the vendors ( a shop ) and they say there will be no import duty to be paid as we are both in the EU ? Is this correct ? What's the delivery service like from...
  11. N

    Which country leads the way in Merc V8 tuning

    I've noticed a lot of aftermarket products originate from the US, there is a lot of choice. Is this because the yanks have decades of experience racing/tuning V8's? What about the Aussies down under? Or the Germans...?
  12. A

    UK specs W212 migrating to a tropical country.

    I will be bringing back this E250 CGI W212 2013 to Malaysia for good. Is there any "tropicalisation" that need to be done to the engine? Some years back I had seen mercs that were brought in from UK being tropicalised. The obvious thing that was done was a radiator change. They might also...
  13. B

    SL63 leaves biker on country road!

    Biker maxed out/limited 299kmh Pure lunacy!
  14. S

    Re country road & advice....

    forgot to say, re wheels rubbing, my tyre size is: 255/35/ZR19 (91Y) Thanks in advance
  15. S

    Country road & advice please.....

    Just taken the car over the Cairn o' Mount (between Brechin & Banchory) first time I've hit this road in the current car! What a drive :) nice & twisty, no cyclists or slow drivers, had it in S mode & manual & it roared away! :), have to find a longer road now! :thumb: Advice please...
  16. K

    Does it only happen to this country?

    Sorry if I am being ignorant here?? Whenever we have some rain, half the country get flooded, just watched the news and found out Datchet in Berkshire is like Venice. When we get the snow, again half the country roads blocked up. A few years ago , some train services were cancelled...
  17. S

    Cheapest Mercedes Dealer In The Country

    A couple of weeks ago I bought a Drive Flange for my ML from Mercedes, Newcastle upon Tyne. Today I had a phone call from them asking if I could check, as it appears they did not put my card through for the payment:D So my flange is fitted and it cost nothing, how cheap is that. Suppose I...
  18. Justin1600

    Best C43 AMG in the country ?

    This is what he claims, does anyone know this car ? Would love to drive up there and view it to compare it to mine. Mercedes C43 Amg Immaculate must be the best in UK | eBay
  19. effbee584

    Bicycle riding in the country

    This rant is just about riding a bike in the country areas, not inner towns and cities, although there is lots could be said. I ride a bike a few times a week for leisure, and have never had a real issue with any type of vehicle. There are also horse riders about, and I would hope their...
  20. KillerHERTZ

    eBay - Would you post to another country?

    Selling my W209 AMG bumper on eBay at the moment and I have been contacted by a person from Jakarta, Indonesia. He has asked if I would post (he'll pay of course). Would you? is it likely to be major grief?
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