1. markjay

    County Court Advice

    We have an issue at work with a contractor that stopped working for us. The last invoice submitted by the contractor two month ago is still outstanding. The reason is that it was incorrectly invoiced - we disputed part of the invoiced amount (around 20% of the invoice total). We asked the...
  2. ACID

    Drag Strip 12/10/2014 Shakespeare County Raceway

    Last Minute Drag Racing If anyone is Free we will be there testing a few cars :) Hope the weather is good...:crazy: Shakespeare County Raceway Long Marston Airfield, Campden Rd, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 8LL Acid
  3. st13phil

    Good News! Oxfordshire County Council say they're on top of pothole repairs...

    ...and Elvis is alive and well and working at the local chip shop :mad: I've often thought that those responsible for roads in Oxfordshire were smoking something they probably shouldn't be, but anyone who feels that "the repairs team was coping well as ice, floods and snow combined to open up...
  4. ss201

    County Court - advice sought on bad debt

    I have a debt outstanding of almost £1,000. Despite numerous reminders being sent, after five months I've still received nothing but false promises of payment. My final demand, sent a week ago threatened court action if payment not received within 7 days. Still no payment received. Can anyone...
  5. T

    County Motors Crawley

    Has anyone used County Motors in Crawley ? I see from their advertising that they are MB specailists..
  6. A

    Just received County Court Claim form (following RTA earlier this year)

    Hi, Just received (or rather my wife has) a Claim Form (issued by a County Court). Earlier this year my wife had an accident in my Company Car on a roundabout. I won't go into the specifics of the accident here. Anwyay, our company vehicles are all insured on a Third Party basis. They...
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