1. B

    C63s Sedan & Coupe Facelift

    Getting my C63s Coupe on 6th Oct and Just seen the new S63/65 Coupe facelift, Which got me thinking... Does anybody reckon the new C63 Coupe will arrive in March 2018 or will it most likely be September 2018? Also, do we think the C63 range will adopt the Panamericana grille?
  2. xJaydeex

    GLC Coupe Delivery

    Anyone recently taken delivery of a GLC Coupe - If so, can anyone tell me how long roughly it takes from build date to delivery?
  3. G

    Hi All, Coupe owner!

    Hi All, I have just picked up my C class Coupe (C250 CDI) 62 plate, Polar white, black alloys, pan roof etc... It was time for me to "grow up" :dk: and get a more economical, comfortable car, Sold my Cayman S to get the C Class. Two totally different cars - Obviously. But I must say...
  4. RickyKennedy01

    W203 Coupe Engine Noise

    As the title says, I’ve got a horrible noise when starting up the car. I’ve attached a link to my YouTube video, with further details in its description. Any help greatly appreciated! :D
  5. F

    w203 2008 coupe antenna amplifier

    Guys, After following all the advice and the instructions here I have an issue with the amplifier. How can it be replaced? Does the rear windscreen need to come off or not? Can windscreen replacement people fix it or shall I take it to the garage? Your help is appreciated.
  6. Parisien

    FOR SALE : Full set of W124 coupe over mats

    I bought these really to use when I took, my now sold W124 coupe out on high days and sunny days (about 3 over the last year over here!!!) But firstly can some one on the forum confirm they are Mercedes origin mats for me, see photo of label. Paid a fair amount for them, they are as new...
  7. E

    C class coupe parts

    H i have the following bits available AMG front bumper - £100 N/S Wing - 75 Standard C class from grill - £30 Will upload pics shortly
  8. M

    [SOLD] 2012(62) mercedes e250 cdi amg sport coupe 2.1 diesel automatic polar white

    Full Details Mercedes E250 CDI Sport Coupe BlueEfficiency Automatic Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 17th September 2012 – 12 Reg • Two Owners From New – Last Owner Since January 2013 • 39,999 miles only with Full Mercedes Service History (see below)...
  9. M

    2010(59) mercedes e350 cdi amg sport coupe v6 diesel automatic obsidian black

    Full Details Mercedes E350 CDI Sport Coupe BlueEfficiency Automatic Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 29th January 2010 – 59 Reg • Three Owners From New • 70,035 miles only with Service History (see below) • 3.0 Litre V6 Turbo Diesel Engine – 231 BHP •...
  10. T

    C43 Coupe Tyres

    I've got a C43 coupe on order for delivery next month, with standard 18" wheels (not run flats hopefully) Wondering what tyres it will have on, are they fitting cross climate as standard now after the crabbing issue. Or has anybody had replacement cross climate fitted to stop crabbing? We...
  11. BaldGuy

    2004 C180K Coupe Coolant Loss

    My Coupe daily snail uses water, its done 56k miles and freshly serviced 2 months ago.... no visible leaks and no oil in water. I can regularly sit in London traffic, recently on Friday for 2 hours slow traffic... and i can smell coolant... the gauge never rises and i have only had the "add...
  12. M

    Hello from me and my E320 Coupé

    Hello all, First car forum I've joined so please be gentle with me. Bought a 1996 E320 Coupé a few months back – I've wanted one for twenty years. Mine's a beautiful example, great bodywork and interior but it's been an absolute nightmare so far with all number of 'the dreaded' wiring...
  13. J

    2014 W220 coupe traffic alerts

    I have the radio with the sat nav and command etc. I have about 6 stations pre set - radio 2, classic fm, a couple of local BBC stations, jazz fm etc. The only time I get the traffic reports is from classic fm. When they have a traffic report on their station it cuts into my CD or mp3 but no...
  14. M

    2007(07) mercedes cls320 cdi coupe saloon automatic 3.0 v6 diesel bright silver

    Full Details Mercedes CLS320 CDI Automatic Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 30th March 2007 – 07 Reg • Two Owners From New • 67,890 miles only with Full Service History (see below) • 3.0 Litre V6...
  15. DannyHall

    C63 Coupe

    Had my CLA45 for just under 2 years and looking to move up to a C63, what type of lead times are you guys looking at? I've been told possibly December at earliest. Looking at a pretty basic spec based on the C63 having most things I want as standard. Brilliant blue Night Pack 19/20" Matt black...
  16. Y

    64 Plate W204 C63 Coupe

    Hi all, Firstly the app wouldn't allow me to make a post in cars for sale so I've had to make the post here. I have a 64 plate c63 for sale which kills me to do so! I've only had the car for a few months and it still has warranty on the car because it is less than 3 years old. I also have...
  17. G

    C63 amg coupe to black series conversion...gone

    With a heavy heart the black conversion has gone to a new home So much has changed since the project was started and couldnt justify tying up that much money in a car Has been a traumatic build the like of which i doubt anyone will undertake New owner is sure to be on here soon as he has a...
  18. J

    W124 coupe blue interior wanted

    Hi I am after a blue leather interior for my '93 320 coupe. Needs to be in VG condition with no rips or heavy wear. Would consider grey also. Thanks Jay
  19. fozi.g

    W204 C63 AMG Coupe parts (2012)

    Hello gents. I have the following parts for sale. If anyone is interested please drop me a pm. All parts removed from W204 C63 coupe 1 x front bumper complete with fog lights. 1x rear bumper complete with diffuser 2 x front wings with badges 2 x side skirts 2 x double exhaust tailpipe tips...
  20. T

    New E-Class Coupe - Wheels decision

    Hi all, I am about to purchase my first ever Mercedes having previously been driving BMW or Audi. I've decided to go for a new E-Class coupe and am considering upgrading to the 20" alloy wheels. I've heard that the ride can be a little firmer but is there anything else I should be...
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