1. D

    Nurburgring Driving Academy using C63 coupes now

    Spent a wet day at the Ring yesterday - was pleasantly surprised to see the Ring driving academy (not the AMG one) are now using C63S coupes. Look pretty cool with the Edition 1 graphics although they are not Edition 1 cars - rather they are very highly equipped S coupes with ceramics and...
  2. sparkynw

    C63 / S500 coupes

    Friend of mine is trading in his m6 for yet another overpriced Beemer. I'm trying to convince him to try a merc, his budget is a very healthy one, I've shown him the c63 coupe and the S class coupe, he likes both, there's a few engines to consider in the S. What's the general consensus must...
  3. D

    w124 e36 one of 24 coupes commanding big money

    1994 Mercedes Benz E36 AMG (RHD) 1 of 24 Coupe's worldwide | eBay check seller other items like w124 60 and 500 version all for telephone nos
  4. poormansporsche

    Talk to me about W203 Coupes please .....

    Alright good peoples, after having 3 W202, 5 W201, a W208 a W210 (and a token Volvo and Passat) in the last couple of years im thinking about a complete change for my daily hack. So im coming round to the idea of a W203 coupe. I have a budget of 2 to 2.5k. Im set on either the early...
  5. KillerHERTZ

    E350 CDI Coupe, G-Wagen or an SL55?

    As some of you know, I have been thinking about selling my CLS55 AMG as I am looking for a change. I have currently narrowed its replacement to the following: G Wagen - Will be slow, thirsty and acient SL55 AMG - Dated interior, possible ABC issues - but will have a V8...! E350 CDI + Brabus...
  6. K

    Three w123 coupes: specialist prices or rising market?

    280CE Petrol Blue - coupe&cabriolet Concours winner 2010 but now has unstuck wood on the glovebox! All you need is a few blobs of Araldite: surprised they haven't addressed it. "Brian, being a fuly qualified mechanic, has carried out all the routine servicing over the years": that suggests...
  7. flango

    Bar room discussion, Coupes

    OK the pub discussion from last night. One of the guys is buying a coupe, budget is £4k - £5k so what would be the most reliable for his money. He has looked at the usual German marques BMW 3 series, MB CLK, Audi TT for these and his budget he is looking at a 2004 model year at best. Then...
  8. L

    C Class Sport Coupes and CLC's

    Hi Guys, I know there won't be many people on here with Sport Coupes and CLC's. But if there are some of you and if you have done any mods, changed wheels and suspension etc. Please feel free to post up, I would like some inspiration for my CLC. I know they are a marmite car but I think with...
  9. T

    New E class coupés

    Does anybody know when the new E-class coupés are likely to be in dealer showrooms? All I could ascertain from a salesman recently was that 'they aren't out yet', which I already knew and was why I'd asked the question in the first place :)
  10. bpsorrel

    Do E Coupes rattle?

    Following on from Mark's rattling C class thread, I've whittled down my CLS replacement to an E coupe (haven't chosen engine yet) but, in the light of all these rattling new model MBs, I'm a bit concerned as I too can't stand rattles and creaks! So, what's the experience here of E Coupes...
  11. Dr-Nab

    A few 124 Coupes...

    Quite like this one for some reason... 1990 MERCEDES 300CE-24 AUTO WHITE w124 cuope 300 ce amg | eBay Not sure at all about the spoiler or the alternate set of wheels... Mercedes W124 E-Class, E320 Pillarless Coupe Genuine AMG Alloys 12months MOT | eBay Like the look of this one... Mercedes...

    W124 AMG Coupes

    These look ok (220's though): Mercedes : MERCEDES AMG PILLAR-LESS COUPE 2.2 Mercedes : 1993 220CE AMG Coupe For Sale
  13. C240Sport97

    Jaguar XJ Coupes from the 70s

    Anyone know anything about these cars? Aren't they lovely? Do they rust? Is the straight 6 engine reliable? Electrics? Any good dedicated websites?
  14. The Boss

    Badgless grill for C215 CL coupes?

    Gents.Ladies... does any one know where one can source a badgeless grill for the cl 215 model, and a bonnet star that sticks out of the bonnet (normal star style)?? similar request as per previous cls discussion. your thoughts would be appreciated cheers
  15. grober

    Last of the w124 coupes?

    Came across this example of a 96 W124 E320 Coupe for sale in Perth today. Looks to have had a complete respray/refurbish. Highish miles for a premium example and they are asking all the money but might be worth a look for anyone up in Scotland interested? 1996 MERCEDES-BENZ E320
  16. pamrit

    Coupes from Audi, BMW and Mercedes in the comparison test

    Nice result for Mercedes:bannana: Google Translate
  17. M

    boot mounted ski rack for 124 coupes

    I am going to have to order one of these! Always fancied taking my coupe to the mountains in winter. this is from the mercedes dismantler in Germany and they have more than 10 of them
  18. fabes

    out of interest- where were W203 Coupes made

    Just spent three hours yesterday evening replacing the front pads on mine with a mate who also stripped down the nsr brake as the footbrake wasn't working on that wheel (we found out) - that took the time Apart from that, discs were fine AND the rear pads were very healthy so minor job and...
  19. coupe deville

    4 low mileage e320 coupes

    good choice of c124's on autotrader at the moment this ones the most expensive but 3 others more sensible...
  20. H

    What's with the value of W124 Coupes?

    Last summer I was looking to buy a CE320 and the prices for the good examples were up around 5K. Too much for Owl at the time. Today, a quick looksee on Autotrader reveals plenty of CEs to be had at 3K or less. What gives? Why the sudden drop in value? I'm going to look at a '95 320 later...
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