1. P

    Couple of parts (G/Box bush & Brake light switch)

    Lemforder 3387501 Gearbox mounting Rubber Metal Bush. brand new in box, about £25 on line, will take £15 Febi 0015450109 brake light switch, OE 0015450109, fits lots of Mercedes cars. Brand new in box, Retail about £17, will take £10
  2. S

    A couple of rare R129 SLs

    This Koenig special must be fairly unusual and rare: Mercedes-Benz 500 SL König Though the power they quote (320 hp with a compressor) can't be right Body mods are Marmite! This 7.2l Lorinser must be rare too: 2001 Mercedes SL 7.2 Lorinser | Coys of Kensington I'd like to see more...
  3. B

    Added a couple more bits under the bonent

    Had this for a while now but sourcing the right hoses was a pain The right size 90mm if anyone is wondering I wanted black the first one I got was black but blue in the middle but finally got the black I wanted Then installation Looks easy but required a bit or modding to fit The holes...
  4. C

    Couple of recommends

    I have had my wheels refurbished by WheelWorx at Bury St Edmunds and had them painted in Panther black with diamond cut. My car is Obsidian black. Also had new Avon ZV7 tyres fitted. Not a lot of miles yet but so far excellent. Also took the car into ATS, again in Bury St Edmunds, for a wheel...
  5. F

    Hi new member with a couple of questions.

    Hi I'm new to the club recently bought a e430. Just looking for some help to identify the colour and what primer needs to be used thank you.
  6. daveenty

    Annoying couple of days

    Yesterday afternoon I decided that my cheap and cheerful Chinese phone didn't have much longer left for this world. It's been OK for around 11 months or so, but has recently decided to just open apps when it wanted to, and not when I wanted them opened, which was getting frustrating. I'd also...
  7. S

    A Couple of Niggles Already

    Hi all, Still loving the C43 but I have a couple of errors showing up on start up. 1: Front Right Side Seat Headrest Not Locked (weird as I've not touched it). This notification is in red. 2: I get a picture (in yellow) indicating a seatbelt isn't fastened - this is when nobody is in the...
  8. SmartMAC

    Moving abroad for a couple of years. Storing the car

    We are thinking to move to Dubai for a couple of years for a change. We don't intend to rent the house or sell the Merc until we know what we are doing long term but as I don't have a garage I don't know what to do with the car. I really don't want to sell it but I can't just leave it outside...
  9. Darrell

    A couple of pics from France

  10. wu56Shoozz

    A Couple of questions..

    I own a W639 Vito 111CDi LWB and I'm looking to lift the cargo bay plastic step for cleaning purposes but I can't see any screws or fittings to remove, how do you lift the step any ideas, anyone done this? Also the external door slider covers are slack at the rear, are they supposed to be...
  11. M

    Couple of vids from a soggy Brands last night

    Couple of videos from last nights OpenTrack event at Brands. After a week of decent sunshine the heavens opened for most of the day! Luckily the rain stayed to a minimum during the track time and we even saw a slight dry line develop. I was running on the AD08Rs on my road wheels and although...
  12. V

    A couple of CLS questions

    So set on early next year to buy the car, i've been thinking whether the CLS 55 or 63 (W219). The 55 suits me better as I love and am used to low end torque, only scare I have is boost leaks. I've always managed to have boost leaks in my turbo charged MPS, how common are they with the 55...
  13. I

    Should I purchase extended warranty protection for CL600 (and a couple of other q's)?

    Hi all, I have a 2007 CL600 which I bought last July. I bought with c35k miles on it and it now has 40k miles. I bought from a MB dealer so got the usual UsedApproved 12 month warranty. Since that time, I have got a major service (spark plugs changed etc). In my time of ownership it has been...
  14. D

    Couple of nice looking C43's

    Saloon with the '55 conversion Estate:
  15. L

    New C63 owner with a couple of questions

    Hey fellas. Picked up my c63 a couple of weeks ago, still getting use to the animal it is. Its a long way from my E46 m3 convertible i had before. Managed to get hold of a good example with some nice optional extras. 13 plate with 50k on the clock Cavansite Blue 19" multi spoke alloys...
  16. Dean Fletcher

    mercedes e250 cdi 2009 couple

    Hi everyone, Somethings been bigging me since I bought my car 2 weeks ago how the hell do find the aux port?? Iv looked in the glove box nope in the center console nope all I can find is a load of wires and a plug type thing and none of the wire fit anything. Please help Ps that was supposed...
  17. A

    Couple of Queries re my new C220 Sport

    Hi, today I collected a fine example of a C220 Sport Estate. It's a 2010 5 speed auto. Just a couple of queries, 1. Can the lights in the footwells be programmed to illuminate when the lights are switched on? 2. Can the tailgate be opened with the keyfob to open handsfree? Thanks
  18. Swift1092

    Couple engine faults?? W211e55

    Ok lastnight rook my car to the shops, drove fine there, when i got back in the car got half way home, give it a bit to go up the hill, and soon as esp lit the car went into limp mode, started juddering/hunting and cut out, i had teo faults come up "esp defective and electical componats switched...
  19. D

    Hi all today I bought my 2nd AMG and I have a couple of questions

    Hi all today I purchased my second AMG, 18 months ago I purchased a CL55 and loved every minuet of ownership and today I impulse bought my second AMG in the form of a C32 AMG and first impressions from the drive home is wow it seems quicker than my CL55 (it was 2002 pre charged version I owned)...
  20. M

    A couple more Twin Turbo 124s

    As well as the saloon for sale in the other recent thread, here are a couple more 124 Twin Turbo conversions (one Mosselman, one Turbo Technics by Hughs), both in coupe form. Mosselman Coupe The photos could be better quality, with an added engine shot. Hughes TT Conversion: It has an updated...
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