1. M

    Man and a van? Courier? OR taxi? services? in Shropshire Shrewsbury Ellesmere SY12?

    Any brainstormers? I need: Man and a van? Courier? OR taxi? services? in Shropshire Shrewsbury Ellesmere postcode SY12? To pick up a not so big box thats weighs 12kgs & forward it to me via drop off service point post office UPS hermes etc... as I am In London. they would need to have...
  2. trapperjohn

    Forum Courier Service. Karma.

    Well what a very small world and nice one too. So three years ago(ish) I answered a request from the forum to pick up an exhaust from Blackburn, Lancashire (a lot more than 4000 holes in the roads now) and deliver it to Benz on the Green for a forum buddy. It was a big old exhaust as I...
  3. brucemillar

    Forum Courier required please?

    Friends Is there anybody who could collect a Bonnet Insulation Panel (for a 124) from Sheffield and bring it down to Kent? If not I will use Paisley Freight. Thank You. Bruce
  4. c_200k

    Best wheel courier

    Bought a set of wheels and need to get them couriered up to me. Any decent couriers people recommend? Thanks
  5. Pondman

    Alloy wheel courier recommendations

    Hi all, Going to be getting a set of winter 18" alloy wheels + tyres collected shortly, anyone recommend a reliable and good value courier company for this service? They are in mainland UK and being delivered to mainland UK so no special requirements there. Thanks :)
  6. SL300-24

    MBClub Courier request

    Hi Guy’s I need to ask a favour if anyone can help. I have bought a wood steering wheel from eBay and paid for it. The thing is it is collection only from Nuneaton and I am in Basildon and need to get it here. I was wondering if anyone on the forum goes anywhere near Nuneaton and could pick...
  7. trapperjohn

    Forum Courier Request.

    Two requests in one ask, please. I have a rear exhaust box for a 124 saloon, which is a meaty Remus thing, to get to Dash down in London. Basically, J29 M6 or PR6 to London. And bumpers for a 124 estate to get up from Mattc's gaff to mine, which is basically Birmingham, near the Queen...
  8. Timster

    MBClub Courier Service - Aberdeen to Edinburgh

    Hi Folks. If anyone is driving from Aberdeen to Edinburgh in the near future with space for a kiteborad (150cm length) and a kite (Normal rucksac size) I'd be very interested to hear from you! Beer tokens of course are at the ready! Cheers. Tim.
  9. P

    Who do you use to courier wheels

    I think I have done a deal on the turbine alloys I have for sale but they need to be couriered to the buyer. Who have you used before and what cost roughly is it like to stand me at? 4 18" wheels with 4 tyres. Cheers
  10. martyp87

    Courier with a 30kg+ limit

    Can anyone recommend a good courier who also offers a collection service and a weight limit beyond 30kg? ParcelForce IIRC stop at 25kg. I purchased two speakers last year which weigh in at 13kg each and I'm looking to eBay them as they are way too big for my office and I a head-fi guy...
  11. brucemillar

    Wheels Courier Required.

    Guys I need to get a set of wheels with tyres moved from Oldham to Kent. These will be on a pallet. Can anybody give me a good courier or is anybody willing to move a set of four wheels from Oldham to Kent ??
  12. MercedesDriver

    Courier service advise

    Guys I'm planning to buy some alloy wheels from Germany. Can you please suggest some courier service which would collect from German seller and deliver to UK. Thanks.
  13. trapperjohn

    Forum Courier Service. Service Required Please.

    So I have bought KillerHertz's Sony Amp and Speaker and I now I need to get them from Cambridge up to the North West of England. For sizes see this link. Would any forum member be...
  14. W

    Courier recommendation?

    Hi Gang, Can anyone recommend a courier to deliver a package approx 1m x 1m, 250mm thick. Around 10kg. It's a car panel and it's wrapped in card/bubble wrap etc ready to go. Going from within the UK - Durham to Surrey. TIA :) Will
  15. Mr Fixit

    Direct Courier services

    Don't bother with these guys!! And a big thanks to Dan for his foreberance and help!!
  16. kalvin928

    courier company for parts collection

    have got to arrange a courier to collect some bits for the E55... has anyone got any recommendations./ has anyone used this company: Car Parts Courier - Collection & Delivery | Paisley Freight seems good value. thanks
  17. Dieselman

    Courier service request.

    Is there anyone traveling between Bracknell and the East Midlands that could transport an Item for me? TIA
  18. trapperjohn

    Polite Request. Forum Courier Service.

    Morning All, 4 x 16" Mercedes alloy wheels with tyres require transportation from Iver in Buckinghamshire to Preston, Lancashire - J29, M6. Would appreciate any help from anyone passing. Thank in advance. CHEERS.
  19. T

    recommend a courier

    Can anyone recommend a good courier service,as I need a Bonnet picked up from wales and delivered to the scottish boders many thanks Damian :dk:
  20. V

    Having trouble getting courier to refund me for their mistake.

    Hello all Sorry, abit of a long one i know, but it shows the dilemma im in. I usually use Interparcel to get the best prices from couriers and then book it all through Interparcel themselves. On this particular occasion i had to send out 4 parcels quite quickly as the customers all had their...
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