1. markjay

    County Court Advice

    We have an issue at work with a contractor that stopped working for us. The last invoice submitted by the contractor two month ago is still outstanding. The reason is that it was incorrectly invoiced - we disputed part of the invoiced amount (around 20% of the invoice total). We asked the...
  2. O

    Supreme Court ruling on insurance

    I heard today that the Supreme Court have ruled that fraudulent statements or evidence provided in support of an otherwise genuine claim will not now allow Insurers to decline a claim. Seems to throw out of the window the principle of utmost good faith one of the foundations of insurance...
  3. Giantvanman

    Earls Court Motor Show 1966

    I found this interesting. Not sure if it's been posted before. 3ZgHQ3XILQY
  4. M

    Hampton Court Flower Show

    One for our southern members. I am off to the above tomorrow and typically come in via Esher on the A307. Some years that route is fine but others it's over an hours crawl. So my question is "Would I be better using the A3 to Richmond park and then approaching HC from the east via the a308?"...
  5. st13phil

    Road Safety Law "Undermined" by Supreme Court?

    ...or did the Judges show a welcome degree of common sense and logic? Supreme Court rules against 'death by unlicensed' motoring law Personally I've always felt a little uneasy about this sort of sledgehammer legislation and it would appear that their Lordships were similarly concerned...
  6. SilverSaloon

    small claims court question

    Hi I sold my house in april 2012. There was no planning permission for old 80's patio doors the previous owner got fitted. therefore we had to apply for retrospective planning permission. This going via the usual planning red tape took a little while so they retained £1000 of our...
  7. M

    Contempt of court

    Following on from the fare evader story, another story regarding a 19-year-old student that was in the news this week for your consideration. A trial in Manchester was halted at the summing-up stage after a juror (the student) who'd been sitting all week called in sick, saying that he'd been...
  8. S

    Small Claims Court (how to)

    Hi guys It looks like that I that I have been mis-sold something and the suggested way to resolve the problem is via the small claims court. I am lead to believe that it only costs £35 but without contacting a solicitor proper and commiting to take action I am unsure how to proceed. Can...
  9. ss201

    County Court - advice sought on bad debt

    I have a debt outstanding of almost £1,000. Despite numerous reminders being sent, after five months I've still received nothing but false promises of payment. My final demand, sent a week ago threatened court action if payment not received within 7 days. Still no payment received. Can anyone...
  10. L

    small claims court

    i've had a rather nasty falling out with my agent, this has ended with them claiming unpaid fees via a small claims court. however the court papers i've just had dropped through my letterbox, aren't infact addressed to me, but to my stagename. so my question is, can they process this under...
  11. BenzedUP

    Crown Court, Jury Duty;

    Hi guys, I'm wondering if anybody could give me some advice, I received at letter about 3 weeks ago from Her Majesty's Court Service asking me to attend Jury service.. Has anybody did this Jury Service? I hear it could last for ages in some case's? and you might also be required to stay...
  12. M

    Outside the Court

    Just seen this extraordinary programme, which forms part of BBC4's "Justice" season. BBC iPlayer - Outside the Court The premise is a simple one: a series of vox pops taken outside Highbury Magistrate's Court with the programme maker, Marc Isaacs, asking those attending the court: why are...
  13. W

    Important rust news - court victory

    This is copied from the other MB forum but I hope members here are also interested to read this news Important rust news court victory - Mercedes-Benz Owners' Forums
  14. buccal

    MB ebay buyer being taken to court

    Bit of a read this one: Dangers of buying a car on ebay--if you want a laugh read on
  15. MercFanUk

    Motorists to pay court costs, even if found innnocent?

    Personally, I find this outrageous! I promptly signed the petition. PistonHeads Headlines
  16. Howard

    Nice bit of MB parking in Bridge Road , Hampton Court today ....

    Don't ask me how it happened ..... :crazy:
  17. N

    I've had enough and I'm taking them to the Sheriff Court

    To cut a long story short, last July as I was driving along the M8 to Bathgate (from Edinburgh) I was about to take the Bathgate junction which is a long tight slip road. Just before this slip road is an overhead bridge (that the slip road doubles back to join up to, locals will know where I...
  18. E

    Grandma goes to court

    Ideal person for neighborhood watch.
  19. Donza

    Please advise...still not recieved a court summons.

    For speeding that is ;) I was caught two months ago and stopped, failed to produce my licence at the station. Was told i would recieve a letter through the post which i would then need to sign etc and send my money off with it. Its basically the way it used to be done before photo id's were...
  20. robert.saunders

    Court update - driving without due care & attention

    You may recall this thread where I detailed that I went to court as a prosecution witness following a road accident that happened in front of me late 2007. Well, sentencing was undertaken on 6 October, and I received an update today. It turns out the charge always was "driving without due care...
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